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  1. That's not a bug, you're supposed to shoot those reactor weakpoints with your Forward Artillery. Cephalon Cy should be prompting this message several times.
  2. TYPE: In-Game, Crew Intrinsic 8, Kuva Lich Crew DESCRIPTION: If you equip a Kuva Lich with the Fear of Space Travel quirk to your crew and have an Active Kuva Lich. The Active Kuva Lich will occasionally speak 'Fear of Space Travel' dialogue while you are in your clan dojo's Dry Dock. While the enemy Kuva Lich says these lines the Converted Kuva Lich will cower during the lines inside the Railjack as if they were the one speaking them. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Equip a Kuva Lich with the Fear of Space Travel quirk into your Railjack Crew. Spawn a Kuva Lich or if you already have a
  3. TYPE: In-Game: Fortuna, Legs' Pets & Parts DESCRIPTION: I was building a MOA when I noticed that the default ungilded colors that were usually Black and Orange were appearing as the gilded Green and White, despite not having pressed the 'Preview Gilded' toggle. Upon clicking 'Preview Gilded' a couple areas on the MOA turned white, notably it's Gyro and Core. This appeared for every MOA part in every combination. Upon building the MOA it was still in it's gilded Green and White colors despite being ungilded and having it's appearance unable to be editted. VISUAL: REPRODUCT
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: When inside the Dojo with a Kuva Lich CREWMATE with the Fear of Space Travel quirk an ACTIVE, ENEMY Kuva Lich will recite the quirk lines on repeat while within an area where the Kuva Lich Crewmate is. The enemy Kuva Lich doesn't appear in the area other than the small 'speaking window' on the right. The enemy Kuva Lich doesn't have any quirks at all that would cause it to recite these lines. This also happens to Converted Kuva Liches when they spawn in a Lich node at the same time the Enemy Lich does and likely happens with a few other quirks. VISUAL:
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: I was trying to mod my Plexus when an enemy Kuva Lich kept saying Fear of Space lines. She doesn't Fear of Space Travel as a quirk. However my Converted Kuva Lich who is currently on my Railjack Crew does. But the enemy Kuva Lich keeps repeating it over and over and over on the Railjack modding screen and to be quite honest. It's annoying. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Have a Converted Lich with a quirk in your crew and an Active Enemy Lich at the same time. Look at them in the Crew Menu and then go back out and look at the other options in the Railjack menu
  6. I believe we need to take a bit more subtle approach, these are more entire reworks rather than small changes. But don't take me wrong as it is now Kuva Liches sound a bit underwhelming we can't do almost anything with them yet take hours to even convert. Here's what I think: Kuva Lich Customization: Believe it or not, I don't actually mind Kuva Liches wielding their own weapons and not being able to change their appearance. I think it adds to their character that they remain just as you converted them. Plus I reckon it'd cause a bit of problem when it comes to trading or when they appear t
  7. Hello! Today I wanted to give some feedback on converted Kuva Liches and their effectiveness when they spawn in a mission with you. I'll put it straight, they aren't the best they can be. Here's the main problems that I see personally: Enemy Targeting and Pathing Ability Usage Damage Output Lich Movement Abilities Allow me to forewarn you that these are all intertwined together so you'll see some overlap. Sorry about that! Enemy Targeting and Pathing: Kuva Liches have a hard time with both targeting enemies and pathing. It doesn't take many Converted Lich spaw
  8. This actually happens to most weapons that have a magazine. It almost always happens when your reload is interrupted but also fixed if you just go through the whole reload animation again.
  9. Hello everyone! I was looking through a list of quirks for Kuva Liches on Warframe Wiki and thought about how the quirks, specifically on Converted Kuva Liches aren't exactly prevalent outside of Kuva Lich battles. They do say them if the conditions are met when they spawn but they have a bit of a bug where they are said an Enemy Kuva Lich should you be fighting one. But that's not really what this is about. I was wondering about everyone's thoughts on Kuva Lich quirks being more prevalent outside of these battles in something like the upcoming Command Intrinsic. Such as Liches with Fear of
  10. I'm not entirely sure whether this is true for every Lich spawned with Nova Prime but it was the case in this one. When spawned with a Nova Prime, Nova Prime's head appears on the Lich's shoulder as it should but the headpiece that moves Nova Prime's 'ears' appears floating below the Lich and next to her knee. The Nova Prime the Lich was spawned with was entirely default and didn't have any attachments, colors, or ephemeras.
  11. Wisp Boar Prime No Secondary (because I don't really have one I like enough to bring to high level missions :P) Twin Krohkur Vizzy the Vizier Predasite For my Crew: Ajokk Lora, The Toxic Ephemera Bramma Lich who's scared of Space Travel. and 2 of my friends/clanmates.
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