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  1. Let's hope it get back up before the end so we can get the armor.
  2. it's a "wild card" requiem mod. It will work in place of any other requiem
  3. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Oberon
  4. why do you want to lower your sens more? How high is your DPI?
  5. run the bounty, fail the bonus. extract after first part.
  6. It still happens. I did it in fortuna for easy access to legs to show that I can't sell it there either.
  7. https://imgur.com/a/uNRbOHD I got a duplicate hound companion from my Sister of Parvos and I want to sell it so it is not taking up inventory slots. when I try to sell it in my inventory I get the message "Cannot sell items; you must keep at least one of every weapon category" even though I have other companions. I also cannot sell it to Legs, because it is not max ranked or gilded. I do not want to go through the effort of leveling this hound because it would not benefit me in any way.
  8. MR has no purpose after like MR10. At that point you have access to ~95% of all weapons. MR just shows how long you have sat on hydron. It does not reflect skill or knowledge about the game. I agree that there should be a higher purpose to MR than just a badge.
  9. Yes, you had 8 spawn, each one drops 2. Each drop will show a x2 and with there being 8 x2, thats a x16
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