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  1. This bug has occurred to me multiple times in the last few weeks, and appears to be becoming more frequent. It happens occasionally when I run into a nullifier bubble with Valkyr's exalted claws out. The ability correctly turns off and claws are appropriately put away, but I cannot perform any action (melee, shoot, abilities) afterwards. I can still parkour and sprint. When I try to use an ability it states "ability in use". This can sometimes be fixed by jumping off a cliff, but often this is only a partial fix. After respawning on the map, I have Valkyr prime talons equipped (not my normal melee) but the ability is not in use (ie not invincible, not draining energy). If I turn on the ability, it either activates and drains energy but my health still is able to be lost, or I am again put into the "no shooting, no abilities, no attack" state. If this is helpful - usually whilst in Valkyr exalted form I can change back to my normal melee weapon without deactivating the energy drain by swapping to codex scanner and then putting it away. If I try doing this after I respawn and the "partial fix" state occurs, I end up with no weapon equipped at all and in the "no shooting, no abilities, no attack" state again. My guess is what happens is sometimes the game gets confused between what is in the "melee" slot and the "exalted" weapon replacing it. And sometimes ends up with nothing in that slot, and that causes the bug state.
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