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  1. Yeah this needs to change. I was away from the game for a week+ and now my kubrow is at 0. Not cool. There were rumors that the incubator segment was supposed to fix this, but I take it that’s not what it’s really for.
  2. Since stasis was removed, Loyalty is a serious issue for some players. Most players, myself included, feel that when they removed stasis they should have removed the loyalty option also. It’s a little ridiculous that we’re literally penalized for not signing in every day to pet our pets. Does DE realize that if we go on one vacation we’ll come back to angry space dogs ?🤣🤣🤣
  3. Everything in this post is exciting. Thank you for continuing to work hard on Warframe.
  4. This is good news. Thanks for staying on top of everything as diligently as you do. It’s not unnoticed or unappreciated.
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