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  1. And here we are. PvP works in a game that focuses on PvP (obviously). For anything else, it's just an afterthought that attempts to lure you PvP enthusiast into the game to spend some money regardless of what a crapshoot the PvP is. Until you people prove it's worth the effort, no growth will happen. Personally, i'm ok with that. Just like solar rails, right? Which makes me wonder what people found fun in that. I can guess (emphasis on exploits) but then i'd be insulting all the people who enjoy ganking helpless beginners for their own amusement in open world PvP games. They'd deserve it but...well, the moderator who checks my post wouldn't allow it.
  2. yes, because no one has (REEEEEEEE)EEEEEVER pointed out that DE should perhaps put some actual thought into these changes...
  3. No, raids are not the "pinnacle" of anything. They are simply a hoop to jump through to get the new and improved gear, the only purpose of the hilariously mislabele "difficulty" is to make sure most people won't bother with the frustration so the few dummies who do can flaunt their bigger numbers (which are all trivialized by the next raid). If DE flipping FINALLY rebalances the game just to shoehorn the OP stuff that trivializes everything into raids, i'll quit for good.
  4. When we consider the fact that when the mystery of cephalons/operators were revealed and it turned out they were just your average "humans", i don't think DE is willing or able to do anything exceeding expectations.
  5. Well, at least it's clear you can't admit you're wrong. If your argument can be summed up as "it's bad because it has always been bad", then okay. Did you miss the part where i said the aiming is bad in PS games regardless of weapon, including but not limited to PBAoE weapons, which you obviously know since you've played them since dreamcast? Oh wait, you said it was a valid point, but i guess it's a "feature"... Huh... Yes, this...conversation has been illuminating, and i'll just leave you to it. Whatever "it" is.
  6. It's not like aiming with a mouse is much better when the enemies are like hamster huffing super concentrated caffeine. Anyway, my point was that i know it is and has been terrible, something we don't seem to share. You just hate consoles. The difference between aiming in Warframe and PSO is so different it's not even close to being comparable and i'm wondering if you've even played the game considering how terrible the aiming is in PSO. There's a difference in "i can't shoot straight because i don't use a controller often enough to get used to how it works" and "i can't hit the enemy right in front of me because the automatic aiming is so bad that refuses to aim at the enemy right in front of me and insted aims at the enemy on the other side of the fudging room! What were the developers thinking?!". I use melee on a controller and i have no problems in warframe. Aiming in PSO is frustrating as hell regardless of what class you're playing though and using a keyboard and a mouse won't change that the automatic aiming is terrible.
  7. Aiming was terrible in PSO2, Aiming is terrible in NGS, aiming was even more terrible in older games. Why not try to make it better instead of just recycling the same failure because it's "meant to work this way"? That's dumb.
  8. So...kinda like what rivens were supposed to do for weapons in general by bringing weaker weapons closer in-line with the better weapons? Yeah, DE doesn't believe in learning from past mistakes. Probably because they believe they are infallible.
  9. You think samurai were good? Now that's hilarious. Also, is "nobility and honor" supposed to be a free pass for all the horrors people inflict on each other? If yes, then you're using them as humans have used them since forever, as excuses. You might as well just say "Might makes right!".
  10. Do you miss those? If you do, then you could join GW2 forum as they were added there when they copied warframes forum layout.
  11. So you enjoy watching the chucklemongers of PvP? Yeah, i'm not surprised. Also, yes, sports in general are boring to watch. Yeah, that's basically what i was alluding to. The game and its gameplay are secondary to whatever the chump on the video does and says. So, to just say it straight, the game isn't boring to watch, the streamers are.
  12. You should probably thank the support person/people for that. As you obviously know, it's not the devs job to deal with these things, it's supports job.
  13. They see nerfs in warframe for what they are: pontless number tweaks (as you just stated). It's not like DE is going to put some actual work in an attempt to achieve some semblance of balance which could garner some challenging gameplay on the side, since that would require rewoking the game. I'd say "maybe in warframe 2" but considering how DE has spent so much time shoving things outside of warframe into warframe, they probably can't wait for it to end so they can do anything but warframe. Jesus christ, you people just refuse to let up with the "casuals". "Higher potential" caused me to laugh out loud though, so thanks for that. Comedy gold!
  14. There are no games that are fun to watch since watching someone else play is boring, so i assume people just use this as an excuse since they have nothing worthwhile to say. Now, i can't fathom why anyone would watch someone else play, especially the horrible streamers. It sure as hell isn't for the gameplay, so whatever people get out of it is beyond me and that's completely fine. As long as i don't need to watch them.
  15. So, do these changes only affect SP? If the answer is "yes", then OK. If the answer is "no", then DE truly has abandoned any pretense that they aren't going to eventually balance the game around rivens.
  16. It teaches you to save at every opportunity. Still a useful lesson today for some games. I (vaguely) remember it happening once, then i wised up. Beating a game in one session wasn't that bad since games weren't that long, the real difficulty being in running out of lives/continues (a real problem in ye olden coin arcade video games). They also weren't designed to continue past their expiration date just to milk money out of cosmetic sales.
  17. More accurately and to simplify: "Challenge? Let's trivialize it!"
  18. Why do you think most people use AoE guns? Because it doesn't need aiming and when the room gets deleted, you have all the time in the world to reload while you go forward. Anything else you said is just repeating what i already pointed out. Let's sum up your point: you can mitigate every problem for every playstyle but i want to specifically make things worse for melee (for some reason). Well, DE is going to nerf melee and buff guns with their usual way that do not solve the source of the problem. I've seen people spin-to-win with room clearing proficience and incredible speed, so i guess it's just out of fashion or something. It still works though. The only enemy that's (almost) immune in the game is ancient disruptor. Bosses that are immune are those that require you to shoot a specific spot or use a gimmick which means melee is useless from the get go. Bursa shiled is a joke since you just use guns to shoot them from afar, unlike with melee where you need to walk up to them and get stomped, Especially "fun" with multiple at the same time. You're just proving my point here. Well, at least you're honest about the fact that you despise melee and all who use it.
  19. I look forward to hearing your complaints about MR 9 sneaking test.
  20. There's no thinking in "i know the weakness and using it is the exact same as shooting/hitting them with any other element". It's not "mixing it up" either since it just funnels everyone into the same thing. But i know you are on a crusade to dumb down ( i say "dumb down" only since you people like saying that, but warframes modding is so simple that anyone could comprehend that more damage = faster rewards) the game into copy-pasting the same for everyone.
  21. When a room clearing AoE gun has some 600 ammo, you'll kill so many enemies with a single clip that you don't ever run out of ammo and you won't even need a mod for that, so that's not much of a "check". Some very specific weapons might have a problem with it (which is remove with a mod) but those are few and far between. The check for melee is that you need to go to melee range and deal with the endless spam of CC. Since there are mods to mitigate both checks, what's the difference? Powers on the other hand only have problems depending on the warframe and faction. All of that can be trivialized, just like anything and everything in the game. Anyway, i don't spin-to-win or use meta mod combos to get max deeps, so why should the game be worse for me since i hate guns? Unless you want the blocking enemies to block ALL damage regardless of souce and with a very specific weakness to kill them, this just screams that you despise melee for some reason. So, are you willing to take an enemy for ALL factions that can activate a shield, kinda like the nullifier shield, that block all damage unless you, say, hit a specific tile on the impassable shield with a melee attack that activates at regular intervals and is only vulnerable for a short while? Why melee? Because nullifier shield already have something to shoot at.
  22. You want difficulty? Then you need to entice DE into reworking the entire game since all this does is screw over people who use melee. If this happens, then all those people spamming some room clearing thing will just move on to the next best/easy thing. Better melee combat would be great, but just removing my melee weapon would be the opposite of that, and if one of those people with OP melee weapons drop their melee weapon, they just pull out their AoE guns/warframe power and nuke 'em. Really, the option to nuke 'em means all this is irrelevant to begin with since enemies can't block your powers or guns properly. So i ask you: why screw over melee weapon users specifically?
  23. Go into a group of enemies and find a singular guardsman hidden there that's channel blocking you and see how fun it is getting staggered out of your attack over and over. They basically turn off your melee capabilities altogether. Only solution is putting away your melee and shooting them because there is nothing you can do about it.
  24. I'd say a "tryhard" is basically the same as a "hardcore" player. You know, the kind that, when someone complains about anything, they need to go out of their way to pretend that any and all complaints are about difficulty. Then they go on a tirade of "casuals ruining muh game!" and all that rot. These forums have those people, like all forums do. Since i've never played a PvP game, obviously it isn't at all out of place in a PvE game. When one can min-max and you have the option to play with others, these people will rear their ugly heads. To them the game is meta or nothing.
  25. Which begs the question: since umbra was built the same way as all the rest (Ordis can build "sentient" clones of creatures? Wow...), why is it different? Answer is plot convenie...i mean space mag... i mean sweet magical science.
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