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  1. I tried to order a floof and a shirt, but it says there’s no shipping to Denmark. How come? I have last and this years TennoCon merch, the 7 years poster, 8 years merch, an Excalibur floof, a hoodie and a t-shirt. There was no trouble shipping to Denmark there. I’m confused.
  2. What was the weapons Nidus Prime gets? I could barely hear the names.
  3. I claimed two drops, but I ain’t getting them in the game. I got my drop in the game yesterday
  4. I was wanting to listen to music on the somachord, but nothing happened and the line was moving. I checked in option if a had accidentally turned off music, but I hadn’t so i’m a little confused.
  5. Can someone tell me how to get corrupted holokeys or what they are called.
  6. I have a problem. I have a sister of parvos who’s literally impossible to finish! I have tried everything i can do to, used every WarFrame i have… Not even my mechs gives her a scratch. Anyone have a technique on how to? My sister of parvos is rank 4 by the way.
  7. I know this ain’t got nothing to do with the hotfix, but I tried to order the Lotus Raglan Sleeve Shirt, but it said that there’s no shipping to Denmark. I have ordered eight times without that happening, so I’m a bit confused.
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