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  1. Lavos is pretty useful for this as well. He's immune to the status and tanky as hell. Honestly just put on Umbra Mods and Adaptation, you should be good! If you want a reliable heal as well then throw Life Steal on whichever glaive you have. Together these should make you nearly invincible.
  2. The level of salt in this thread is insane. Y'all need to chill. The game changes and we adapt, its boring if everything stays the same for too long. I, for one, am excited to try out the changes and see how they feel in game! Thanks for the info DE.
  3. Off topic: This is disconnected bullsh*t. Look around you and wake up, naivety like this does not help your point. Nuff said. Moving on. 😤 On topic: I like the idea of introducing a competitive aspect to PvE, it would be fun to see how well you have mastered Warframe mechanics in relation to others. I think it could even act as a motivation for people to try and improve certain aspects of their gameplay. However, I don't think it should be tied to damage or kills as that would just encourage a few specific loadouts. As it stands, Warframe is not a skill based game. The person who gets to extraction fastest is the person with the fastest frame, and the person who does the most damage is the person with the glaive. Finding the aspects of the game that do involve skills and creating a competitive system based on those would indeed be cool though.
  4. This is exactly what I think is going to happen. The guns I use are very efficient killers and adding the scaling that they are trying to add will IMO outclass melee. Shattering Impact for guns is a really good idea, I can see that being one the additions for sure. They mentioned that there will be some nerfs as well in this balancing, while I anticipate that these will mostly be to melee mods I think some of the most used guns will also get the hammer (**Cough**Kuva Nukor**Cough**). That being said, even a nerfed Kuva Nukor with shattering impact will be useful.
  5. Honestly this is the only way I can actually see many guns becoming equally viable to AOE options. I just think they would never go down that route because then while making many guns usable they make them all kinda the same. There are a lot of guns that would be quite fun with a mod like that though, forsure. The best we can hope for, in my opinion, is augment mods for basically all radial properties I can think of.
  6. Devstream admitted that the gun vs. melee balance will be primarily done through mods. They even stated explicitly there was no mod like berserk for guns, maybe that implies that an increased fire rate triggered by crits will be implemented. Kinda a Meh concept for me, but it gets me excited about what other sorts of balance mods will be introduced. I know there has been lots of speculation (or fear) of a gun CO, or BR variant on these forms. And honestly, that seams likely given what was said. My question is then: What gun balance mods do you guys think will be introduced and is this the correct way to go about balancing in your opinion? I think that many guns are already broken, just not to the degree of the most OP melee weapons. So I think this "balance" could result in some massive numbers. However, I think that the majority of melee weapons are usable rn due to these mods (and riven dispo), if hypothetically they manage to introduce mods that instead of completely breaking the already OP guns actually create more uniform usability, that would really cool. Thoughts? Feelings? emotions? Or lack there of?
  7. Hello Everyone! Every fifth/sixth post on the forums here seams to be some sort of demand for either PvP or Endgame content. An intuitive solution could be some form of leaderboards which would allow for indirect PvP competition. I'd imagine that things like most kills on x planet or most damage on some popular node would be the obvious inclusions. Though, it would obviously need to be standardized somehow, the exact mechanics aren't really what I am trying to get across here, more just wanting to bounce the idea off y'all. I think something along these lines would give new players an idea of the sort of power they will eventually be able to achieve, as well as giving mature players something to compare new builds against. Hek, it could even be some sort of high score inclusion for each node. Anyway, I am a long time lurker here who has been thinking about this a while. I love the game, and just wanted to toss in my two cents. Let me know how bad an idea y'all think it is. Thanks for reading, Seorel P.S. - Even if you hate this idea, I think there is merit in finding a quasi PvP which values the skills Tenno have already acquired as opposed to requiring new ones.
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