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  1. I’m so tired of explaining this to every dude in every gaming community. You are one person. Even if we got someone else the exact same age, height, weight, ethnicity etc of you, they would have a different opinion than you. If we rounded up 1000 people exactly like you, we would have 1000 different opinions. So, how does DE, who are 250 people, respond to the feedback of millions of players? Tens of thousands a day? Like, logistically, how would they do that? More over, why would they do that? Half the warframe accounts in existence belong to players without any design experience, probably without even finishing Highshcool. DE are professional game designers, for the large part they don’t need to hear what the Everyman has to say about their game, and they care a lot more than any other developer anyway. DE can’t make the warframe that you want because that’s the warframe someone else doesn’t want. and tbh, THANK GOD, because for years people have been sulking about how both Saryn, Mesa, Bramma etc all need to be nerfed/ removed/ deleted. If DE was beholden to listening to all feedback, two of my mains wouldn’t exist at all.
  2. Honestly I think this might even be a good opportunity to talk about “invisible power.” I’ll start with glaive + secondary. There is no UI that tells you you can combine these weapons, and there’s no way to opt out. I think it might be interesting if DE was to actually release a series of items purely for the “offhand slot.” Which, brings me to my point, that one handed weapons should have an off hand slot. For example, when you equip your secondary weapon, there could be a single new option called “Off-hand.” When you open it, you can view all the possible combinations you could make with that weapon. This way you could intentionally choose to world glaive and secondary in unison, or disable it in the arsenal. If DE wants to pursue this, we could see them add other off hand items like; Shields, parrying daggers, whips, wrist mounted crossbows, or even something as simple as a bracelet that gives a buff to your main hand. That concludes my comments on combinations, but while addressing invisible power, I also want to tackle stat sticks. I believe they should also be incorporated into the UI, so players can actually see exactly what that stat stick is doing etc. My two cents.
  3. Um yes, If you add more to a kit there will be more on that kit. You’re correct. However, I don’t think these changes are necessary. There’s also the fact that shadows and desecrate don’t play nice with each other. Desecrate is for farming, shadows fills up spawn slots and slows down your farm. This change would upset a large portion of Nekros players.
  4. I am a concept artist, I’m discussing this idea with players so the developers might think of a way to make it happen. I have some ideas about how I would implement, but DE is better after doing DE things than me. The pairing of one handed melee and one handed guns shouldn’t interfere with anything at all, as the animations shouldn’t need to change much, and it would allow DE a platform to make exciting additions and make one handed melee and one handed guns more exciting.
  5. The stats are as follows; +239.7% Melee damage. +128% Status chance. +165.5% Slash damage. -133% Critical strike chance for slide attack. 0 rolls. Accepting offers.
  6. The combination of glaive and pistol is really cool, and I use it often. But I was thinking that this sort of combination should happen more often. It would be really cool if we could also use one handed swords with our secondaries. Obviously still retaining the functionality of “holding switch weapons” to “main hand” your melee and break the combination when desirable. Would other people like to see this? Would you use one handed swords more if you could combine them with your secondary like with glaives?
  7. Mesa’s power budget is capped. She’s popular, strong and working as intended. If you want something on Mesa buffed, something else needs to be nerfed, because like I said, her budget is capped. 50% of her power budget is sitting in her 4th. To uncap her 1 and make the changes you want, would result in the ability being multitudes better than it was before. And that’s just not tenable on a frame who’s power budget is already capped. ”I’ve been asking for for years, it seems like such a simple change.” Yeah so, the complexity isn’t the issue. Letting something scale up infinitely is easy. The difficult part is being intelligent enough to not do that. If we applied your change to Mesa, she would have; S tier survivability, in the form of her 95% damage reduction, and her crowd control keeping enemies locked down. S tier wave clear from her ultimate, able to compete directly with Nuke weapons such as Bramma. Then, S tier single target damage, with a 1st ability that costs 25 energy being able to scale up infinitely. She would immediately be the strongest frame in the game. She would trivialise boss encounters, would see nothing but 4 Mesa Eidolon hunts etc etc. So yeah, wouldn’t hold my breath were I you.
  8. I think you found the solution to your problem. Leave. People are like this, sometimes they are unreasonable, strange or even malicious. If you aren’t willing to take the human variable into account, play solo.
  9. You want to play harder content for the same rewards, oh dude don’t worry DE has got you, void storms are just for you!
  10. Normally when we are shown new frames, it’s Rebecca playing them in a level 15-20 mission, and if it wasn’t for having God mode enabled, she would be dying over and over and over again. In Yareli’s reveal, Rebecca played a void defence, and was so awful at controlling Merulina that the defence objective was nearly lost in the first few waves. Then, plot twist, the frame comes out and it’s weak. Who could’ve guessed.
  11. Archguns just need to be able to use gun mods 🤷 If you smacked galvanised mods on top of the already weak archgun mods, archguns would still be pathetic by comparison. Their base stats were garbage, their mods are weak. It’s going to take more than just the galvanised mods alone.
  12. And there’s only a chance people will get the headshot, so it checks out.
  13. A random little touch, but when Erra prevents Nakak from putting her mask back on, I’m 99% sure he does it with his foot. Because you see his limb come into view, and interrupt her mask, but when the camera shows Erra next both of his shoulders are squared off and at rest. Mean it’s not his arm on her face, but his foot. Which to me was doubly interesting, as he’s trying to be calming and reassuring, while also being notably disgusted by humans and not willing to touch them.
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