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  1. If you look on warframe market you’ll find a fat stack of people, you can post on a trading forum, or you can try trade chat. Whatever you try, you will find a seller rather quickly.
  2. One of Octavia’s parts also requires the same 20 minutes. Nidus is also quite similar. I get that it’s not ideal, but like I outlined in my previous comment, you had actually have the option to passively obtain Ash, unlike any of the other difficult frames to farm for.
  3. I would suggest a more passive acquisition. I’ve had 5 Ash systems in total. One for frame, one for Helminth and one for smoking body. With two spares sitting in my inventory. He’s brutal to farm for, however you will fight manics as you play warframe. You can just try to use manic nodes more frequently when you have the option, and always pursue them when they spawn. I would much more recommend that, than knuckling down and trying to farm exclusively for him.
  4. How is it unfair? There’s hundreds of players selling the sets. This is how vaulting works.
  5. As far as I’m aware, the app doesn’t get a great deal of traffic. The fact it conflicts with the game kind of leaves people afraid to use it. After all, if you open the app at all during a mission, you won’t get any of the rewards. THAT needs to go before anything else can be added. I mean the Destiny companion app can legit take the gun out of your hands and swap it with another whenever you want it to. Warframes is pretty awful by comparison.
  6. Your perception of ninjas is that portrayed in modern media and anime. All it really means is that you’re dedicated to an unorthodox art, and able to use it to complete your given or selected task. A very famous ninja, Hatori Hanzo, carried out an assassination by dropping down from a tree with two arquebus’ and lighting his target up. He certainly didn’t care that someone in the 21st century wouldn’t regard him as a ninja because he wasn’t being stealthy enough. The term does actually fit appropriately, so long as you get your understanding from historical sources and not moder
  7. It’s a 7 year old game, it’s not working towards anything and it’s very much not “in progress.” Warframe as it is, is warframe, it’s never going to be much more than it already is.
  8. They amount of people using they/ them in this thread is heart warming 🥰🥰🥰 Shane about the “it’s” though, but for real, thank you most people here for restoring my faith.
  9. A lot of melee weapons have a block + forward melee attack that works like a gap closer, a large amount of them it is visually a lunge. You can use these moves quite intelligently and they add another layer of mechanical complexity snd mobility to the game and I very much appreciate them. However, while some of them are visually a “jump attack,” they cannot pass over anything. A bit of railing, a small rock, virtually anything in your path will stop you in the spot during your lunge attack. With a lot of the lunge attacks it makes sense, like blind justice Nikana’s, as you are just s
  10. Except, that would arguably be even less useful than her Anchor is. At least with Anchor you can activate it prior to ending up in a bad spot, so you have the confidence to be reckless. If it worked like Ekko’s you’d have to use it reactively, which in high level content you would literally never have the chance to do so. Either you use it when her shields break, or you get one shot shortly afterwards, without a chance to activate the rewind. It works in league because it’s rare that you’ll get taken 100-0 in a si gle instance. But in warframe, for frames like Protea, that’s fai
  11. I’ve played a lot of games without dedicated servers and warframe is the only game I’ve played where you can lose all of your mission rewards if someone else quits. It’s not intrinsic at all.
  12. I agree, it’s extremely cool, I even loved using it. But I only ever used it for fun, and never really found a situation where I needed to use it, or that it even made sense. 90% of the time when I’m heading somewhere, I have no intention to go back, unless I’m maybe doing defence or an interception. While it does give Protea the ability to say “go on a mission,” either for a priority target or an objective, with a fail safe that pulls her out if she gets killed, that’s incredibly niche. Instead, I replaced her 4 with Nidus’ subsume Larvae, and its synergy with her blaze artille
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