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  1. Here are some changes that I personally think will increase the pace of warframe and potentially make it a more enjoyable game. Airborne Melee Airborne melee attacks have a much larger range and more variety. Auto Aim Guns now have a circle of auto aim range. Similar to Mesa’s Regulators but the range is small, it might also be changed according to the weapon’s accuracy. If the middle of the range is aimed at an enemy’s weak point, bullets will still land on their weak points. But if it is not aimed accurately, the warframe will automatically aim it although most likely
  2. Here is my idea of a Stalker that has strengthened his gear by some old Orokin Prime technology he discovered on Lua. I don’t know any information about the stalker’s gender, so I’ll just assume the stalker is a male. Changes After emptying a boss’ health in steel path, the player has to press the interact button (x) to kill the boss and the stalker will warn the player by saying something like ‘you will pay for this’ Than the player shall receive a death mark Each boss will only drop a death mark once before the player kills four other different bosses t
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