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  1. Why allocate development time to a feature nobody really cares about? Just open the door immediately and leave building a story around it for 2020...
  2. All very well, Sin1989, but... I got an ugly pink attachment on a very prominent position of a lot of frames and every time i open a menu it screams in my face "LOOK AT HOW UGLY I AM! TOTALLY FREAKED OUT YET? DID I BLOW YOUR MIND?" (the capslock was intended to portrait the offensive visual impact of the cyst. I consider it trying to get my point across instead of attempting to annoy people with capslock on. I also apologize.)
  3. I agree with that... Fashion frame is the real engame, and I constantly have to put up with this abomination on my neck for a rank and bank companion that I built ages ago. I dont CARE for the Hemlith. And even if I did, I already have one. Consider the ratio of cysts that lead to something being built from them versus the ones that are just a super hideous off color attachment nobody asked for and get removed asap. Just open the door from day one of the infection, pls. It looks ugly.
  4. Same here. Kinda funky when you put content like vaulted relics into a faulty mission type. Some people cant even enter the plains, so consider yourself "lucky"
  5. Absolutely agree. I checked every trader twice by now, just because I couldnt believe there is nothing you want to buy at some point. Relic packs have already been done, so I suggest something else. The Riven idea sounds good. Another option would be rare crafting material packs, to give us another way to get those annoying eidolon gems, argon crystals, cryotic, Oxium or kuva. They are all gated behind one single way to grab them, and that gets really old pretty darn quickly... Fishframe is not even worthwile endgame when you cant trade your fish for something useful!
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