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  1. Thanks for these fixes! Please consider adjusting Sevagoths Shadows consume. Not sure why we are dashing so far away when we have grouped enemies. I often can't collect souls because it's VERY clunky to control.
  2. amped for this, also whats going on with the Dex alerts? they're quite late aren't they?
  3. Why are other people in crew being rewarded half the rewards as the host on grineer RJ tilesets?
  4. FIX SQUAD MATES LOSING AFFINITY IF THEY DONT RETURN TO ORBITOR!! Ii thought yall cared about gameplay flow but ignore this again and again :(
  5. AFFINITY IS STILL NOT BEING BANKED IF YOU DONT LEAVE THE RJ TO ORB Thanks for the reskinned missions that people literally asked you guys to stop doing.. got so excited for this as an early adopter! YOU guys have once again settled for minimum effort on mechanics. Most of these missions is just fluff again and the principles you promised to make it better are non existent. A pretty new look is not enough! Closer to alienating another veteran player.
  6. You have to go back to orbit to bank the affinity. Probably won't get fixed any time soon or at all..
  7. Are you guys ever going to fix the broken waypoint markers to extraction?...
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