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  1. Nope.... My quitting came on the fact that you are REQUIRED to keep changing weapons and warframes to level, otherwise you are stuck FOREVER at an MR as the gain is MICROSCOPIC.... I wanted to play my way, but to level, I'm forced to play a BS way, which I hate. Then there is the GRIND out this, GRIND out that BS, which most of SUCKS NUTS! I hate fishing, I hate hunting, I hate RJ, WORLD EVENTS suck unless you got friends to assist you(remember, I'm stuck at a low MR, because I play my way), otherwise you can't do them, to do anything in game pretty muc
  2. Not toxic per se, but when I was playing, since this game is a bore fest of same ol S#&$ different day..... Ash Prime Melee Rolling Guard Build....... Nope, I don't meta, I don't play anybodies way..... Called all sorts of names, dumped/left in parties alone, yet I never went down, picked people up alot, and most times had the highest kill rates..... Ya know, NOT everyone wants to be a putz w/ a meta build that speeds through the game..... So I left...... Yeah, yeah, I still read the forums, and I see not one ite
  3. I always got trash talk for running Prime Ash/Melee Only/Rolling Guard/High Def build..... Just ignore them... Not everyone wants to play "1" button win bs...
  4. Ghost of Tsushima for the WIN! Adios MF'n Warframe..... Who's w/ me??? Ya'll be arguing over something that was posted as....w/o the word "sh*t" rewards. It was to be a challenge for the few who complained incessantly.... See ya!
  5. Ash needs a revamp. If your not a duration build, you have to build tank/rolling guard and go full melee. Solo this is fine, but in groups who spam one button I win, you end up losing kills and most won't party you again. Sucks that you are pigeonholed into one build to make Ash viable, and then have to play solo for it to work. Rework from the ground up, use "ninja" skills that work for group and solo....
  6. Maybe they just don't give an eff. Ever think of that? Games are supposed to be fun. Forcing players to make "super" or "meta" builds so they aren't booted from groups, or to complete content is just plain "arsenine". Ash Prime Invincibility Sword Build........ Fun as hell. That's gaming..... That other drivel, "meta" super bs is for the birds.... That's why way to many complain the game is easy. "YOU" made it that way.... Enjoy!
  7. Some decent advice given. Yet, you are now playing the game THEIR way..... Play the game YOUR way, at YOUR pace. I don't play with any of the bs listed... Ash Prime Invincibility Sword Build And I can play all content, many times better than players with double my MR and better gear than I have... It comes down to your skill choices, modding, and play style.... Key rule......PLAY FOR FUN! Do what you want and ignore the "META"... This game requires massive amounts of hours, ie. becomes a second JOB if you try to
  8. MR denotes nothing... Just today, joined a Sortie "SPY" mission. I'm MR10, the others were, MR21, MR24, and MR 27. Mission starts....they all zoom off top speed, and in less than a minute they ALL failed their "Hacks" and mission was over... So tell me again how MR proves someone knows WTF to do again?
  9. They are supposed to be a joke. It's NOT a required game mode to play, so there shouldn't be rewards forcing people not interested into it... It's a game mode to allow players to reach high level AI QUICKER....that's it.... Want more rewards.....stay in the tile set longer... Quit leaving after 5 minutes like all the jackarses in normal mode do... Oh, and stop RUSHING every tile set.. Kill the AI, loot the chests, find the hidden caches.... Your rewards aren't coming because you're blowing through content.... NOT DE's fault.... ROFLLMF
  10. You missed the big INBOX letter in game telling you it was live?? You must BUY the 24.99 USD pass.... Then an "NEW" icon appears in upper right corner, looks like a shield.... Click and goto the "NEW" Relay Station....
  11. Oh!? Cry some more why don't you.... Another who WANTS more rewards and NOT an actual challenge... Stop playing, quit complaining... Mode is to "save" time getting to high level AI, NOT give you more rewards.... Jeesh!
  12. And reaching that point requires making the game a J-O-B. I'm not about to "Level" weapons I don't want to use, frames that I dislike to move up. I'm here for fun, escape from R/L BS. This isn't a J-O-B to me. All of it should be removed, MR testing and Mastery rank. Allow straight up leveling, reach level 30 on gear(keep forma set up), mastery turned into faster xp gains and move on up. Instead of stopping at MR 30, turn it into pure Levels, out to 50, and give a tiny perk each level up. Oh, lets say, + x armor, hp, shield, energy, damage buffing and speed increases. Alter
  13. MR testing is a joke. It's an artificial way to force you NOT to power level through the entire game. You have to stop, beat a stupidly broken test, before you can move on gaining more mastery/daily cap levels/ and access to better gear and frames. It needs to be removed. This game has been out so long, wrgaf if someone want's to power level all the way to the end? I don't. Most of this game is trivial BS that just makes the game drag arse. People want to get to end game/late game features. NOT BE STUCK on some stupid test! Hell, the game is so dead on the lo
  14. WRONG! Test I'm on only allows 4 platforms during practice, and there are WAAAYYYY more than that during the test.... I can't even clear the first 4....Let alone the rest. Save weapons...unless you are specifically leveling/hunting for said items...the market/shop ran out before I even got to MR6. Frames, same same, unless I go specifically hunt for parts, I have like, 5 random incomplete frames. None of which I will use, they all suck....My opinion though, since I don't play non stop, jumpy jumpy, shooty shooty, farm like a fool style.
  15. Does this help players who are stuck on an MR test they can't pass? Does this help players who have no more weapons, frames accessible at this time?? Just wondering???
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