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  1. Your Riven problem is getting out of hand, it has from the very beginning. And you know it. And you cannot find a way to fix it. In diablo 3, you have 2 approaches to limit market marauders: You can only trade with the group you played when you found the item (thats not applicable) but then there is approach number 2: When you re-roll stats on an item, it becomes account bound That could work for you as well. Imagine: A riven drops at 80% of its potential. A reroll increases the internal stat multiplier and rerolls the affixes, but makes it account bound and your personal precious. People would get WAY more attached to rivens, and trading them would be limited to the 80% variant. AND: you could give us an option for 10k Kuva to reset the riven to original state. Meaning we could trade it off again and further rerolls become a bit cheaper. And you wouldnt risk a decent but not perfect initial drop if you wanted to explore a riven's option. Rivens would STILL be powerful. But they would become personal. And thus you wouldnt have the meta madness we now see, where power farmers gather rivens in large quantities and flood the market with perfect rolls for absurd prices. People wouldnt have access to the high end rolls unless they put their own backs into it. This naturally leads to less frequent vectis or catchmoon or [insert future meta gun here] useage.
  2. Yeeah, looking at catchmoon from 0.8 to 0.6... I really couldnt care less about most of the nerfs, considering there is exactly one worthwhile secondary. It is the one you keep hitting with the nerf-hammer until nobody wants to play the pistol anymore. I USED to have 125% crit chance before LAST cycle. It went down to 115% last time you "balanced" rivens. You may or may not have noticed, but that means initially, if I would shoot 4 times, I would hit once for real damage and 3 times it was a blank that failed to do any meaningful damage. At 115%, you shoot about 7 times and hit for damage once. Now? I now sit at 104% crit chance. I hit for meaningful damage once every 20 shots. You call THAT "LESS DRASTIC?" Get out of my face... The Riven hasnt been nerfed by 25%, it has been nerfed by the factor 3. FACTOR THREE. It only shoots blank shots now, the gun never EVER hits for meaningful damage anymore. But hey I only spent about 100h farming for rivens and kuva before i got a single one that was meaningful. So no harm done right? I guess I would be really angry if Nightwave hadn't driven me completely away from this game anyway. Please, DE, just keep going and doing what you are doing. Keep releasing new and powerful stuff to engage player just to then keep its power creep elements in check by nerfing it after players get attached. If you think wobbly ground of power level is going to get people emotionally attached to any item, frame or equipment then you must be less talented than even your blatant design hickups lead to assume. Or do you think we forgot Gamacor, Synoid Simulor or Tonkor? When you released obviously overpowered stuff and had us stuff forma and potatoes into it and then just called us fools to believe you would let us KEEP the efficient items? It has been a while since you showed some signs of understanding. Learn from your mistakes. You cannot improve the game at all in the current state of your development cycle. What is holding you back? People have assumed it is [DE]Steve directly. Is that really the case?
  3. Before Nightwave, when I got a booster as a login reward I would play a LOT. Now, I got 3 boosters in just a few days, one is still running today and tomorrow. I just cant be ARSED to play this game. I despise Nora so much... I know if I would start to play I would try to incorporate Nora quests into my regular gameplay. Which would lead to completed quests. Which would lead to thinking "well some extra gameplay would give me those two rewards. Even though I dont want to do those quests. But I could do them, just for the rewards..." NO! Instead, I installed GTA 5 and Broforce and Borderlands 2 and that gives me plenty of things to kill my time with. And the best part about these games? Friends. Because I cannot for the life of me convince anybody to start fresh in THIS mess, and my longtime friends have dropped out one after another. I will continue to log in to claim the rewards and check if this mess has been killed yet. And I wont play. Because I feel bad when I do. We did have some grind intense periods in the past. But it felt like you would get through them at some point. This pain doesnt stop. Unless you cut it off entirely, that is. Enjoy. Should be a fun voluntary slavery to the reptilian parts of your brain.
  4. You may well be the first, but that would be a mission with an absolute record in attendance. Think of it: For every time you kill nora in that mission, you get one day off from her voicelines and quests. Holy HEK I would be playing that over and over again. Talk about incentives to play!
  5. Syndicate is probably the only one that gave ergonomic improvements, I guess people will grow on it. All else is absurdly bad. If I am in a foundry, I dont WANT to lose sight of several pieces of information based on my mouse position. Same goes for the arsenal, just worse. I have used that UI generation for several years now, and I still dislike it to the bone. I remember how easy and fast you were able to take out some actions, now it is just a pretty time waster that adds nothing, and in some cases flashy effects were chosen over ergonomic design and that just drives me up the walls. However, thats just how design is done these days. It has to look good in a power point presentation meeting with an audience that looks at it once and finds it intreaguing, whereas the player base just doesnt ASK for things that complicate their gameplay and make it harder to understand or notice things. We live in an age where knowledge is available AND purposefully ignored. There are easily available studies on how to do ergonomics correctly, and we still go for boss-pleasing. If we did that in engineering as well, all machinery of the planet would explode. But in anything digital, descisions seem to be made and confirmed by people that fail to grasp the bigger picture. Like how ugly and intrusive UI influences the smoothness of non-gameplay periods of time. We dont WANT to have to go through a buttload of menues to get through to what we want to do. We dont WANT to walk in our orbiter instead of accessing an efficient streamlined menu like we had in the past. We steer our warframe through the orbiter because we have such a clunky mess of an interface that doing anything now just takes ages to do, and somebody said we should have something "entertaining" to look at while we spend too much time clicking interfaces. Do you think walking to baro is a fun experience? DO YOU? He might as well be a popup in the market and it would serve the same functionality. But clunky design is always more intreaguing, right? Wrong
  6. What you can do is talk to Konzu in Cetus and check the bounty rewards. Some of the bounties offer Nitain. It isnt an efficient way to farm them, but it could give you at least some.
  7. I really liked the look. Why not just leave it in and see how many of us actually use it? We get to keep the Valentine color palette, we get to keep the orbiter decorations, I would really appreciate the halloween helmet and the easter bunny ears as a permanent feature.
  8. That makes sense and also seems to be a trend in other missions where in the past you could obtain forma or potatoes, which is Invasions. There has been a noticable decline in potatoes there. I get what you mean when you say you want the open debate. I also get what DE needs and wants, which is a constant drain of available plat from the players. However I am not sure this really will work out. I as a veteran have stored up a lot of potatoes, but newer players certainly dont. Look at this mess through the eyes of a newbie. Without knowledge of how to obtain several absolute key components to your builds (prime frames and weapons, potatoes, plenty of forma, several rare nightmare and corrupted mods, auras) you will feel like you arent going anywhere for an extended period of time, and that feeling is quite accurate. Asking the new players right out of the gates for money to spend on plat because there just isnt a reasonable way for new players to just luck out and get a free potatoe is likely driving away quite a few players. If you add to that the intense welcome-grindwall that is nightwave, you as a fresh player dont feel like you can rank up in mastery, collect key resources, play story quests and rank up syndicates and Fortuna standings as well. There are only so many hours in a day. Why should they then pay money for potatoes when what they get in return is so many kicks in the balls? How do you intend to hook players in? With Nora's pretentious and weak ripoff of Ursula Rucker and the DJ from the Warriors movie? Back in the days we were told by space mom what to do, and when and where, and for some reason, I prefer her to Nora. I guess it has something to do with the upcoming story line stuff, but Nora could and likely should just have been the Lotus, from a functional point of view. I know that DE wrote themselves into a corner with that one, but think about it: Shouldnt I be able to turn off a radio? We were never able or incentivised to turn off the Lotus as she is our mission command and sort of hacked into our uplink, but Nora? Shes a RADIO DJ... How is that functionally reasonable?
  9. I agree that optimism is a more healthy approach than my doomsaying. However looking at the devstream, I tried an empathy approach to each of their lines and it did feel like they are reluctant to reduce the time intensity of the event very much for now. They seem to test how far they can go. And that means it will always be borderline unbearable for some, too much for others, some wont mind either way and some welcome the task list given to them, so they have something to do. So that totals to four different cathegories of responses from the playerbase. That means only one group of players has it rough: The ones that are BARELY feeling it is still too much. I counted myself as one of them, but I learned the harsh truth: There is a LOT more fun in pretty much any other game in my Steam library to be had that I have in Warframe. So I switch to the group of players that just say if THAT is what DE dedicates their development time towards, they cannot be creating REAL questlines or do proper balancing or create an endgame, not a gimmik like Arbitrations or Conclave. And if their design pool is so shallow that the only bossfight they can think of is the Wolf, then we are in deep trouble. Warframe isnt an open Beta anymore. It is a well-functioning buisness. I dont demand anything. I can take it or leave it, but I feel that in a buisness that is aparently operating successfully, the product that is being released should be as successfull. Nobody actually FORCES DE to create any content, except for DE themselves. We whine when we dont get new toys quickly enough, yes, but we also whine when we do get the toys and we arent too happy with them. So we whine either way, best to just release stuff that makes sense somehow or somewhere. There is quite a bit of content by now. That existing content should be somewhat enough to give them enough space to really create a viable vision for the game. But do we see that? I feel like I am playing a patchwork system of halfhearted ideas and a solid background story and great style guide that is trying a bit too hard to have artistic dialogues (really people, we dont want to go to wikipedia after a questline to read up on what the FRICK actually happened in those missions. Make dialogue a bit clearer ffs... Some of the stuff only makes sense if you have been in your design meetings for the questline, not when you play it). - Rivens were supposed to be our lategame motivation. Now DE realized we would just farm for 50k kuva at once and reroll any riven until we get the ideal result we were looking for, so OP riven users are EVERYWHERE. Which results in nerfs even for the average users. - PoE is an Eidolon dispenser. Nobody ever goes to PoE unless they have to or they go Eidolon hunting. - Arbitrations are trying a bit too hard to make sense. They kinda dont. - Sorties make a bit more sense and should satisfy the need for reward for gameplay and also pose a challenge, but the only thing you can get from them that makes sense to get from is rivens. See first bullet point. - I dont know how successful the Conclave is, but I personally wouldnt ever go there, not even if Nora asked me to. Stuff has been bolted and glued and stuck to the game without much interaction or coherence, the style guide aside. So that is what we play. And that is what I choose to not play anymore. Why do I write so much when I could just shut up and leave? Well, 2 reasons: One, I want to avoid people thinking "If you dont want to dedicate time this is not the game for you". I did dedicate time to this game. Quite a lot of it actually. And the second reason, insight. Occasional feedback bubbles will rise to DE, I am pretty sure of it. My specific words likely wont end up being referred to by anyone, but they might end up adding to the background sound: We know DE never thought they would be pushing the world they built this far, or would find themselves pressured to release ever fresh content. We accepted that for now. But DE: We came, and we stayed. We stayed longer than you may have expected. Now entertain us. You cannot expect the new player base to be willing to farm for everything that we did over several years. The new players can look at all that WF has to offer, all at once. All they see now is rank and bank for hundres of hours, all without a reasonable goal or without any change to be seen. DE: Break the mould. Break up the formula. I would like something as weird as a fixed Elite Loadout. Imagine a loadout slot that you can fill with whatever you want, and only with a setup from an elite loadout slot you can play elite missions. But everytime you change anything in that setup, you have to face an entry trial first. Change a mod? Take a trial. Change a weapon? Take a trial. (Not one identical trial, of course... Your pick of stealth, damage dealing, defending, or what have you). That way our selected favourite loadout would grow on us, and missions and gameplay could be cathegorized into new players and experienced players. You would KNOW that in elite mode, you play your one favourite sidearm, your one favourite frame, your one favourite gun. No flipflopping. Balance your gear, be able to handle yourself and your role. Bosses and enemies wouldnt need to be balanced like they are now, for new players and veterans alike. Take and entry test or dont play that stuff. Mission rewards for something as mundane as an exterminate mission could actually be worth it, because they also would take you 20 minutes and you would try to use any positional advantage you could get. Weapon damage, enemy damage and enemy armor could be strictly changed for elite loadouts. Loot you get there could be stuff that is only beneficial to you when you actually DO play elite loadouts, so that players not playing that stuff wouldnt feel like they are missing out. Make it a quest to liberate a planet. Place a fomorian core into space and let it float, asking all tenno you can muster to push it into someones base, over 2 weeks, drop in drop out as you have time. But we dont see anything in terms of vision or development. Nothing were we can grow upon Warframe anymore, and nothing were Warframe grows on us. The weapons we love and we grind Kuva for our rivens for are nerfed when it turns out they are in fact viable, and that logic is just flawed... You nerfed SUPRA rivens? All 10 Supra fans should be rewarded and feel clever for using that gun. And if it outperforms other guns, that is actually a GOOD thing. If you nerf more than one riven disposition, you nerfed weapons that have not been number one. How does that make sense? How can you nerf number 2 to number 10, and expect the player base to see the wisdom in that? Last connection for me is I will still log in and keep the game updated. But I wont play, unless I see a reason to. Right now I dont think there could be anything in Nightwave series 2 that would be fun or entertaining enough to spend my time here More umbra forma, I dont care anymore. Cosmetics, not interested. Unique mods, no thank you. Maybe something on Youtube will spark my interest, I dont know. But I feel like a veil is dropped, and I look at a Penta Mod that leaves fiery patches on the ground, and all I can think is: "that could be handy when I farm the same useless Nightmare mission or Invasion or Bounty for the tenth time in a row, so that my mind sees something shiny and wont notice that none of this matters, or can be considered gameplay after repeat number 1000"
  10. You call THAT listening to the community? Are you deaf? Your solution is 5 challenges instead of 7? Do you LIKE all this kind of feedback? Because when you impose a 10 week mindless grind scenario on people and you say "Good news everyone, we listened to your feedback, next 10 weeks will be 20% less grind intense!" it makes me question your ability to comprehend 100 pages of feedback. WE HAVE BEEN DOING THIS OBNOXIOUS STUFF FOR A WHILE NOW AND WE CERTAINLY DONT WANT TO SPEND HALF A YEAR WORRYING ABOUT NIGHTWAVE! 10 weeks was an abomination and you suggest "lets make this 20% less grindy?" Making it HALF as grindy would have been too much. Do you not GET that???
  11. Dex Weapons come with a free slot. Farm them and sell the surplus Dex copies. Just a thought.
  12. It felt very intrusive for a suggested activity. Nora was spamming us so hard that quite a few players muted all transmissions. Popups, assasins, the only way to get certain things... The problem is a lot of us realized at different stages of progress how this makes them feel, and we kept going because we wouldnt want to lose our progress. If this was just all of the items that have before been in the old alert rotation, nobody would have batted much of an eye. But they put Arcane Energize (one, thank you for that -.-) and Umbra Forma into the deep levels. People want that. But they DID jump through a lot of hoops for it. 10 weeks of grinding for one item that you better not spend on anything that is high-level-viable like Saryn, Melee Weapons or Chroma, because we dont know when either of them will get nerfed into the ground... That isnt a glas of water offered to a person dying of thirst. This has been a double or triple of activity compared to what they would normally play this game for. This took away from other games for me. We didnt feel happy. We may not be able to verbalize or analyze the cause of our unhappyness sufficiently well to make you understand our position, but we did feel it. A lot of us did. I was very happy about the Nightwave for the fist 5 weeks or so. It was a lot of fun and felt rewarding. Then it turned sour. Hard. TLDR; Telling people that their feelings are stupid because you feel differently is in no way feedback. It is spam. We have a spambot that starts a debate of "im right you are wrong no matter what you say" already, thanks. No need for another.
  13. I like that. If the rewards were bound to a Standings-Shop, the fear of missing out would be reduced. You want only the umbra forma, and you dont have enough time in the 10 weeks period to get that deep into the reward levels? Go ahead and grab it first, will cost you a significant amount of standing, but you can get that item and then cherrypick what you want next, if you have the time to play that much. And you would stress out a lot less. I played many hours for stuff like a wolf salute I will likely NEVER use even once.
  14. I didnt level up my Equinox Prime yet because I needed a break from this game, after Nightwave. Please dont make the next one with a fixed duration. You can have a minimum NW duration and Prestige Ranks if you want to, I dont care. But make each quest MAX! half as long, and dont allow the "Questline" (that is, the incoherent, non-plausible, non-relevant non-gameplay, non-story background noise) to be removed before some players reached level 30. And make hunting for fugitives a daily reward or similar to the acolyte spawns, with a lot more standings as a reward. The way it is right now they feel so weird and misplaced.
  15. Too late, for me at least. Nightwave has ground me into an unmotivated empty husk and I am not playing Warframe for a while. Got level 30 and dont want to play. So the Wolf's drops will wont ever drop for me, he wasnt very generous when he DID occasionally spawn (and brought his invincible flame grenade buddies and his HP bar that can only be dealt with by highend gear, not the leveling items you take to casual tier 2 capture missions). But hey as soon as Borderlands 3 is coming out (on Steam), it will no longer matter which items I successfully ground out, and which I skipped. So no harm done, I guess.
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