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  1. Would be nice to have some sort of frikin developer response here because im not inclined to play this heap of trash till you waste my time and loot with 48 different unfixed bugs that exist only to make me lose everything.
  2. Gentlemen, i present you DE in a nutshell Korean drop rates on everything that is worth a damn and 48 different bugs which prevent you from farming these items, or just as much as putting them inside your inventory once you got them. In DE's world of perpetual beta you shall not feel secure about anything for any reason at any given time because they will always find a way to screw you up.
  3. Okay, so lets go step by step then. - My connection is perfectly fine. Its the most stable cable provider in my country. - I cannot provide any more useful information other than the fact that there is this bug i have observed multiple times, happening at random, completely unrelated to the quality of connection on the client's side. I repeat: This is NOT an issue caused by your connection quality. This is an issue related to the game's code, happening ONLY in this game. - I know full well that the devs are big-boys and girls. Big boys and girls who are running a company, not a charity serv
  4. Except going with the current example, i was frost and i got booted, at which point my team had 2 options left: Abandon or die. Both options will result in the key being lost. Best case scenario they can hold out till the next evacuation and then take the loot collected, but the key is gone one way or another. In our case, i was booted at wave 13. A match set up for at least 40 waves to farm 2 prime pieces has returned nothing for me and common **** for the rest of the team. The key was wasted. Thats all there is to it, because hey: Why allow players to join late def rounds? Why would it
  5. We keep on losing keys because the game randomly decides that its a good idea to simply kick out players from T4 missions, especially from def. Im sorry, but those god damn keys are not so easy to come by you know? I would assume you have some sort of knowledge about it, because you made them so hard to get in the first place, so i trust that there are at least a few people at DE who can make the conclusion that this indeed causes a lot of frustration. I can confirm that this is ABSOLUTELY NOT A CLIENT SIDE issue and COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO LATENCY. People at random get kicked from T4 and it
  6. Trying to do the Mirage quest and the grey checkeboard wall greets me behind doors too. - Can confirm that this bug is NOT specific to the alert the original topic complained about, it seems to be a lot more common - Can confirm that you do not need to be a client for this to happen (as stated in previous, similar threads), because i am encountering it as host/solo. EDIT: After a few runs i can confirm that only 1 tile is affected on Olympos and even that is one directional. It will block passage from one direction. I got lucky and the map put me on the other side after 2 attempted runs and
  7. More like a complete set of ground based radar.
  8. Loki nowdays turns his head 90-120° to the left, but only like 20 degress to the right. Whenever i turn my camera to the left i am having an urge to face desk. Please address.
  9. Just finished a run on Berehynia (Sedna), and at wave 8 or something we got a Tower 4 exterminate key and proceeded to leave at round end. After that my friend whom i was playing with got the key, and i did not. It does not appear in the loot window, it does not appear when i click the void and want to start a game, its just goan. As i read the forum, it seems this issue is around for a while now... i just kinda want to swear at someone really hard till they are sorry for being alive. Because this is DE. Create one of the most farm oriented game on the entire god damn market, and leave bugs ar
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