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  1. I figured I would need a railjack at least as a soft lock for spawning one since its one of the mission types but I didnt consider id need to complete the follow up quest, ill try this thanks
  2. in the times ive gotten it to spawn while in a group it often spawns directly after the treasurer is killed so no problem there, to your spawn group idea I believe it functions similarly to corrupted enemy spawns in relic missions so it should be independent of normal enemy spawns
  3. I may just be very unlucky Ill try a few different nodes , Ive been doing hydra on Pluto
  4. I meant T1 clear of zenith I should have been more clear
  5. Maybe I might just be really unlucky but Im thinking there might be hidden requirements or prerequisites for spawning a sister of parvos beyond T1 granum void I havent been able to spawn one solo and to be absolutely certain I just ran 15 T1 granums as close to spawn as I could to rule out the "being too close to extract" problem and didnt get a single spawn but whenever I run with a squad it spawns nearly every time, what do you guys think? extra info: Ive done all my runs without a xoris equipped only using mesa regulator to clear granum and all hands were at least 900 meters from extract Update: did not know I would need to complete call of tempstarii none of the videos I watched mentioned it thanks for clearing up my confusion
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