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  1. hold Discord hostage till they transfer they give you the skins and plat?
  2. Imo it's ONLY worth it if you managed to get Nitro Games. If not it's not really worth reinstalling well. 27GBs worth of data all over Actually it might just be if Warframe can directly update through Discord's launcher since my download speeds with the WF launcher have in general been relatively inconsistent. Sometimes I can get my speed cap but most of the time I'd be lucky getting 1MB/s
  3. Thank you very much, sorta bums me out that I essentially have to reinstall the entire game but hey. Free plat and skins
  4. Sooo Warframe just got released on Discord and for Nitro users, that essentially means free skins and plat. However for normal Discord users it's just another pack with exclusive skins. https://www.warframe.com/news/warframe-on-the-discord-store My only complaint here is that there doesn't seem to be clarification on how to claim it? Do I just launch the game and it'd be there first time I install the game via Discord? I checked the Discord store and there IS Warframe but where's the actual pack? Below is just news and spec requirements. As much as I want the pack I'd rather not have to reinstall the entire game on a completely different platform just to get some free stuff, if there's a more convenient way of course.
  5. Memes aside Fortnite is a very good F2P game. Granted it's PVP oriented so it has much more replayability value compared to WF. There's only so many hours you can spend fighting a million hordes of mindless but sometimes overpowered enemies.
  6. I think the only thing that makes players worried is that you do focus on it for now, but in a few weeks these things end up in the dust for a few months like Limbo, he had a huge amount of attention when he first released similar to all these changes but than the constant changes kinda just... disappeared over time and DE went on to improve other parts of the games even though these frames, Limbo in this case still has lots of improvements to go.
  7. izzatuw

    Coming Soon: Devstream #75!

    Idk if it's been asked but I would like to ask the question anyway. The new SC 3.0 looks more like it'll help new players go through less of the same thing over and over so they'll stick around longer and do varied missions but will the new star chart have any benefits or add longevity of the game for more experienced players?
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    Hotfix 18.8.1

    Nice update.
  9. izzatuw

    Coming Soon: Devstream #72!

    Any chance of getting new syndicate weapon augments anytime soon? I'd really love to get some new augments for old weapons to play with.
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    Last Post Wins

    It just needs some getting used to.
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    One Punch!!!
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