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  1. Good day. For now i found 1 thing that is really frustrating - configuring crew members. Your route starts: go from your ship to fortuna (loadscreen) buy crew member, leave fortuna (loadscreen), go to clan dojo (loadscreen), go to dry dock to equip crew member. If you want to replace your crew member with a diffrent one that route doubles. Why i cant configuge my crew from my ship/railjack/options menu?
  2. Passive on slam effect needs to go 100% - either on damaged or when hydroid kills an enemy (pick one) spawn a tentacle. 1st ability is fine just change to slash instead of impact or up the damage/range. ( Maybe not rain but geyser like beams on random targets around you) (like embers ultimate used to be) 2 ability needs a rework 100% - just make him go faster in liquid state and absorb bullets then cast again to release all with radial pin (vaubans mine) 3 add a vortex effect to puddle +range ( if you press 2 while 3 is active - your watery siluette shows up and does the same ef
  3. Hi, please make this. Alors on danse - Stromae Starting from 1:02 in clip. I think its possible and will sound very nice, just i am not so handy with making melodies.
  4. Support said its not their business and i should post here.
  5. Yeap weeks worth of challenges just gone.
  6. There are multiple bug reports about this, week is almost done and still no response or fix???!!! I have same thing already would been 2 tiers up but because of this im set back.
  7. Yep ps4 this weeks challenges are gone i had all done before sunday thinking monday i get weeks worth, but list is empty and everything is complete. I did get daily new one next day. Have photo from phone if needed.
  8. Hi, as you can see i dont post often. What i would like to ask DE to add is possiblity to put Capstan pistol skin on Nukor(Kuva). Reason being that nukor has no skins whatsoever and original one just irritates me visually. I see no obstacles as shotgun skin from same visual group is easily equipabble on Phantasma so Nukor being a beam weapon is not a problem. Ty for attention, hope DE will see my plead.
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