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  1. That's probably good advice, I haven't even looked into the req's for getting Ivara Prime yet. From this thread, and from looking around online and stuff, here is the 10 most difficult/tedious/generally frustrating frames to farm (in no particular order): Khora Gara Harrow Nidus Ivara Octavia Equinox Mesa Trinity Grendel Agree/disagree?
  2. Unfortunately, at this time there are no settings to turn on gyroscopic aiming/motion controls for Warframe PS5. I'm really hoping that DE patches it in since people have been asking for it a lot in the dev streams, message boards, etc. Until then, your only option is to stick with the Switch version or play on PC with a Switch pro controller, PS4, Dual Sense, controller etc. with the Steam Controller program to bind movement inputs to the gyroscope.
  3. Yeah I'm not at all concerned about frames that can only be unlocked upon completing the star chart. I have no problem waiting for that. It's more so the frames that I always hear about taking people days, weeks, or months to farm due to exceptionally low RNG drops and obscure resource/material requirements for their parts. That's why I probably wouldn't buy Equinox, even though it's tedious to get them, because it's not particularly difficult. I don't think it's the same story though for Harrow, Nidus, Ivara, etc. I've heard Mesa isn't that bad? But I also heard Trinity can be a challenge? That's why I'm trying to get a feel for the "worst" frames to farm in 2021. Not to burn through game content, but to save myself potential headaches.
  4. Hi there! I received the 75% off coupon today. With the current Spring sale on Platinum, I am thinking of buying the 170 plat pack for $7 or the 370 plat for $13. That's my dollar limit at the moment. For April 2021, what is the best bang-for-your-buck purchase on the market to maximize the value of the coupon? I am leaning towards a color pallet, or a difficult-to-farm yet still really good Warframe. As a reminder, on console the coupon does not apply towards slot purchases or bundle packages (and I already know those are the highest priority plat purchases). Nor tennogen. A complete Warframe is appealing to me because after the 75% off, most are in the 60-80 plat range and it costs 20 plat to buy a Warframe slot anyway. That being said, if there is a better "value" purchase, I'm open to suggestions. Thanks in advance! edit: I guess I should add, I'm a pretty new player, I've completed about 3-4 planets in the star chart and have excalibur, rhino, loki, and ember.
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