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  1. So I bullet jumped through a bunch of fiery explosions in some Grineer Shipyard tile in regular Sanctuary Onslaught and color correction decided that I should no longer see colors: As I asked in this video's filename (what.webm), what?
  2. Surprised that a negative-IQ member of this negative-IQ community has yet to throw a tantrum over a bug strat getting patched. I'll get the popcorn ready just in case.
  3. 8, actually, if you get all 16800 required cells from 36-Orphix runs that give a bit more than 2K cells each. More if you play in pubs that only occasionally pull off OVE 36 instead of premades. Spend these 8+ hours now to avoid having to fight the Eidolons hundreds of times later. And you still have 10 days. White Arcanes are supposed to be precious and hard to get. Scarlet Spear made it too easy, if anything.
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