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  1. Thank you! Was getting tired of running profit taker bounties for no good reward.
  2. IGN: VoidChosen MR: 25 (5.000+ hours played, 9000+ on steam) Country: Brazil Age: 26 Languages: Portuguese, english, castilian and spanish (Last one not so much) Current Clan: I've been in so many before since I play for so long and in my server all of them are kinda unstable (leadership, toxic chat, etc) so, for now, I have a small one with old and close friends for every content. I'll change my rank and leave my clan as soon I receive a notification. Interested in applying for: Quasars When I started playing: 2013 Discord: DQK#9430 Should be asking why would I want to change my current clan since I'm with good company...Yeah, I don't mind that much but, not always I have someone to play with, chat always or even help if needed and I've been reportedly told about Quasars. I'm looking forward to participate in every event and who knows a new dark sectors conflict alike, which would be impossible staying in my current clan. I do also enjoy every aspect and form of playing this game, be it speedrunning, leaderboards or challenges. In conclusion, I want to be part of the best and try to bring some of my friends after. #Edit - Not interested anymore.
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