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  1. Your weapon is different from ours but what gave us was that Weave Conduit....we drew pictures and failed at least three times picking the one that resembled more than what turned out to be. Two of those are really close to each other; one you can tell the difference....
  2. Oh...so it hasn't actually came out but will be in the next update?...so if you are say starting Stage 2, cycle starts.....you'll still be in Stage 2 and then go to Stage 3?...and thanks for the heads up...
  3. hello All We haven't played or been on Deimos in a awhile but we recall there was either 'talk to Do or a Patch Coming"...that was suppose to make it where the Wyrm Cycles didn't have any effect on the Vault Runs......are we reading that wrong? ...we started a last night...like first one in weeks....finished it, started the second which almost right then we get a Wyrm Cycle....go down and it's not Stage 2 but Stage 1...and we come out and in no time without any effort we get a notice that the "Door is open to go down" in the tunnels....we bailed but we really thought the cycle
  4. Which Last piece...it's got to be either the Conduit or the Legem (Tablet).....if it's the Tablet, I couldn't find it either and in fact know I walked right over it several times. Check the "Rubble right of Stairs" really good....
  5. i failed the first time not really knowing what to do but mainly failed the getting the Five Clues right with the 'Weave Conduit" being the issue. based on the drawings we did each time we still got it wrong and lost our 5 Cephalite.... I just kept running Exterminates mainly on Saturn getting the Galls Dudes about 3 of 5 runs. Save enough for at least three tries at Glassmaker...I first thought this was a real pain but it's not and frankly doesn't matter...I ran with Hildryn bumping up her Shields, Health and Recharge adding a Aim Glide Mod. First try got to 3rd stage but kept running ou
  6. Congrads and well done.....I'm still back a ways hitting 975 yesterday.....
  7. Well...the Bugs & Glitches are just a part of the issue(s).....you left out the pathetic drop rate and chance on getting The Necramech Mods themselves as noted by other topics and players. Getting the parts to actually build one wasn't bad...but getting the Mods to actually use it has been nothing short of a frustrated nightmare. Sure, others have gotten plenty of mods to play and toy with it but by far a vast majority hasn't despite running the Vault 60, 80, 100 times.... ...throw in the fact at the same time you're accumulating plenty of resources like those Loid uses that you can't
  8. Until they actually add the ability and a melee weapon...we've pretty much have stopped playing around with the Necramech along with trying to get The Mods....between getting the super rare normal Mech Mods and getting useless melee Mech Mods, it's been a pathetic way of introducing a playable character....
  9. Good Luck...and I've had that stat many times before which is a sort of...Gotcha Stat.....sort of like one I got last night giving me like "140% Crit Chance with Slide"....not totally useless but don't care to be forced to slide all the time....
  10. Going back to the actual topic...last night two of us when in the Market (PS4) to just look around and see what prices were, items selling and seeing what Necramech Mods were going for. We were really surprised just how many Riven Mods were up for sale and the prices as well.....we saw countless adds with no prices and one person selling Three Mods for the same weapon.... First we had Prime Parts and Frames and still do for the most part but prices for those have stayed steady or even gone down. However....Riven Mod prices have shot up and add Arcane and Mecramech Mods to the picture...wh
  11. Well yes the Telos is totally different and far above the Normal Boltace which he stated he has....besides all damage being better except Slash, it has 20% Crit % compared to just 6% for the normal Boltace. The Telos version actually could be a Solid Hybrid Build....would his Riven work with that though?
  12. Basically the same with me..... Loki.....you can stay invisible 90% of the time and with his augment mod you can use any weapon without being detected. Teleport & Decoy is the "Oh...Cr#p Button"...and Radial Disarm is a underestimated ability. Great for Sabotage, Capture, Rescue, Spy and even Exterminate.....probably most versatile all-purpose Frame. Defense...Frost for his Snow Globes... Khora for her Dome of Chains...Equinox with Mend & Mane... Wisp for her Three Flowers...Oberon with Hallowed Ground and Renewal Survival....Nekros for Shield of Shadows while able to us
  13. Well...if you first go to the Status Effect Wiki Page..... https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Status_Effect#Status Duration ....then look at the Status Effect of all damage, a vast majority has a 6 second time except for Corrosion at 8 seconds, Radiation at 12 seconds and Void at 3 seconds.... The Boltace primary damage is Puncture with a High Status %....not good with Slash & Impact and basically useless with Crit % since the base is only at 6%. So looking at your Riven, you have three positive stats and one negative but technically only one stat really helps...Damage...and while
  14. I started the topic...'The Family Award Should've Been A Necramech Mod"....while it was a tongue-in-cheek-stab at the joke-of-the-award given when reaching Level Five, it was also a poke at just how pathetic the system is on getting the Mech Mods... They put out and add basically...Another Playable Character for the most part is pretty fun and cool to mess with. However....it's the only one that has it's Mods drop on a specific Place, Mode, Enemy with a drop chance as equal or worse than Rare Prime Parts. You cannot get them anywhere else, no other maps, modes, places, vendors...Except th
  15. As the OP...I would agree with that if this were any other DLC, new or past areas...BUT...my "tonged-in-cheek" poke at this was and is that The Necramech Mods are very rare, one place to get, has a insane drop chance almost in line or worse with Rare Prime Parts for a New Playable Item that is pretty much useless, not worth upgrading or playing if you don't get the Mods. For everything else we have...Frames, Primary, Secondary, Melee, Archwing...we can and have access to any and every available Mod thru "Several maps, places, modes and even events" to actually play them....Not With The Ne
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