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  1. Good to hear. There is also other considerations - which future warframe abilities will be added. I suspect DE have planned at least year + in terms of what's to come on the frame front, so there is that. Plus you'll never know what other concept might sneak in and suddenly freezing ability will be too op op. Then again, I am gald there are other folks that consider freezing other helminth abilities ok. As for the technicalities we can only guess. It might be hard or not so hard to implement. I lean more on the it won't be that hard, it was just a design/balance call/choice.
  2. First question first. Is that intercation intended to work like that? Currently he can't freeze other Helminth allowed abilities with his 4. Yes I know that description states Xaku abilities. I can twist/rephrase the question and say that every Helminth ability we infuse on Xaku become Xaku ability, no? It doesn't work like that :P? I am asking this question because a couple of days ago I started playing with him and decided I want to put something that on theory (if freeze worked) can function in similar fashion towards his 1st and 2nd. Meaning you cast em and they stick with
  3. Let's aim to make all frames be more like current Hydro instead :). Go go power ranges! I am not serious btw. It's often quite obvious a lot of people don't know how some frames work (that includes me as well, before you draw some conclusions) and make up their mind just because they witness "faulty" fames killing stuff very fast and in huge numbers. Sometime things aren't as obvious or simple.
  4. I did test yesterday as well - one mission went ok, the next happened right away. So... DE any development on the matter?
  5. It's not only for colour blind people. I it affects everybodoy to different degrees of course. I've constantly say and I am not tired of repeatig that WF just have in general visual language problem. Deimos is very tough on the eyes as are some other places. Big action happesn tons of firework vfx and goodbye deciphering what's going on. The same overall palette makes it worse. The day enemies are made more clear and easily distinguished and not blend with environemnt as one entity (not only on open worlds it's everywhere) is the day many people will re-joyce. I firmly believe it is bound
  6. Good idea, look how fast and well the Ghoul stuff goes on Cetus. It's not like there aren't a better well developed example :). I still won't do it ever again, ever :D.
  7. I can feel the salt :(, sorry for your loss. I probably would've kept the AoE potential and nerfed the damage. Now I legit felt the Ogris (my first Kuva weapon) was more awesome and widesrpead :) (pls no nerf :P) than the famous Bramma. Yes I am implying disappointment that's all.
  8. I can imagine it's something specifically related to PS4. Can't remember anyone complaining on PC. So it might be more problematic to solve. Some of the other issue in the patch were resolved rather fast, while we don't hear any word about this one :(.
  9. Hey DE, you addressed some ussies with previous patch - invites, mouse etc. but haven't mentioned anything about your road-runner boy. Can we have a reassuring line of text that it's looked upon :)? You know, just to feel cozy and safe :).
  10. That videos seems painful :D. I might try completing steel path before it comes to ps4 and Khora can't hit stuff :D. I know she was powerul but that's a weird way to nerf a frame :D. Let's make it less usable/working properly. Well I am newish so I can witness the famous DE nerf policies onlive :P.
  11. Hm, ok but you missed this part here as well "Reduces the overwhelming AOE potential somewhat"? More clusters bombs bigger area, less with bigger radial attack doesn't mean bigger overall. You can calc it, it aint complicated. I see the intention, it just feels like the fantasy was suppouse to be bigger "area". Thats what my initial experiences was. I swear now it seems so short I barely notice it, almost pathetic. Isn't the shtick of the Bramma - bow with big aoe?
  12. Legit don't want to return there :(. It's sick vusually, art design is top notch - albeit with problems of clarity and performance on PS4. Game design is worse compared to previous open world sections. Seems like devs had more focus on how to make it so people don't rush through it. Regular limiations as standing seem to disappoint people, so instead we get a lot of - grindy, long, boring, repetitive missions you have to do over and over and over. Tier 5 bounty made me hate WF :(, and I did 1 or 2 a day. There is always downtime or artifical time gates - where you wait for enemy to s
  13. I recently got it. Initial impressions were rather meh. The slap in the face with the magazine was wtf moment. I didn't look what was nerfed but it just felt meh (vs lvl 20-30 ish the aoe area seems very small). Later I put catalyst and opened exilus slot - as I found out arrow mutation or vigilante supplies were pretty much a must if you want to use a very popular and still considered one of the best primaries weapons in the game. I am still unimpressed and on the fence if I want to forma (don't have that much). In general I am left with the feeling it was great on theory and visuals, bu
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