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  1. Being able to complete the star chart shouldn't be what qualifies a frame as acceptable. Any single frame can do that. In fact, with just an aoe weapon, you can handle almost any content that isn't arbys, sorties, or sp without even using abilities. So the star chart should never be the measure for a frame's effectiveness.
  2. My forma production has gone up since downloading the app. Now, even when I don't have time to play on a day, I can still keep up with my daily forma building. I find that 1 forma a day isn't unfair. Stops me from doing the content too quickly. If I could craft more than 1 a day, I'd be done with the kuva and tenets already. The completionist in me likes that sound of that, but afterwards I'd feel way worse because now I'd be out of things to do. I get the impatience. I have a solo clan with all research done(and completed just by me) and getting all that forma was horrendously long. But waiting for all that forma actually made me a better player. Made me figure out other things to entertain myself while waiting on build timers, and also helped me play more efficiently try so I'm not wasting my own time
  3. I do these with vauban. I run high power str. As soon as I enter the granum void, i use zenurik dash or energy pad to refill energy. Then, I make my way to an outer wall. First I use overdrive ability. Then I throw down 4 flechette mines around me, maybe 10 feet away each. Then just wait. Shoot some with your guns, and let the flechettes kill the rest
  4. I use vauban. Max range vortex build. Just run with the ai, throwing a vortex every once in a while. Cake walk. Aoe weapons also help a lot.
  5. I play hydroid a lot. I have around 300% power strength and I have roar helminthed in and it still barely hurts anything above lvl 50. Yes you can use guns while they are on the tentacles, but you can always use guns anytime... why use the tentacles then. Might as well helminth them for larva or ensnare if that's the argument. He is my favorite theme out of any warframe, but now he has fallen to a very niche loot role(not always because most people just use khora/nekros). I would love to see him reworked.
  6. I am also experiencing this problem with vauban. I have 3 different builds I run, and now I'm looking to build another vauban because of how limited 2 of my builds are(because of the polarities).
  7. Decent str and some range is all you really need. Once you swallow enemies up, you can hold to spit them out in a cone for great damage. I pretty much just run around eating enemies and puking them out to kill others, or nourish with them to heal/buff
  8. Go to hydron, sedna with high power str vauban. Put out 4 flechette mines. Shoot 1 bullet from any weapon. Then sit there and let them kill everything. You'll easily reach 5k% accuracy in 10 rounds. I've had games with 28k% accuracy lol
  9. No because once they're in undertow, they're no longer on the tentacles, and pilfering swarm only effects enemies on the tentacles.
  10. I've only done 2 sisters so far, and they are much harder than liches. I will say I had no trouble with weapons though. High rate of fire and high Pellet count like talked about above, can really help. I switched between my kuva karak and Mara Detron and the health bars went down fast. The final showdown with the sister is where it gets stupid. Zenurik's temporal blast is an absolute monster against them though. Slows them to a crawl. Then I throw down flechette mines with vauban all around her and it takes the health down decently quick(I run max pwr str and use overdrive first). Takes about 2-3 minutes a sister this way, maybe a little less. Also, necromech can be very helpful here with its 2nd and 4th abilities.
  11. I actually run a max range disarm build most times I play loki with larva helminthed. It's extremely useful against grineer. In steel path, it trivializes grineer missions. Even turns off eximus frost bubbles and the eximus fire waves. With a still 20 second duration on invisible, and a max range disarm/larva, you can cheese almost any steel path grineer mission.
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