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  1. Listen, DE! Hunting in PoE is fun Hunting in Orb Vallis sucks and is broken Hunting in Deimos is also broken, but you can still tranq plenty of random encounters. Please simplify the 'hunting' on OV and Deimos - if you want us to use lures or calls fine, but it is freaking broke right now, or at least that frustrating.
  2. I remember when Loki was 'the troll frame' - there was no real hate going around - not nearly of the same magnitude. The main rework done on Limpo's abilities fixed a lot of game-interferance annoyance, but did nothing to help the players playing Limpo on-purpose annoyance. Yeah, bash away - thanks for adding the thread.
  3. Just here to say, yeah, I still hate limbo. When one of my clan mates bring Limbo, he's wanted for a specific reason and we're all on the phone talking while we play. Even then, he's annoying. To the OP - I no longer leave the mission when a Limbo appears. IF, and I say IF - IF he starts using his abilities - THEN I might leave... - EDIT - Greatest LIMBO moment EVER - Watching Helminth stab him in both sides of the Neck - Yeah!
  4. I've subsumed 13 warframes so far, and been experimenting quite a bit (OMG the Resources!) Arbitration Cheese - The very best results I've gotten are from slapping Silence on Inaros, using +45% range (stretch) as the only ability modifier. He is also geared for energy from damage using Hunter's Adreniline and uses a Flow mod and Arcane Energizer for unlimited use of the 30s Silence, and plenty energy for his other abilities (which I DO use occasionally). With the 30m range it works very well for Inaros no matter who the enemy is (infested or ranged), but that 75 pt cost for Silence has ma
  5. I just completed all - while I was getting rep, boards built, and mods - every day I did my races I made sure to try them all - it took a long time before they all cycled in - RGN rears its ugly head. The only thing I would suggest to you at this point is the aforementioned tracking - however you want to do it - but they do cycle in and out and are not all available throughout the course of daily play...
  6. forums.warframe.com is warning me away from the site, and when I go to Advanced, go anyway, my URL is flagged Not Secure - looks like a cert issue!
  7. The lotus flowers are still merged/clipping into the Bio-room wall goop. I have subsummed several warframes, and have consisntly been missing 1 flower and I have 1 flower which you can only see 4-6 pedals of as they clip out of the goop. I don't know if the flowers and goo are both random, or what the deal is, but the same problem, as mentioned separately, applies to mining point on Diemos, where one or more of the circles (or even the entire ore) will be submerged and inaccessible. Please control your goop just a little bit, at least in the Bio-Room Lotus Garden!
  8. I have subsummed 6 warframes (I think) - anyway I counted yesterday. I have one flower that is just a few pedals clipping out of the wall goo, and one that is still just missing entirely - all the others are highly visible locations. Would really like a fix.
  9. Ruined my Ash appearance, changed his skin completely to compensate for it - Really not a fan of the change!
  10. Yeah, you made me laugh - then the thread got all buggered up - owell.
  11. Now you're just being rude. My soma does shred. So there! 😝
  12. I have a sim, thanks! I like Steel Path better though. If you want to play the Sims, watch YouTube.
  13. Guys - Why So Cirius? Somebody needs to remember that we are WAY into the overkill zone. As described in the OP with Hunter's Munitions instead of the Hata-Satya it shreds anything I want it to. I only have 2 non-hybrid Crit weapons - the Soma Prime and the Baza Prime, and I use Hunter's Munitions with both. Maxing crits is it's own little design-hobby - and if everything dies, which it does, then I don't have a problem. Diminishing returns - yeah, so? overkill, remember? The point is to play with all the different guns and build them all different ways - I have several different active
  14. ROFLMAO 🤣 Because we always need to build crit weapons for status and status weapons for crits - on the forum if no where else...
  15. To be clear, I am not proposing that the new mod makes the Soma awesome - The Soma is awesome, and the new mod is something fresh to play with. Soma has not been 'meta' for quite a while (in years) but it has always been (with the Supra Vandal) a great bullet hose, and as built in my original post, it competes well with any weapon I have at endgame levels - Kuva Fortress, Lich Hunts, Steel Path, Arbitrations. Many weapons are fine for endgame, weapon-tweaking is an exercise in overkill hot-rodding. I agree with the consensus here that the new mod is just a little too low of a contrib
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