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  1. gonna give it a final shot with these two then, maybe a lower BPM in the selected part might work as some of my previous requests where rather quick compared to what I usually see on mandachord. https://youtu.be/e4ee5kI2e3Q?t=42 or https://youtu.be/uxLs8l5JCNM?t=72
  2. gonna give it a final shot with these two then, maybe a lower BPM in the selected part might work https://youtu.be/e4ee5kI2e3Q?t=42 or https://youtu.be/uxLs8l5JCNM?t=72
  3. Would love to see this work in game, not sure if it's too fast or not tho https://youtu.be/a52Ul2AM92c?t=46
  4. Well, guess i don't need to set my alarm for next week. these drops are actually garbo.
  5. I of any people should have a solid right to speak about Railjack, done every node 30x, got all the S#&$ done fused and maxed, maxed intrinsics and saved upto 1.1 MILLION dirac. After joining the game after the update i was thrilled by seeing that lovely endo in my account, only to realize that in the end i'd have to pay a very nice 70K endo and 5mil credits just to get my railjack back to a shadow of what it was before the update. HP, armor and shields where gone, tether has been nerfed to death (honestly the least of my bothers, didn't use it myself) only to find out that
  6. Nah everyone knows that the conclave is better off being abandoned by everyone at this point.
  7. Pure Indigo - In my Bed (daxten remix) would love to hear this while butchering enemies. have tried to make my own version but that didn't work out too well, so i figured that someone like you might be able to seeing the successes from other songs that you did. (song is linked with the proper timestamp) Pure Indigo - In My Bed (Daxten Remix) Edit: had to reformat post due to me being a dumdum
  8. So at the beginning of the entire MR30 blessing system you where supposed to have your name pop up for everyone else to show that they received a blessing, however over the past 2/3 weeks i've noticed that this screen basically dissapeared entirely, for both me as the people i'm blessing (tested several times with clanmates and friends) and now i wonder if there's a reason for it, either if it's a bug as a result of shotty coding or if it's intentional design by DE. has anyone else experienced this?
  9. And please, for the love of Clem, don't forget Zephyr
  10. I played Nidus for a good while, and honestly his kit works in such a fashion that i don't think that he needs a rework. not every frame need to be a map-wiper either (we have Saryn and Mesa for that) and especially in his own meta, (that being the tank-meta) i think he does perfectly well. As a last note, if you want a frame that does all and doesn't care about balance you can go back to playing Octavia.
  11. Can confirm; i expect that the recent changes they made to the Ogris Rocket Launcher skin and the Drakgoon Flak Cannon skin (where applying the skins would change the stats from the Kuva weapons to those of the normal variant) might've messed something up with the coding of the Stahlta skin.
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