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  1. You really need to fix the inconsistent conclave rating on some mods...
  2. That post, right there. Bluntly stated. Like every time. And again here, attacking me. Same every time. Keep blaming me for your strawman tactics, as you try and light warframes up though. You'll just deny it all and start ranting again, of course, making this thread about you rather than what's wrong with the "new" UI.
  3. Doomfruit - Eh. See Eve and Captain's Quarters. Sooner or later it'll bite em...they're not up much at the moment despite their New User Experience, which should have drastically increased retention. That was given. It's been ignored. At this point, not allowing people to get away with myths about it being decent from a HCI standpoint is the best thing, afaik. It's not like DE haven't admitted HCI wasn't on their list or anything. Yes, right, people should quit. Got another channel?
  4. Great, and the majority of the community? Oh, right, never mind.
  5. I agree with what you said. Basically. Although I (still) want it to be Alad V who opens the Bridge. With a line like "what could possibly go wrong" in there.
  6. Noting as an aide you're attacking people in the same way here? Oh right, of course you object. And you need to make 101 posts about it, objecting because *I* think 40 amo is more reasonable. And of course you don't like the spirit of the game. And?
  7. Sure, you can choose to use your other weapons. If you're to get good use from it, you need amo mutation. Same way you need serration, etc. And I see VAAAAUUUUN is here yelling at everyone who dares think 40 amo would be better.
  8. That does not justify a new bad UI design, as you do over and over, and you try and silence all criticism in any way, shape or form of DE. That you insist that you can "improve" a terrible design, when it needs to be taken back for a complete redesign...as you admit they won't fix any of the important issues. Be *honest*, tell him to quit. (and to tell his friends to quit, for that matter) Sev7n - That's correct. Simulation sickness is not the most intuitive concept, but it's very important if you're doing HUD/UI work. Telling a significant percentage of people "stop playing becau
  9. Simulation sickness. And because it does actually bother some people if the HUD bounces around as their character moves. So...that can be turned off. That's pretty standard, and makes the way they've ignored it for the ship UI more puzzling.
  10. Okay. How do I counter the simulation sickness. I just did the mods for Mirage, and I quit out the game and feeling ill after that. Rakshal - Please don't talk nonsense. The only thing which can cause simulation sickness in the game is hud movement relative to the screen, and that's both far lesser of an issue than the menus/ship, and you can *switch it off*.
  11. Right. Mandatory mod now, move along. Like we needed more of those, but oh well.
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