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    Skin bug

    Hi, so I just bought a tenkogen heavy sword skin, and now, every time I'm playing, the sword always stick on my frame's hand, cannot be holstered, and it feels so awkward, and it's the only bug on my screen, I have confirmed with another player, It normal on their screen and holstered. I hope it can be fixed asap, thank you.
  2. Thanks for all of your opinion, really appreciate it. I just wonder how other players think about it, but still, I prefer to have a few changes or balance in the future, if Baruuk skill 4 consuming a huge amount of energy (for example like banshee's skill 4), that will better, I mean, it shouldn't become a neverending OP skill which you can spam it from the start to the end of the game, okay maybe not only Baruuk, but other OP skills should need a huge amount of energy to cast/sec. That's just one of my opinion, what you guys think?.
  3. It just my opinion, but these overpowered frames are way too extreme, the gap from other's frame like Ash, Nidus, etc. Now player selling a lot of riven with high price trying to sell a lot of things, farm so many hours got beaten by E button from Baruuk? It doesn't make sense to me
  4. So yeah, I was wondering "what's the point of making high-end weapon while someone out there completely 1 hit everything by only using 'E' button on their keyboard and deal Millions of damage, AOE, Stat stick" All of my weapons with godly riven be like: "Ah S#&$, here we go again, time to afk ye?" My thought: "Oh wait, if you AFK, you will get reported and suspended" Also my brain: "But this Baruuk dude wiped all the enemies too fast" Me again: "Mehh, this game getting brok--, I mean Insane."
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