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  1. Ok I have my crew representing my 3 syndicates, but you had me at stuffing invaders into the slingshot and using it as a cannon
  2. So yeah...I was piloting someone's railjack in an earth mission (someone else who joined was pilot but i decided to cos f- it), I was gunning down a crewship and I left the helm to get to forward artillary to finish it off. Well between the helm and forward artillary, it would appear the railjack was kinda teleported to outside the map. Couldn't move or turn it around, and I don't know what I did so...yeah that might happen
  3. I do wish intermission had a couple more weeks, us rather...less than pro players can't get all the ranks in 7 weeks...
  4. better than i got. i reconnected my account everyday (removing it from twitch and warframe before reconnecting), and i never got anything
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