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  1. Dunno about you guys, but my energy regeneration is pretty darn passive.
  2. Good thing operators are ace for taking down stalker.
  3. When I picture Nidus prime, I imagine an Orokin gold skeleton almost completely covered by infested growth.
  4. One person is supposed to defend above and below ground?
  5. Can’t you also just buy it directly from the warframe website?
  6. Gaming consoles are literally just Pc’s in a fancy case. your hot take is pretty mild.
  7. The material of the console has no affect on porting a game.
  8. I see what you’re saying, but OP only suggested 3%. against level 200 enemies that’ll be thousands of extra damage, but it’s also only 3% of their health. I think it’s a pretty reasonable suggestion.
  9. What an absolute dumpster fire lol. If this was suppose to make people more interested in Epic, that may have failed.
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