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  1. An update during the night for a small hotfix and more ugly emotes >:(. When can we get old emotes back ?
  2. Without gian point there is less reason to play it. It is possible you can make a veil jack corpus exterminate a endless gian point since it appears the crew ships and fighter respawns endlessly. The big difference will be the lack of public squad for it as it requires to not go and trigger the exterminate mission to keep the farm going.
  3. What have they done to the smiley face :D the old one looked so happy ! :(
  4. SP eidolon need smarter acolyte spawn so they don't tp you across the map when you are sharding. The SE drop should follow lure loot and not spawn at the end of the animation under the eidolons. This makes doing 6x3 SP while getting SE a pain. SE rewards should be increased for garry and harry. SP eidolons are the case study. They are very fun but so is normal 6x3. And you more or less have to sacrifice a 6x3 for a 5x3 or lower as an opportunity cost. And so nearly no one does them anymore with the novelty gone as people just do normal 6x3. Should the SE drops ever get fixed they would beco
  5. If DE just keeps playing whack a mole with every small community of player. Everyone will be gone. Is this what this game is about just turn everyone against each other till we all just stop playing ? I manifest the problems we have to get in front of the change and address our potential death of our community and you are asking for some sorts of 40 pages economic thesis. We don't know the drop rate, the time gate if any and how the farm will be comparable to the event and eidolon. We know its was boring and trivial event and the goal is to get people to play raijack.
  6. Why not it make the hunt fresh to use meme weapons keeps them fun. Vulkar for exemples need a riven sadly but not all of them need one.
  7. I was not even playing the game when Scarlet spear ran.
  8. I don't know if it is wilful misunderstanding but it appear our point wasn't well understood. We are describing two positive feedback loop that make eidolon hunt sustainable where the arcane rewards are factoring in. For seasoned hunter : Selling arcane for plat to get booster and rivens. For long eidolon hunt the need for pads and cifer means you will spend some time farming poly, nano and ferrite. Riven makes the hunts fresh by allowing otherwise unusable weapon to shine as they were intended to do. For new hunters: Getting the shards allows them to max the focus nodes. Sellin
  9. It's my only account I'm not a old veteran I have been playing for less than a year. I was just not active on the forum since I had no reason to be. Edit : I do them for fun. As I have explained in my post the plat form arcane exist to make hunts sustainable. Booster for farming and rivens for memes weapons so we dont keep using rubico forever. You can spend 100-150 energy pads a run in duo 6x3. Without counting ciphers.
  10. Elitism will always come with gameplay that requires teamwork, skill and game knowledge. It is the same in every community that require this. Be it sports like hockey or video games. But honestly in the eidolon community I have found that people are willing help, teach. share game knowledge to improve themselves and each other. It would be pretty sad to project the action of a small minority of player to the entire community. If you wanna do 5x3 and are willing to learn you have a whole community willing to teach you. One of the most requested things is mechanically difficult fights that
  11. I would like to manifest my discontent that is shared by most of the Eidolon hunting community, in that we once again are getting shafted in order to make a boring part of the game feel rewarding. Eidolons are the best boss of the game they fit the mechanically difficult boss fight (one of the question that was asked in the dev stream on bosses) and also requires teamwork to get good results consistently. No solo 6x3 has ever been done yet. We would have preferred that reward for raijack be new ones instead of the arcanes. The new raijack orphix venom is much less resource intensive than
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