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  1. Exactly. I’m so happy that another Tenno sees this the same way as i do.
  2. I think they mean the skin. It’s for selected rifles only.
  3. Does Basmu accept skins at all? I have a Komorex who’s sentinel weapon just like Basmu, and it doesn’t seem to accept skins.
  4. I saw that Maroo will have some sort of looking for clan thing. Can that be turned off? My leader wants to know.
  5. I have some trouble with my Pirrin crew member. Each time i train him, it keeps resetting after i exit the Crew thing. I am clicking the assign of accept or what it’s called… Anyone else having this problem?
  6. So i buy event stuff from Nakak like with Ticker’s Star Days?
  7. Seeing as requiem mod is the drop Monday, i want to ask this. My current and most likely last Lich has a gun i want, but i also want to keep him as an ally. Should i kill or keep?
  8. This will be my 2nd TennoCon. I bought the digital and merch pack as soon as they came out
  9. Why does people complain constantly about the grab bags? There’s a reason they’re “grab bags” ... Imagine you want to WATCH the stream don’t want the drop! Could you all just see it that way!
  10. Ticker floof 💕 sorry... I just love Ticker. She’s amazing.
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