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  1. So I'm using a kuva karak with base heat. I have viral modded in. If I add a riven with +status +electric +toxin(in that order) after my viral mods, will I also get corrosive? Or Will the +toxin just add to the already existing viral?
  2. Im a vauban main and have been trying to think of which helminth ability to add in place of photon strike. A little information first about my vauban build. I normally dont use Bastille/vortex unless on specific mission types. I run a max str and duration build for my flechettes, with negative range, since the flechettes dont need range at all, and can handle almost all, non-endurance content. So for my flechette build, what subsumed ability should I add? Also, I use overdrive mine as well, which gives a hefty 54% damage bonus to my flechettes for around 50 seconds. I wasnt sure if this bonus
  3. He didn't say anything about a friend, nor did it sound like he was even talking about any acquaintance. He just said "credit goes to". He stated it exactly right. Would you rather he just posted a link to the video? He gave a short description, followed by the name of the youtuber he got it from...
  4. I always use a high power and high duration vauban. For any defense target I just throw down 4 flechette orbs around it, spaced evenly to cover each direction, but not too far apart. Then take care to manually destroy all turrets or the alert sticks on orb vallis
  5. I run Loki with high duration and a sprint speed mod. Plus hes easier to get, in my opinion, than Ivara. Plus you have to walk with ivara, and things just take forever that way
  6. Vauban works fine. Just set out 4 flechettes and mod for high power str. They will kill most, if not all, incoming spectres
  7. Use max range vauban and spam vortex on an infested defense. Thats how i did it
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