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  1. All weapons that are part of the collection: Akjagara, Amprex, Atomos, Catchmoon, Dehtat, Dokrahm, Gammacor, Gram, Hystrix, Ignis, Knell, Kohm, Pandero, Paris, Plague Keewar, Plague Kripath, Plague Keewar, Plague Kripath, Pyrana, Rattleguts, Skiajati, Stradavar, Strun, Supra, Talons, Tatsu, Tigris, Vectis All rivens listed:
  2. Well then u didnt read thoroughly... But either way the information on this kind of stuff is rather limited so ur guess is as good as mine in the end.
  3. @Whitestrake0 There is now way of transfering plat in wf for money without getting u banned: No matter what u do if u buy or sell plat DE is going to bann u sooner or later. It is there only way of income after all so thinking that they would put a blind eye to these things is ridiculous. Now to ur example: I still dont see what traders have to do with that but let me reiterate this so I didnt get anything wrong. Some1 (player A) buys a lot of plat from DE with a stolen credit card. Then player A sells that plat realy cheap to player B for realy money (I dont even get why anybody should do that because that is just double the trouble but whatever). Player B will the distribute the plat by selling it to other players. But this is propably how this would go down in reality: if player A and B manage to not get spotted by DE for there shady trading activity, which is quite unlikely, and aviod getting perma banned imidiatly that way, the person who got there credit card stolen will realise eventually and contact there bank about it. The bank will try to reverse any transactions done with the credit card including the purchase of plat. That is the reason y it is called charge back plat. Because once the bank contacts DE about that they will remove all the plat obtained illegal that way (which can lead to negative plat counts). While doing that they will also punish any player that seemed to have intentionaly obtain that plat the way discribed above in the spoiler.
  4. Well yeah exactly. So I gotta wonder what the deal with traders is if those scammers get there plat from stolen credit cards in the first place... It even contradicts with the later statment of ur comment:
  5. 32,8087 / 0.0015 = 21872... I got nearly the same I just took another way to get there (& used the already merged values of rolled and unrolled rivens from my program in the calculation above. That was propably not too smart because I missed the single pupacyst trade that way and made it harder to follow for u). But still 22k is not close to the 67k u calculated. Edit: nvm I'm using the wrong total pop value. That was the issue all along. I only used the veiled rivens pop. I'll test around more later!
  6. @Kontrollo well that is more or less what I attempted to do above. Still the issue remains that there is no riven with only a single trade on PC this week which is the reason why I tried to change things up the way I did. Still something didnt go right in ur or my calculation for pc this week (propably mine but I cant find the misconceptions I did).
  7. Inferring the totals. Idk y we didnt end up with the same values and that concerns me. I know how to do the rest after that!
  8. Well there is also no reason to go for a mr above 20, to ever farm billions of credits or go for the leaderboards. Yet people do it. Some people might want to trade all day, others go for unnecessary long survivals while even other players min/max ther fashion frame and make amazing screenshots in captura. Everybody got there way of enjoying the game and the fact that you wish that a certain part if wf's community gets excluded from enjoying wf as they wish is pretty mean. I understand that it is abstract to look at plat the same way u look at credits because they got there significant differences however u can pretty much farm plat the same way u can farm anything else in wf. Imo it is not fair to hate on somebody just because they got rly good at a certain aspect of the game. Og-traders r simply people farming plat who r super efficient at that. They mastered trading the same way any veteran propably mastered a aspect of the game. Also I think u r not aware of heavy DE cracks down on RMT. The asumption that all traders sell there plat makes no sense because they would be banned in no time.
  9. @(XB1)Tucker D Dawg Ignore him he will propably just go after anybody who doesnt agree 100% with his wild theorys. But thanks a lot for trying ^^ @Kontrollo So I looked into it and tried to figure out how you calculate the total trades. In order to do that I first took a look at the least popular rivens of them all (only from PC) which are the ones down below with the "pop" values next to them: ARTAX: 0.0074 BURST LASER: 0.0089 DUAL HEAT SWORDS: 0.0177 HALIKAR: 0.0177 ETHER SWORD: 0.0178 KRESKA: 0.0178 NAMI SOLO: 0.0207 STINGER: 0.0207 KESTREL: 0.0208 PUPACYST: 0.0222 And right away the halikar and Ether Sword barely make any sense... ๐Ÿ˜ they should have the same values if I'm not mistaken. It would make sense that way atleast. I will just asume that this is a error for now. Due to the fact that: ARTAX["pop"] * 1.2 = BURST LASER["pop"] ARTAX["pop"] * 2.4 = KRESKA["pop"] ARTAX["pop"] * 2.8 = KESTREL["pop"] ARTAX["pop"] * 3.0 = PUPACYST["pop"] it should be fair to asume that whatever ammount of Artax rivens got trade has to be dividable by 5 (specialy due to the 0.2 jump from kestral to pupacyst) or propably is exactly 5 since the market for artax is so small. If we keep that in mind and calculate the total "pop" of all rivens by summing all the categories, we end up with 32.8087. Divided by the popularity of Artax we get: 32.8087 / 0.0074 = 4433.608108 Since the ammount of Artaxs rivens has to be divideable by 5 we can multiply that by 5 for now: 4433.608108 * 5 = 22168.04054 Now Idk what to do because what u calculated is roughly 3 times of what I have come up with here (but not even exactly that) so I gotta wonder what I did wrong o_O I mean it is imaginable that we maybe had 10 or even 15 artax trades and somehow all the numbers matched up perfectly but I honestly doubt that. U gotta help me out because I'm unsure of what to do now with this...
  10. @Kontrollo I took a quick glance at the other post where u have been sharing a lot of this already and also at the wikipedia page. I think I get how this works for the most part. Unfortunatly I dont have the time rightnow to fully wrap my head around this but I'll do that tomorrow. I'll get back to u then aswell! Thanks a lot for all the constructive criticism and help u provided!
  11. Well if there is a way to figure out how many supras got traded as I stated in my example above it should be possible to merge most of the data. I was just wrong about the way median is calcualted in general ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ I looked it up now and u r right without the real data it will propably not be possible to merge the medians. I guess I gotta rely on the average again then... Thanks for sending me the other weeks!
  12. I would prefer json. Yeah now that u mention it I think it would be better when merging the rolled and unrolled rivens (and the median / means) if I use the popularity of the rolled and unrolled version of the rivens as factor for the median and means. I didnt think about that yet my bad. Propably throw everything into a list and then analyse in which week how many rivens of these got traded and then add them all together with the representing ratios (like: supra_median_week1 * number_of_traded_supras_week1 / total_ammount_of_traded_supras and then add all those new values of each week together). However I didnt figure out yet how to get the absolute number of trades. Seems to me like u did already! Could u explain me how and do u think that could mess up the data? Edit: I started changing the programm a bit and it takes the popluarity of rolled and unrolled versions of the riven into consideration now. I think this makesmuch more sense this way: LINK. I'll remove the rounding of the medians once I'm going to merge multiple dictionaries of each week to avoid rounding-errors. It is just here so it is easier to look the data on the forum for now.
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