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  1. I'm aware of the transparency and the size adjustment, it's not always enough to completely hide them though. :/
  2. I've come to the conclusion that a lot of syndicate sigils ruin the looks on my frame. How much they hurt its looks varies from the sigil and how it responds to different colorization but it's messing with my eyes for sure. Having it be as a shoulder pad projection like the Stratos Emblem is would make it much easier to style so it fits the frame and doesn't hurt fashionframing, which I've learned is a big part of the game. There might be some way of combating this without making an emblem version that I'm not aware of; but if there isn't, this might be a good idea to fix that.
  3. Ah, mixed the drop chances up, my bad. Any idea why they haven't added the blueprint?
  4. Bumping and reviving this, hopefully. I have no idea how the blueprint wasn't difficult to farm for the guy above me when it drops from a rare encounter that has a less than 1% chance, whereas the "blades" are purchasable from Simaris AND farmable (5% from a couple sentients), plus they're tradeable too. Please put the blueprint up for sale in Simaris' shop like you do with all the items that can be deleted but are somewhat essential. I really hate the thought of my newbie self deleting the weapon after getting max rank on it; I even considered remaking my account purely because of this back in the day, but there's no way I'm doing that anymore. Seriously, I don't see why it's not available at Simaris when all other similar items are, even the Broken Scepter is in there, why not Broken War as well? Unless this is some sort of scheme to make people buy the Hunhow's Gift bundle (at an unreasonable price, by the way), I don't see any other reason to not add it in; and it better not be this very reason, or I'll be eternally disappointed. Please add it to Simaris, or at least make it easier to obtain, everyone who made the mistake of deleting is loathing its farming method.
  5. Thought it'd be nice to have a pop-up notification whenever a friend comes online. I was imagining it could be similar to how it is when someone joins your group, perhaps a little smaller and positioned somewhere else on the screen. Most games have this in some sort of way, could be useful here as well. Hopefully we'll get an option to disable it for those who have a bunch of active friends in their list, if DE wishes to implement this in the first place.
  6. I wasn't going to post here anymore, but your "feedback" here have been so hit and miss that I just can't ignore it anymore. First, we're not in a court room, we're on a video game forum, so I use whatever slang I want; if you think having your often dismissive and judgemental tone for feedback is ideal for this place, you need a reality check. Second, you can't re-define a term that has been well put in place for over 20 years; PvP strictly means an environment where people beat on other people in combat, virtually; not a leaderboard, so I will think of it as such when it's mentioned. I don't believe it's hard to spell out what someone really means, so it makes me think people just don't get what this is about when they mention PvP. Your other point has been addressed multiple times before by multiple people, so I won't bother, shows how you don't want to accept it though and are reluctant to let your opinion go, which will result in the same content you've been getting. That might be fine for you, but not for people who want something different. Amazes me how people fight so hard against change, even if they would never be forced to partake in it in the first place. I'll leave you with a bit of irony between two of your lines for you to ponder.
  7. I'm quite disappointed by the feedback on this. Half the people bring up PvP when it's clearly not even the focus of any of this, I deliberately even said not to confuse this post as me advocating for PvP in the name of competition, because I'm NOT. I mean, I would like to do that, but not here, not with this suggestion; this is only for a PvE mode that targets the majority of the playerbase. The other half of the people are coming up with reasons why not to implement a game mode that targets them and the type of gameplay they play on the game regularly; so at this point I'll just retire myself from this post and prepare my hand for the biggest facepalm that'll eventually land across my face when we get the same old updates (with the exception of lore and story quests, more of those pl0x) and people start realizing that denying every "intuitive" gameplay addition only leads them down a deep rabbit hole of grinding and repetition. I get that a lot of this game is about grinding, but there aren't too many ways of showing off your strength and all the stuff you spent so many hours on, if any. What's the point of getting rich if you can't spend it at all (or barely), right? Anyway, I hope DE finds a way to please all of us, but if they don't and we can't agree on what we want, we'll never get anything new that we truly enjoy.
  8. I apologize if my similes/wording offended or confused you. I'm overly glad you pointed it out, but sadly you're not my public speaking coach, so next time try to stay on topic, maybe that'd aid your point as well. And no, I think it should be tied to overall score. Perhaps making the raid in a way that the holy trinity of mmos would have to shed some light onto Warframe and we'd have to get a tank frame, two damage dealers and a healer into a competent group, everyone doing their job to complete the dungeon/raid with as high of a score as possible (or like you said, different phases throughout the place for different kinds of frames that excel at speed/zone control/defense/offense/stealth). The goal would be to come together as a group and overcome mobs/bosses/areas, and perhaps compete with other groups score-wise, promoting the will to perform better for both yourself and your squad mates. It would obviously come with the occasional impatient player raging after the first mistake and leaving, but that's just a personal issue and shouldn't be too frequent if the gameplay design is right; that said, I don't imagine it being pug-friendly at all, which at first might seem like a negative trait. but if you think about it, it brings people together. You'd have to join a clan and team up, you'd have to talk to people, strategize; social game stuff. I'd be both surprised and disappointed if the difficulty level of raids upon their potential release would be similarly underwhelming. Side-note: I do hope the developers know that raising difficulty doesn't mean add HP and damage to something, that's the most braindead way to go about it... erhem, steel path... - we need new gameplay mechanics, ones that actually function well and are engaging; but if nothing else, at this point I'd even be happy with a "dungeon" that simply puts a bunch of already existing game modes together and switches between them randomly, with miniature changes. I do hope that's not the bar DE wants to set though.
  9. Some people mine gold, some people buy gold. If you had an unlimited amount of plat at your disposal, would you skip playing every part of the game that awards prizes that are tradeable? Because if so, I'm not sure you even like the game you're playing. This might just be me, but I'd never pay for anything that I can otherwise get (even if I'm able to pay), I'm not playing a game only to pay other people for my rewards. However, I understand paying for vaulted items, skins or very grind-heavy/time-consuming stuff, A raid could have rotating vaulted item prizes. It's exclusive, and it's tradeable; and from what I gathered from your posts, you'd like this part, even if you won't want to play the game mode, correct? Great, win-win for both of us, even if I don't approve of skipping gameplay with plat, it's none of my business. A raid could also have several exclusive cosmetics for the top groups (which are usually not tradeable on Warframe). I think this is the type of reward you're against, but listen to this: If you say you only mind missing out on things you'd want, why do you care about rewards that are SPECIFIC to a game mode that you DON'T WANT TO PLAY? You think you'll want to wear a batman costume when you hate batman? Exclusive cosmetic rewards tend to have thematic alignment with where they come from. If by whatever miraculous means you still end up liking and wanting the cosmetic, you'll have to play the game or miss out. And that's all I'll say about my stance on rewards, it's kind of funny to me that we don't even know what DE would decide the prizes will be or if you'd want to play the content in the first place, so at this point it's kind of pointless to debate further. Oh, sorry, we don't even know if they even want to introduce a raid at all.
  10. Posts and standpoints like this is why Warframe has been getting the same stale and repetitive content for the past x years. "Everything's okay, let's keep the game as it is, dumbed down and easy, that's how I got used to it and that's how it shall stay." - the introduction of a raid doesn't change anything that's already in the game, it's an EXTRA layer for the people who like challenge, if you're not one of them just don't do the content and pretend the game hasn't evolved because you didn't want it to. "Just give me a new open world so I can grind it for a month and never go back there again! New weapons!" The game already has various time sinking mechanics and features, would it really hurt your Warframe experience so much to see something new that still fits into the theme but is intuitive and not the same exact thing you've seen before with only a minor twist? Also, where did this "I've no trouble at all giving you the illusion that you're better than everyone else" sentiment come from? When's the last time someone belittled you for being MR10 when they're MR28? Or that they have something you don't? No one is going to care if you did a piece of content or didn't, not in this game. Either you care about it, (which if you do, you should just do the content) or you don't care.
  11. That last thought of your is exactly why I was trying to suggest for the rewards not to be too extravagant, but now that I think about it, they absolutely should be. In life, people who don't fight for what they want/need simply don't get them. It is a fact that the most popular and well-enjoyed games mimic some aspects of the real world like climbing an invisible ladder of progression or overcoming difficult obstacles that life throws at you, and then you reap the rewards of knowledge, payment and memories. Knowledge being experience in the trial/raid/dungeon, payment being the reward, and memories being either a leaderboard, a profile mention, or both. I firmly believe in rewarding those who try, while giving nothing to those who don't want to be challenged, it's just a very good and accurate representation of life within a game in which winners take all and losers get nothing. I speculate most people feel the same way about games (and life too) so after all, I don't really see an issue with exclusive rewards if it drops from the target audience's favorite type of modes anyway (PvE).
  12. Thank you for your irrelevant input. I'm trying to get DE to give you a trial/raid/dungeon PvE mode or something similar, sorry for that. Please read and understand things before you form an opinion.
  13. I played Destiny before, quit in less than a week because it felt repetitive, much more so than Warframe does. I didn't say PvE-based competitive nodes don't require skill or dedication, I said the fact that PvP ones do is irrelevant because that's not the target audience of this suggestion. I guess this all could be answered by introducing a proper dungeon/raid system that a lot of people have been craving for a while, something which Destiny has and heavily relies upon for the aspect I'm trying to vouch for.
  14. Why would I post in the conclave feedback forums? I mentioned in my first sentence that I'm not here to advocate for PvP by any means, the suggestion itself is pure PvE-based, so why should I? The leaderboards we already have are meaningless. All they do is track, nothing else. By this, I think you meant to ask what the point of rewards for a competition-based area are if the same reward can be earned without competing, right? If so, it's so that people who don't want to be involved with the competition aspect and just want to chill can still get the same outcome. This doesn't mean the reward can't be unique, it just means it can't be something unobtainable by other means or something necessary that tends to make people feel missed out. A good "exclusive" reward would be a warframe skin, it doesn't drop anywhere, but you can still get it via plat which you can get by trading. A banner, certificate, picture or emblem to decorate your orbiter is another good prize. A 'my profile' mention of your achievement that stands out and is unique to only the people who participated is also a good prize. 100 Forma for the top 50 participants is a bad prize (not that DE would ever do that anyway, just to give you a hint). The rest of what you said had little to do with what I'm suggesting, the fact that PvP players want skill-focused competition is irrelevant, because like I said three times before, these would all be PvE based competitive nodes with a leaderboard and reward system.
  15. By default, in every game I have ever played that had it, I was a PvP-focused player. I'm well aware of Warframe's unfortunate relationship with PvP and quite frankly I don't see a bright future for it unless it gets an overhaul; I'm not here to preach for that though. I'm here to get a taste of that same glory, even if it's a much smaller bite of the cake. That could be a unique ranking system that is PvE related via constant leaderboards with meaningful prizes, automatized profile comparisons when you peep someone's info, or an entirely new and permanent PvE game mode that allows for a more competitive environment. I've noticed bits of this surfacing with leaderboards during events that I thoroughly enjoyed, but it's not enough, I'd want something permanent with monthly or yearly cycles, All that introduced to what makes up the majority of the playerbase, PvE players. Now, I know that is generally not what PvE is about, so I compiled a subjective pro and cons list. Pros (Granted) - Competition adds an extra layer of "feeling rewarded" for completion. Imagine seeing your name on top of a meaningful and constant leaderboard or having a shiny achievement on your profile, cool eh? - People who have burned out on game content and have little to do in the game unless an event or something new is added, would have a reason to play more regularly. - Bragging rights. Hopefully innocent, but meaningful. Cons (Avoidable) - Might be meaningless to a certain type of players who don't want to compete. - If implemented wrong or unjust, it could (by rule of thumb for anything that involves competition) result in toxicity amongst people that do compete. Remedying Potential Cons - Do not make it so people feel missed out, don't give out rewards you can't otherwise get, it should all be about bragging rights, with extra rewards on top, but not too extra. I'd be okay with competing for just my name to show up on a list, and my profile to document my progress on that. Maybe a free [insert reward] of my choice if I'm in the top 10? - Make it specific to a certain game mode (Like ESO) so that people who don't want anything to do with it can just avoid it entirely. Doesn't even have to be a solo game mode necessarily, would even incentivize people to get a 4-man group together and strategize, which surely is a nice and refreshing thing to do after a near-effortless farming session. For what that actual game mode should be... that's totally up for debate, as are the rewards and the leaderboard system, which is where my fellow players' inputs would be necessary and highly appreciated down below. I do have ideas of my own, but I'd like to see if people are even positive about the addition first.
  16. Eh, I doubt potions and cooked stuff would fit Warframe's universe all that well. The only place I'd be okay with seeing this is maybe Cetus, but other than that the deal seems to all be about robotics and sci-fi themed stuff, so it's highly unlikely this will be introduced, maybe a more theme-fitting alternative; but even then... do our overpowered frames really need another way of getting buffed? ;p Also, isn't this post in the wrong section?
  17. I agree with some facts that people bring up and disagree with others. In my opinion, blacklisting should be okay, I personally can't stand Limbo and his alternate instance, confuses and annoys me. On top of that, I'd have to agree that back when I was a new player, I also hated frames that nuke or buff me up through the roof, because it felt like I'm useless and my powers aren't even mine to begin with, that someone else was playing the game for me... until I realized that this is a grindy game, in which efficiency is king. That means it's good to move fast and kill fast, have it out of the way so you can go onto the next thing, it's incredibly important for a grindy game to keep a fast paced gameplay in order to not make the players fall asleep at their keyboards/controllers, that's just how it is. Nevertheless, if it can be implemented in a fair way, I'm all for blacklisting 1, maybe 2 frames at max.
  18. I don't agree. On PC EU during prime time, I get a full squad for anything I want to do, and at least one or two players a bit before and after prime time. It's a given that I wouldn't find people, even during prime time, to do "irrelevant" missions or ones that are only beneficial for star chart completion; but whatever has a progression system tied to it or is a good spot to farm anything on, there'll always be a squad. I remember this being a bit annoying when I was a newbie and couldn't complete something, but I managed to anyway with clan help or someone from the recruiting channel; that's not to say that I wouldn't like changes made and have the "irrelevant" nodes be popularized. About surveys, that's a good idea in my book as well. To the contrary of what someone said a few posts up, surveys are typically not made for gameplay balance and whatnot, so there'd hardly be a chance that something gets added/changed that some people would absolutely despise; it's usually about what people want to see next introduced, which surveys are... quite essential for, so I'm all for surveys. Test servers are also necessary, a lot of companies push out imbalanced and buggy content even with players testing it and giving feedback on it, so I'm not sure if DE would be any different in that regard, but in theory it's always a good idea.
  19. Two suggestions, more so quality of life additions than anything else. Void Relics Segment Have you ever went into your void relics segment to check out how close you are to your void trace cap? At the same time, you figured you might as well check if you have a certain relic for whatever reason? Yeah, me too. Every single day I play. Great, how come when you want to make a spreadsheet of your goals and what frames/weapons you want to farm for? I've been there, and I constantly update it, but it's extremely tedious to sometimes have to circle through my void relics segment and then exit out, get into my inventory and check which actual parts I already gathered; extremely frustrating when you have to do that over and over during an assessment. The suggestion is simple; whenever you hover over a relic and the potential drops show up, let there be an indicator if you already own that piece. Perhaps even a number next to or inside that indicator that shows how many you have of it; would be quite convenient for a lot of us. Arsenal Loadouts I might be in the minority with this one, maybe even alone; but I've always wanted to sort out my loadouts based on what type of mission I'm going to. For example, I'd have a loadout called "Defense" and I'd have Frost as a warframe, with weapons and mods dedicated to defending. Now, sticking to the example, we all know there are quite a few frames that suit defense missions; some are even designed with zone control in mind, and I quite frankly don't want to have 5 loadout slots occupied for basically one purpose with many variations. The suggestion here is simple as well, make config options for loadouts, just like how weapons have them. I don't care if I need to pay extra plat for it, I'm not trying to remove the necessity of acquiring loadout slots, I just think it'd be convenient to have the option to minmax loadouts for different encounters beforehand. --- The way I play the game and the goals I've set for myself within it dictate that I better be well prepared for any encounter, so I'd like a way to properly be able to prepare with loadout configs; a lot of time and thought would go into it and I believe it would be enjoyable for many people who share the same need for preparation. Now that I think about it more, the void relics UI addition would help during endless void fissure missions as well. I often wonder which relic to pick when I'm merely farming void traces, but knowing what I'm actually missing when I hover over my relics would benefit me tremendously; so please consider.
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