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  1. Me too! That is exactly what drew me to the movement system originally before the changes to movement.
  2. Just equip all loot mods you have and run around to all the little white squares on your map. As long as you explore the whole map, you'll find them.
  3. You have to be rank hand of vox Solaris to purchase gyromags and op is obviously not there yet, therefore, the only way to get them is exactly what I said. You have to get 15 gyromags to even rank up to hand, so op's only option is to farm bounties.
  4. You can only get gyromag systems as a reward for completing profit taker bounties. To get profit taker bounties you need max Solaris united rank. There is no other way unfortunately. My best advice would be to mine in the orb vallis once a day for like an hour. Then you don't have to worry about running bounties over and over. Once you get max Solaris united you can do the profit taker bounties. Do the 2nd profit taker bounty over and over. It is the best gyromag farm because it is the fasted bounty. Also, instead of getting a reward for each stage of the bounty, you only get one reward
  5. Maybe ensnare. Same grouping up, but they're all standing up when they get grouped by ensnare
  6. Max range vauban. Just throw a vortex down at each point. Energizing dash or energy pads to keep energy up. Easy and fast
  7. Ran into this while trying to run sorties today. Nothing like this has ever happened to me on warframe until the update. Just seems like it has to be related somehow. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Tried to run the sortie mission on Teshub, Void. Won't let me run it because it says I need to unlock it, but it's unlocked already. VISUAL: https://imgur.com/gallery/NG4ZzRj REPRODUCTION: Restart warframe, try again. EXPECTED RESULT: Should start up the sortie mission. OBSERVED RESULT: Says I do not have it unlocked, even though I do. Cannot play sorties. R
  8. If you tried vauban and it didn't work for you, you're just doing it wrong. Max range, good duration vortex build. I don't even get touched during sp interceptions, except for the occasional nully. Remember, you can have 4 vortex out at once. Hit each point with a vortex and you're fine. Just use zenurik or energy pads in between to keep that energy up.
  9. I use hydroid to farm, not because he's better or even comparable to khora, but just because I love the water theme and I think he looks badazz. That being said, he is in serious need of a rework. His 1 is horrible. Barely any cc at all, no damage, and the corrosive augment is laughably useless; not to mention the holding cast time(who on this earth would you ever use the non-fully charged version?). His 2 is a dash move and, as a rule of thumb, these can find use sometimes. It's still very lackluster though. His 3 is okay. It helps that you can use abilities from the puddle and that you can't
  10. I second the vauban flechette method. They only cost 25 energy each and they kill enemies very easily still with no mods
  11. Io, jupiter. Stay for 20 rounds with nekros/khora. Thats the go-to for oxium
  12. I built my own solo. I'm one of only 3 people in my clan and the other 2 have been inactive for years. I keep them in the clan specifically so that i can make one of them a warlord one day if I want to leave. But anyway, the drydock isnt hard in my opinion. If you do all the invasions for those resources, you'll get it eventually. Its not hard, it just takes a while. I built mine and did the quest over the course of like 3 weeks. Thats casually playing, not dedicating 3-4 hours a night. That being said, you are way better off just joining a clan with it built already
  13. I dont think people here realize how good radial disarm is. You can literally cheese any grineer and most corpus missions with it. The enemies become dumber/slower versions of infested chargers, and do S#&$ damage. Add something like larva, ensnare, resonator, or even spectrorage, to gather up the newly created melee units, and clear whole rooms easily with melee or guns. This utility scales well into steel path or long endurance runs. I use Loki a lot, and I get the feeling that a lot of people commenting how bad he is might have tried him for about an hour and thats it.
  14. I run a max range, good duration build on him to take advantage of his insane 4th ability. It literally turns all grineer and most corpus into melee units. Even turns off frost bubbles and fire waves from eximus units. Then theyre cake to deal with. And my invisibility is still a good 20 secinds and thats plenty of time to do whatever i need. I helminthed larva for his 3rd ability. Works well with this style build. I run this on a lot of grineer steel path content.
  15. When you are forced to have more than one player to do a mission, it becomes toxic. I know thats such a generalization, but its true. Ive only ever even attempted a couple eidolon fights(yes I know theyre soloable, but thats not possible for me), and left before completing because each time I went into a pub match and didnt do precisely what the veteran/completely geared-up player wanted, I get a wall of text telling me how bad I am. Why would anyone want to deal with that? Why should we have to? Thats what the geared-up, long time vets dont get. Not everyone is gonna be as good as you or have
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