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  1. C but most of the time D. I might need a new clan
  2. I was waiting for a Loki name drop in there but it was left alone. Without Energy efficiency and ability spam I don't think I would enjoy Loki all too much because at a certain level I NEED to spam 2 and 4 to survive.
  3. I rush because I don't want to turn a 5 minute mission into a 10-15 minute mission
  4. I'm a Rusher, Main Man and Nikolai Tesla. Really good Loki with an alright Vauban
  5. I don't like having Rhino's in my squad because after a certain level they stop Rhino stomping because it doesn't insta-kill everything. It's like not Radial disarming/M-Priming enemies because they won't be as effected as the lower mobs.
  6. I'm having a problem with Warframe after 25+ survival missions. When I end the mission (usually Void) the game shows my warframe going into the extraction suit and the leaving while the games usual performance report screen is showing with no report. My biggest problem is that I have to restart the game and that usually leads to a loss in what I earned in the game, what's lost usually varies. Sometimes I'll lose the progress of my weapons or I'll lose some rewards, on some occasions the game will save everything. Has anyone else experienced this on PS4?
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