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  1. Xaku does not fulfill any role in the game due to his statistics and his complete kit in addition to requiring all the strength, range, duration and efficiency stats because without range his ability 3 does not work, without duration his abilities do not last long except the 1, without efficiency you spend a lot of energy recasting the skill, this means that there is no synergy when making a xaku build and the short duration of skill 2, 3 and 4 make it even worse.

    Also the damage doesn't scale with enemies level because void damage isn't that good, reducing 50% resistance of enemies is good but still void need a rework and give it a proc effect, void should be more strong than the others status.

    Is like you depend in your weapons to kill enemies because the kit isn't that good, you require range, strenght and duration in the same time and you can't because the mods doesn't give you a good synergy, you only gonna run and jump to avoid things and you want to kill enemies.

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  2. hace 24 minutos, DoveCannon dijo:

    This is the "bug report" forum, not "tell everyone their bugs are secret nerfs" forum. If you don't have anything to add to the conversation about this bug or proof that it's not a bug then please take your comments somewhere else.

    You do a question and that is your answer, isn't my problem that you don't want to believe when there are a lot of post that state the nerf about exalted weapons. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ so idk why you don't search first instead of saying this.

  3. hace 6 minutos, DoveCannon dijo:

    I never questioned that, but until they come out and say it's intended we have no reason not to assume it's a bug.

    It's intented because they nerfed secretly, like i said now gladiator bonus doesn't affect exalted weapons anymore and that include garuda talons

  4. hace 3 minutos, DoveCannon dijo:

    Please provide proof for your first statement. I'm a Valkyr main and I can assure you the Gladiator set bonus was working for exalted melees before 27.5.4 and there's nothing in that patch saying exalted melees were nerfed. As for your second statement that's just flat wrong. Garuda's Talons could equip and can equip the acolyte mods and were effected by them like any other melee.

    And im telling you they do that secretly, i think when melee 3.0 comes out they said gladiator mod set doesn't affect exalted weapons anymore

  5. hace 12 minutos, DoveCannon dijo:

    There are no patch notes backing this statement up. Things were working as expected one patch, then the next they weren't. Also Garuda's Talons aren't exalted weapons and yet are still effected by this.

    Because they do secretly, that thing always was like that after one update is the same for all exalted weapons

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