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  1. LOL. You literally described it as an I-Win button, you absolute sack of potatoes. Usually it takes a person multiple posts to directly contradict himself, but you've managed to do it in a single one. BRAVO!!!
  2. Yep, I'd be fine with that. I've already pretty much suggested this by saying skills should have their own modding system. ...but it's probably not within the realm of possibility from DE.
  3. As fun as Warframe is.... everyone has gotta admit how terrible and short-sighted these balance choices are. DE has no idea what they're doing. When you consider Arcane Precision vs Arcane Rage, the problem gets even worse. Even with all these cringe-worthy balance issues, there are still several primary weapons (non-kitgun) that are extremely good, because their base stats and associated mechanics are good. The simple fix they could implement is simply raise the base stats of primary kitguns.
  4. Good post. On top of that, it's stupid to let players have choices in the mods, if many mods are outright inferior to others. The bad mods/combos might as well be deleted from the game, so that newer players aren't tricked into wasting resources/forma. This is just as true for kitguns, MOAs, and anything else that's modular.
  5. I'm probably missing a few from the list, but those three weapon types have broken recharge stats. Except for Catchmoon (primary or secondary), all the kitguns using Pax Charge have an extremely high recharge rate. Catchmoon is a clear outlier and it doesn't make sense. A fair recharge speed would probably be around 200% faster for the secondary, and 400% faster for the primary. The Grattler and Crovas archguns also have excruciatingly slow recharge rates when compared to other archguns. A more fair recharge rate for the Grattler is probably around 200% faster, and the Corvas probably
  6. Your biggest point of contention, which caused you to type so much useless text, was thoroughly disproven through basic math. There was never an argument against more interesting/useful skill synergy. You specifically argued against level-based scaling, while promoting skills that are implicitly level-scaled, which showed that you have no idea what you're talking about. Your points can't be taken seriously after such an obvious fatal flaw.
  7. Ideally, shield would be redesigned so that it's as useful as armor, but with a different style (similar to shields vs armor in Eve Online), and shield gating should be eliminated. If they don't do that, then something like your suggestion makes sense to me.
  8. They are, and I just showed how they are mathematically, and I can show the same for any % based skill and several other types of skills. You can argue against math as much as you want, but it's not going to help your case. Your base assumption was proven wrong, and I'm not reading that giant wall of text you wrote after the first line. Clearly you're just coping now. Any discussion about a desire for increased synergy between skills hasn't been the point for at least a couple posts now. That's a separate issue from the fact that you don't understand what implicit scaling means.
  9. Nope. Having I-win buttons is disastrous. You are just a simple-minded player who likes to mash a few buttons. Over the years, DE has made numerous changes to warframe, and a lot of those changes echoed what many players have pointed out. Are you just completely blind to that? Maybe your next step is to call DE idiots for taking player feedback? Please, continue posting for my entertainment.
  10. You... you don't understand the concept of implicit. You are extremely confused because you haven't thought past the explicit descriptions, so apparently I have to spell it out for you. For instance: [linear health scaling based on level] health = level x 100 ["non-level scaling", according to you, because it is explicitly percentage scaling] damage = 50% of target's health -Against a level 1 enemy, the attack would do 50 damage. (.5 x (1 x 100) = 50) -Against a level 500 enemy, the attack would do 25,000 damage. (.5 x (500 x 100) = 25,000) This implies a level-based li
  11. Yes, unironically, they all need to be nerfed for those reasons, and possibly more. Gameplay isn't interesting with no balance or challenge. Might as well have an ultimate perfect-for-everything "cheat" warframe so you don't even need to swith between warframes for different missions. Saves you a step so you can go to sleeping at the keyboard just a couple seconds faster.
  12. No, it's not. This is one of your basic assumptions that is incorrect, making your whole analysis incorrect. There exist numerous explicit and implicit scaling skills, and many scale non-linearly. Two general examples to prove this fact: - Any invisiblity skill will scale either non-linearly or linearly, or both at the same time for different metrics, given any arbitrary amount and level of enemy, given any arbitrary implied or explicit scaling of their attack capability. -Any % damage skill (such as Reave from Revenant) will match the exponential effective health scaling against ar
  13. Of course, but you haven't been able to justify why you're against scaling. When you try to excuse the scaling that Xaku has, you're conflating damage/level scaling with the unbalanced implementation of armor vs health/shields, which is a separate issue. Armor and enemy buffs apply at every level regardless. This is obvious when you use Xaku's summoned void guns against non-armored enemies. But Shock doesn't do "relatively small amount of damage" at low levels already. Shock is a respectable low level nuke, as it should be. Only at higher levels does it turn useless. You've
  14. No, because you can continously upgrade weapons to scale to any level content (the bad relative weapon balance is a separate discussion). Primed mods and rivens are the "end game" of weapon modding, which is appropriate for high level content. There is no system to continously upgrade bad non-scaling abilities like Shock, so you're putting forth a false equivalence. This is why I also suggested adding modding to individual skills, as if they were weapons (and update/create appropriate mods for this new modding system). Whether they fix it by scaling, or modding, or both (or some other th
  15. Yes, it's absolutely a fakeout. Weapons have a specific damage, but can be modded heavily in order to work well at high levels. Numerous warframe (and archwing, etc) abilities either have direct or implicit scaling, and mods to improve them. The problem is for skills that have a damage component that will not have its usefulness scale, because there are very limited options to add ability strength. To keep using Volt as an example: -Speed - this skill is % based, so the reload component will clearly scale with weapon power, no matter how powerful per shot a weapon gets. -Electric Sh
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