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  1. The whole chat system is temperamental when missions are starting or ending. For many long seconds, it is unresponsive, can't bring up the chat. Mouse pointer disappears. Then, once you bring up the squad chat it will completely disappear while you're reading it. Would it be all that bad to leave the squad chat available, even after the squad members start to leave?
  2. 5 minutes in Gabii gets at least 20k credits, guaranteed. No squad necessary. 5 minutes in Low Index, unknown if you'll be alone or have a squad, could lose 30k credits, could get nothing for your efforts. If the RNG blesses you with enough enemies to kill, you might gain 75k. I may not be the most skilled player, but i *have* done the Gambit quest and modded my equipment. At no point during the mission, was I at all worried about whether or not I'd win. It's hard to bank the points when the RNG doesn't provide the enemies. The bottom line is that doing 4 of the 5-minute runs on Gabii is a sure thing, guaranteed to get 80k credits, versus the risk and uncertainty of Index. I think we deserve to get rewards when we win a battle - especially since we're risking losing something.
  3. I was afraid it was something like that. That requirement pretty much violates what little I know about gambling - and makes it a useless mission for solo. I went into the mission in 'public' mode, but fought it by myself. Killed everything as fast as they showed up, but never banked 50. Guess I'm going back to Gabii. The rewards are smaller, but at least you don't get stuck with getting nothing.
  4. according to wiki resources that I've been reading, I was expecting to have 100k total - but my total credits didn't change. I didn't lose my 30k investment, but I didn't get anything either. I'm not a gambler, but I thought that the whole point of winning a bet was to gain money.
  5. My credits were running low. Had just enough to put 30k down on the Low Index. Won it easily, but still have only 30k credits...?
  6. I sympathize with the original post. Personally, I haven't hit the need for Gallium yet, but there are plenty of other resources that take far too much grinding. For instance, based on the rate that Mutagen Samples are dropping today, it will take more than a month of grinding the same mission, 8 hours a day, to collect the 5000 that we need. Seriously DE, would it hurt to rebalance the drop rates a bit more in our favor? It's not as if these were *actual* resources coming out of some grandpa's retirement fund. Quit being so stingy.
  7. Hmmm.. I just realized that the 'Gorgon Wraith' isn't in the Codex on PC either. I don't understand how a weapon be buildable in my Foundry, but not show up in the Codex, but it doesn't appear to be a problem that is isolated to the mobile app.
  8. I appreciate this companion app. It enables me to do some of the grindy things even when I'm nowhere near a computer. Due to the upcoming release of Warframe on mobile, I'm not sure where this companion app will fit into DE's plans. If it's still going to be supported, I'd like to point out that the Codex in this companion app doesn't include everything. For instance, it doesn't show the Primary weapon 'Gorgon Wraith'.
  9. 2FA sounds good in theory... but it looks like Twitch only uses mobile phones for 2FA. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone, but there are a few of us that don't. If you own a mobile phone, definitely enable 2FA with every service that supports it. Be aware that life can get complicated if (for any reason) you no longer have your phone or phone service.
  10. Okay... now I really feel stupid. When trading, there is an icon across the top row that filters the shown items down to just Imprints. So while I still don't know why the 'search' of items doesn't search the names - which all start with 'imprint of' . . . there is still an easy way to get the list of imprints . . . if you can guess what the game designers had in mind.
  11. BUMP. This is still happening on the Plains bounty missions. Why are you docking my standing in Arbiters of Hexis? If it is because of the other people on my public squad, then this is discouraging team play. Are you going to give us an option to prevent squading up with people in opposing syndicates?
  12. Nevermind. I still have the vaulted relics, but didn't like my chances of getting the blueprint, even if I could find other Tenno to radshare. Traded 20p with another player in exchange for the blueprint. 😀
  13. Rubico Prime is vaulted. I have all the parts except the blueprint. Have 2 of the vaulted relics. Would like a radshare squad to give me a better chance.
  14. Thanks. I'm currently incubating a new Kavat, but your instructions will help - a bit. Still wish it was easier to find imprints when I'm trying to trade them. Discovered that while I can't access all the menus of the incubator right now, (because of the new pet being incubated), I can still get the information from a 'Browse Genetic Imprints' item on the incubator. This showed me that I still have 2 Smeeta imprints.
  15. Uh-oh. I've been using overframe to assist me in deciding which things to sell (for slot space) and which are worth keeping.
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