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  1. No i didn't. You seem to think hema is the only thing that has ever thrown the playerbase into a tantrum, when it very clearly is not. The player's arguments on every one of those instances were demonstrably valid. Some of the time, fixes were patched in. They are willing to compromise the quality of their game for the sake of sales. I don't know what to tell you besides that. There are concepts like professional ethics, honor, and credibility, that you need to fully grasp before having this conversation. Clearly you didn't follow through them on previous occasions. Yes, this
  2. Repeat all you want, it's not just one weapon and you even said so yourself. It's a trend in their development process. maybe even a guideline by now. The bottom line is that it's shady, and it's harming the game itself. I'd rather pay a subscription if it means the game will be developed around the player's experience and not its monetization schemes. Its a derelict ship ffs. Do you even know what that means ._.
  3. And did they listen to player feedback, staying within reasonable creep rates while monetizing something else? No. They capitalized on their "errors", and then they did it again. Maybe? From what i've read from the devs, the cost and grind are intended. I thought it was an odd bit of honesty that they at least acknowledge screwing over the players deliberately. A tenth. Not joking. The event in question has very broad implications. It makes me glad to see people realize this and discuss it. It's in the very best interest of the community, in fact, that we do
  4. I know right? People seem to have a lot of trouble understanding what the real problem is here. This isn't just about the hema - which looks gross tbh. This is about DE unreasonably creeping the resource costs for ez profits, again. Not only that, some players are actually buying the lame "team effort" excuse. Nope, and nope. This not normal, certainly not balanced or in accordance to anything else in the game. Simply put: There is no real reason, other than plat sales, for DE to introduce such ridiculous grinds. Specially not after talking about reducing grindwalls by means of actual ne
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