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  1. The new death effects shatter my frame rate and I'm on a GTX760.


    Also, when playing Archwing Interception missions there are now enormous bits of dust/dirt floating around capture points.  I also saw a GIANT 2D ship fly by at one point, something with the sprites and their scaling is way off now.

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  2. Can I ask one of you gifted, wonderful, and talented people to help me double check whether or not there's a spelling error in the first sentence example?


    Am I going crazy, or does it say "amd" in stead of "and"?


    I was having the exact same problem when deciphering the text along the Magnus barrel.  There was an instance where the "F" looked like a "P," have a look yourself: http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/File:Magnus_Barrel.jpg


    Notice the 4th-to-last character is clearly a "P" and when translated the final word is "P O R S," therefore defaulting to the "F" makes more sense considering the rest of script is translated as "Answer With Superior..."

  3. There seems to be a geometrical pattern to letter construction very reminiscent of Korean lettering where the appearance of the majority of the characters are progressively more complex

    The Orokin syllabary is built upon a stem structure - the "M" - and a set of modifiers that are attached to the left or right ends of the stem -  the "R" character and portions of a lower loop - as in the "D" or "Z" and nearly complete in "S"


    Seen in this way, an "H" is simply an "M" but only half as long

    A "T" is an "M" with an "R" added at the left end

    A "Z" is a "D" using the right end of the lower loop of a "D" with an "R" tacked at the left end

    A "P" is a "Z" with the right upper bar (which makes up the "M") removed

    A "B" is a "D" with a single hook added to the end of the "lower loop"


    There is also a thematic undertone to letter construction also reminiscent of Bushido calligraphy

    The straight segments suggest power sword strokes and the arcs suggests fencing flourishes

    Each letter represents a lesson in movement - a kata


    ElHefe you should seriously update the wiki with this information!  I added some of your findings about the weapon resemblance as well as your latest findings (with some minor refinement) to tie it into the intro and body of the page.


    Feel to join me with your findings and alter the page with me.



  4. I think it's supposed to be "Answer with superior force." but it does appear to be a "p"


    That makes sense, thank you.


    There's a light notch, so it is an F. I suppose it could be deeper to make it stand out.


    Makes sense, I wish the original artist could comment on this to confirm whether or not it was intended to be an 'f' and not a 'p.'

  5. Each claw is the Tennobet letter "F" or "P" upside down ...



    I have a few theories regarding the Venka.




    It could be related to the old internet image "FFFFFF...." we've all seen:




    Which could have to do with the reaction you or your enemy has when drawing your Venka.


    Or it could be related to the color white, considering the hexidecimal value commonly used is "FFFFFF."

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  6. My findings so far, please correct me if I'm wrong.


    Nekros Shoulder




    Orthos Prime


    "Reach Over Grasp"


    Volt Shoulder


    "Hayden Tenno"


    Nyx Shoulder


    "Hayden Tenno"


    Nyx Helmet


    "Tenno Model 2100N Serial 148-H" (same as Loki's leg?)


    Nyx Collarbone


    (above) "Tenno Model 2100N Serial 148-H" (again, same as Loki's leg)

    (below) "M A9"


    Hydroid Shoulder



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  7. My hat is off to everyone in their effort to crack this language.  And once again DE surprises us with something so well "hidden," sparking another reason for me to propose marriage to the entire team at their next Tenno Live event.  No other company has come close to this amount of dedication and love for their enigmatic game.  I love all of it.

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