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  1. First and Foremost...WARFRAME IS A GAME....just like a lot others out there. It and all the others are not meant to be viewed, used as a tool for some "Social Justice & Political Agenda"...it's a freaking Video Game.... Sadly...,and I've seen it over the course of just one year....from outside groups to players wanting "Games" to show and have more...people, AI, enviroments, looks, stories....to more or less push some "Social & Political Agendas"......Don't...when you do then it might please and make happy one side but then starts to divide the player base....look at Movies, Holly
  2. Well the game has really evolved over the years...and even when it became available day one on the PS4...which me and several others started, it was somewhat a challenge to understand how the Mods, Frames and Weapons all worked together. Back then the Mod selection and choices were way, way less not to metnion Frames and Weapons....yet you still had to look at it all as a Puzzel; putting the right Mods in and trying to understand the numbers and math behind it tgo get the most out of the Frames and Weapons. Back then we didn't have all these YouTube Videos, Guides and Help not to mention.
  3. If I had to pick Three to carry.... Primary - Cedo....Runner Up - Proboscis Secondary - Kuva Nukor......Runner Up - Kuva Seer Melee - Reaper Prime....Runner up - Orthos Prime
  4. ...exactlly as it's one of the very, very few that can apply all four....it's not so much the damage as it's all four elements helping proc each other....that's how I have mine setup and it's funny to see all four procing.....leave the darn thing alone....getting tired of going after Kuva Weapons only to see them "Nerfed or Toned Down"...and then everyone complain no-one is doing Lich runs anymore...why bother when you get one, mod it right, have fun with it and then shortly Devs decide it's...Too Good....
  5. ..We played Warframe day one of the PS4 Release...and it was a long time before we even spent a dime which one can do easily and i personally would recommend it "You Want To Get A Real Experience"...problem is nowadays is a lot of current players want to...Rush...skip, hop, bypass starting content and get to later parts of the game. I can't count how many times you see on forums and chat...can some one give me plat...can someone take me here...can someone give me Prime Parts and on and on and on.... Seriously, looking back that was some of the best times we had levelin up, grabbing resour
  6. Thanks and yea we both tried everything...The Nezha Helm is not in my stash or in her stash nor the four items I traded; not in mine or here....they simply all just...vanished. I looked everywhere and everyway........just weird...
  7. Hello All I asked about recently on Health Arcanes like grace and got ssome great info. I've been looking at Weapon Arcanes which are all over the place and covers them all....yet I really don't see (or hear about) them used much at all with maybe Avenger or Fury..... I'm not in to all the numbers and math as some are who I appreciate but...are these worth it, do the job, pros & cons and the actual reasoning behind them....Because "On Paper and to Casual Eye", some of these look appealing BUT...I'm sure there is one...not all seems as great or granted to be good as they a
  8. Sorry but a few of us really had fun and liked it even with some issues......those who complain, well, go play some Destiny with their Ships, Hoveroards, Archwings....
  9. I agree Impact needs....something.....especially when you see so many Weapons and there's a lot from Melee to Primary to Secondary...Impact is it'sm main attribute. Which makes little sense when you see dissmal list of who and what it effects; Shields, Robotic and Machinery while a -25% to Flesh which accounts for like what, 70% of the enemies. While in the official description it does STAGGER....as some have pointed out, in real world mechanics, Impact has other effects. From the Wiki - Impact Mechanics.... Buckling,Corrosion, Corrosion fatigue, Creep Fatigue, Fouling Fracture, Hydr
  10. Hello Background....been playing Warframe on PS4 since day one the PS4 came out and have been involved with countless Trades before and nothing like this has ever happened.... Location - Founder's Pack Dojo...been under different names but have belong to it since day one. Items Traded.....I gave other player whom we've played to gether going back to 360 Days.....(4) Frame items each worth 45 Ducats in exchange for the Nezha Prime Helm which I've spent a lot of Relices and Resources trying to get last 2-3 weeks..... We met in Dojo, went to Trade Area, she offered Prime helm,
  11. Hello All I've been running the OV event solid to make up not getting Arcanes tthru The E-Hunts and didn't do Scarlett Spear. I've manged to get Guardian to Level 4 and Energize to Level 3 with about 12K left over. Not all Frames really benefit from Armor Buff nor Shield but all Frames have health. but even after looking into and researching I cannot find mush as to Grace and Pulse if they are worth it, do the job, not worth it, pros and cons to each With Grace....the obvious sticks out like a sore-thumb...the lackluster 9% to trigger 6% of Health Regen over like 8
  12. Understand the frustration as we all have seen in on all platforms...but the title of the topic should be changed ...something like ..."Constant Host Migration Issues...Please Explain"......AND put into the correct forum along with details and more chime in more obvious it impacts a lot of players. But this has become a topic in chat on PS4 for sure.....
  13. Well if anything....Lavos looks like he stole Frost's Boots.... ...he's ok and sure as heck no-where near the dissmal Hydroid (normal)....just wish they cut-back on those Gloves; stick out a bit too much. helm is ok but sometimes i think they get carried away with adding...too much stuck sticking out on Helms. Have him and Cedo cooking already, looking forward to it...
  14. I'm on PS4....and have been playing the event solid since it came out Thursday....in fact have Lavos and Cedo cooking and about close to 25 Arcanes.... But this Host Bug is hitting everyone and all the Clan members and others playing were voicing their frustration. The problem to what most saw was happening at extraction...but this is where it didn't make sense and had you asking why.....they would "LEAVE" before everyone got back which meant they had to bail BEFORE Mision Complete logo appeared right? ...because right there at Extraction, there's the timer counting down not to menti
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