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  1. There might be a slight spot - in the range of early-mid-late game - and certain type of missions, where she can be best warframe babe yes. If it's early game most people/frames will kill stuff before her or her stuff will kill too fast for you to ramp up spores - which means downside, cause you get small chunck of enemies. If you spam miasma early it will hold you to about lvl 30-40 (if I remember correctly) where it falls off rather fast. In the upper higher/middle levels she performs great - again it depends a lot on mission and if its multi-floor and layered, where she gets
  2. Is long overdue to be: A) Changed B) Improved C)Made faster D) All of the above Current one is pretty much an oldie. It breaks pace, speed, flow, because you constantly accidentally get caught by and edge of small mm wall, post, side fence, garbage bin etc. you take your pick. I know most people that play the game regularly see it all the time/very often, especially when they don't need/inted to do that - sliding to fall - grab, uh ok. It woulda been ok if it wasn't painfully slow, cumbersome and clunky for the parkour type of style wf enforces and shines most at.
  3. The fact that you need to make element each cast (on every ability) is almost outrageous. So I am gonna start with that. Make it so we can overwrite already combined or selected element type (the same way we do one to begin with). When we do chose one it stays like that until we/I chose to make another type. Currently it's so clunky and slow it's almost close to unplayable (on pad specifically) - or not worth the hassle. I am not sure how current state passed for ok. The element we make/prepare - more so the UI should show the fill up in the center of your screen or a bit top/bello
  4. "Melee mod - 100% combo chance when Slash status deals damage." Make it so it's (can be) affected by Primary and/or Secondaries too. Thanks. Was just looking for passive way to get combo count and think this would be sweet change.
  5. Forgot about this very important case as well (when you cast shields on multiple targets and how UI and the provided info get's #*!%ed): Ok title might be confusing. So I have 2 casted on Gara and bult with some dmg. After casting 2 again on objective to be defended everything is fine times are ok (not counting the transferance bug with lost time on one UI not show on the other), but what made it extra confuing for me after many a hours is why sometime UI top tells me I have plenty of time left and it's gone in 5-10 seconds. It's transferance again. After 2 is casted on obj and trans
  6. You build your dmg with your shield by destroying 4th abilit outside using your 1. If this happens non-stop it's a problem. Big one. Been around for a while. Another case. This is other issue. At cast both top and bottom UI timers are same. Looks like after using transferance one timer counts the lost time in that form and the other doesnt . Many a times I've prolly lost shield build up dmg due to that and me wondering why shield is gone when I had plenty of time showing on top. In this case the time diference end up been 1.6 second.
  7. Example in the exchanged with me and the support: In short we are #*!%ed boys and galls and nobody cares. Even with perfect evidence of the incident depicting the whole process. They just turn a blind eye and blame you... Thank you for caring for your playerbase!
  8. Also you know what. Srew this, I don't want only the stuff I got. I want the developers to compensate every player that suffered through this bullS#&$! I've see a lot of similar threads and that is not excusable after the event was going for month before on PC. No it is not! It's a video game, and it's suppouse to be fun and exciting not taxing and nerve-wrecking with unkowns. It cost you nothing to gave out some random virtual stuff. I am not putting with just my rewards I earned while playing the event so far. I make a stupid and bold demand to prove to your playerbase you c
  9. I know it's old how old beats me I haven't been that long into game (for wf standards that is). The first time I was at the extraction... There were not more objectives... It just didn't work... I had situation after yesterday where Orphix just didn't open after we destroyed the small objectives. At this point I feel more discomfort because of the unknown factor if I get anything or not or it's just decided by rng... For a developer that is so stingy and strict with resoureces in a video game it sort of feels painful to get 1 hour of "work" and recieve nothing and get no response as well.
  10. Again right after yesterday first attempt 2:42:00: Anybody care? Hello? In WF we invest our time to get stuff, wf doesn't get our stuff? Anyone? Compensation hm? Anything for our troubles that we play and test your game? Am I not to be upset? Old issues never solved creating new problems. Can we get a response or just gonna play quiet? Aren't the forums for discussion and conversations. Do I continue playing or no if this happens constantly? 1 hours of time and rewards isn;t something to be swept under the rug.
  11. 1 hour of my life and grinding yet again gone. I am pissed and I just want at least my Cells, and Lavos Systems. At 04:58:00 shows the extraction fail and proof: If you really care about your players then prove it. There is nothing more infuriating than losing stuff after a long grind in a game like this... It's long overdue to have some protection and game remembers your rewards.
  12. Yes, PS4 is old hardware. Let's get that out of the picture. When playing solo or with 2 sometime 3 people it can run well (solo it's rather smooth). When 4 people show up and specifically on some maps it becomes awfull. Screen tear, slowdowns, lag (not only due to connection), low FPS, hic-ups (mostly due to people joining etc.). Deimos bounties have this happen very often. 4 people in with a very active vfx heavy wf's and it's terribly exprience. Oberon with his ability that makes the ground coloured destroys perfromance like almost no other. It also looks very out of place (t
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