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  1. I dont how ever have a drawing or a picture but like ayatans cant you guys run a lava lamp concept with kuva so like the stars for ayatans but for lava lamps you could find like worm type things and you could also have the lava lamp once full has worms swimming inside it you know everybody would run that it would also be a great new way for kuva and also to interact with the kuva queen would love to hear your response
  2. Would be awesome to like the player that built it can put his build on a blueprint they did speak about it once on a devstream
  3. Clan Name : Dovah M0RI Clan Tier : Ghost Clan Platform : Xbox One S Clan Role : Warlord/Decorator http://imgur.com/a/Q404TyE
  4. this is probably the longest awaited update to date man this takes ages whats going on
  5. ok 7months down with the same terrible nightwave now a pause while you what. As if you aint had enough time to make a new one like what the hell maybe doing 50 credits for prestige levels aswel becuase 15 is just pointless
  6. Allow players to be able to remove any clan hall they want ive just destroyed half my dojo to then be put with a stupid message saying i cant destroy the dumb thing
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