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  1. I read a fair number of posts from what I perceive to be bored endgamers. For me, WF is a great game to switch off of and come back to. I've played casually since 2013, with a few extended periods of absences, have played and abandonded a few alt accounts. With all the stuff I could want, maxed to literal limits - the game becomes meh because I've done it all and got it all - Warframe is just that good that I'll be back again in several months or a few years - and play catchup again. Cheers to everyone - I look forward to the next evoloutions when I get back! 🍺
  2. Like Archwings, they're a fun alternate way to play in parts of the game - they're not better, they're something else to do.
  3. Primed are not always better - Corinth Prime and Vectis Prime are two example that not everyone appreciates. Weapons tend to be OP for getting things dead, so a lot depends on tactics, by which I mean: Mission + Enemy >> Warframe + Weaponset + Companion choice For Example, for point-defense missions you might use Frost or Khora depending on the enemy. Frost might use an Ogris to prevent approach while Khora like Ignis to fire up those caught in her dome. It's really not a matter of good or bad, but of selecting these types of pairings. I still use a Tigris Prim
  4. For leveling, I'm still running an Orb Vallis defense circuit Orokin Digs Central Maint Grow Site Fab Temple Pearl It's a nice-paced circuit that gets me about 15 levels in (guessing about 20 minutes?) I like the open areas and ranged combat so much better than trying to use this guy on Deimos. I've come up with a build plan, but I still have a few forma to go: Vitality, Redirection, Steel Fiber Flow Thrusters, Efficiency, Sliding, Efficiency, Jump Height Pressure Point, Reach, Fury I know I might get more mileage out of Intens
  5. Actually, Pull without the Greedy augment is great for Nekros - I use mine primarily in Arbitration farming and have replaced #1 with Pull - run with a Panzer Vulp and do nothing but Pull, Desecrate, use Reaper Prime on everybody except shield drones, which I shoot.
  6. it is NOT true! Unless you are close enough! Bear in mind that you have to be within a certain range (it's big, like 60+m) or else you will NOT share the capture. If you are in the same general vicintity, you will share captures. Note that the Panzer seems to be much more rare than the Sly, (I've still only ever caught ONE) but the Panzer is worth more than MR fodder. I use my Panzer extensively now - they're really better than a saryn spectre, and between their spores and normal damage they can heal for a LOT using Hunter Recovery, and the spores also help them go nuts with sprea
  7. Instant gratification is it's own worst enemy - anticipation is of real value. Make me wait 3 days for a warframe, then getting the warframe becomes an event. I enjoy the tantilizing excitment of waiting for my kavat to grow or my weapon to finish, I usually I crack enough relics and stay ahead of the foundry times. I that case, the wait time gives me a pacing-mechanism for doing that activitiy. Granted, sometimes I do run out of forma, in which case I'll either do some relics and wait a day, or I'll go ahead and purchase 3 for 35 plat. meh.
  8. Actually, you see those forma in Silver/uncommon slots in relics? Why cant those be blueprints for stance formas? Maybe we could get gold/rares for Aura or Umbra formas? Yeah, yeah, it'll never happen, just saying...
  9. Thanks for all the responses, Cheers! 🍺 Hopefully we'll get Archmelee eventually, in the meantime I will claw at anyone who get too close! (If anyone else feels like posting please do, I'll be watching the thead for a while yet.)
  10. Thanks! - yeah, I didn't know we had 60%/60% mods for the archguns now - will need to get the set! Critical Focus I have, but haven't used yet... I will give the Mausolon another chance - any thoughts on the Cortege or Morgha?
  11. Build please? TBF, I built for primary fire, below is my current build: Primed Rubedo-Lined Barrel [R9], Dual Rounds, Automatic Trigger, Sabot Rounds Parallax Scope, Hollowed Bullets Electrified Barrel, (Polar Magazine OR Venomous Clip) Also, when you say orange crits, on a gun with a 50% (alt-fire) crit chance, and only one crit +30% mod available, your orange crits are coming form where? Also, also: Anybody got any feedback on the Cortege or Morgha?
  12. Various Questions about Necramechs - Me and my clanmate have just built and are starting to play with Necramechs - I realize this is new content, not fully developed and not well wikied, so wanted to post some general questions: Seems like the fastest way to level/forma them is to do free-roam defense missions in Orb Vallis (like at the Pearl) - solo me and my Umbra-shell had no problem with them, and they seemed about right for me and my clan-mate 2-manned them. Any other leveling advice? Once you get your mech built - what do you do with them? They seem more suited to OV than to
  13. For rifles? I use 3 different rifles for Steel Path or other end-game content, that's the Kuva Quartakk, the Supra Vandal, and the Soma Prime - I have build all 3 with overclocked RoF and both the Quartaak and the Soma have really strong rivens as well. I also use the Imperator Vandal (archgun), which must be built with punch-thru (and high RoF) for terrestrial use. (as to earlier comment about my old notes for the Tigris, the notes are obviously from when I built it - the Tigris is still peerless (IMHO) for missions like Index runs and the Grendal no-mod missions). EDIT: Actually I
  14. Dooood - I said, "my notes say 52k and 100% status" - my notes were pre-change, but overall status actually increased IIRC - the Tigris Prime is still a fantastic high damage, high status shotgun - its not "suffering" from the changes - it's fine. Having said that, I'm not trying to sell it - it's not for everybody. Also, I agree that the Kuva Kohm is pretty strong - I just didn't 'enjoy' it as much as a lot of people.
  15. 1) Killing the enemies without targeting the spores will not spread spores 2) My Panzer spread spores like nuts while my buddy's saryn spectre kinda spreads some spores - best thing to do is to basically ignore them and let them do their thing - if you can target a spore once in a while, that's a little bonus. 3) Different levels of spectres are just that - mores stars are higher level - I believe they do not change level - but some spectres such as syndicate specters, Clem, etc. scale to the level you spawn them at. 4) New Loka's Squid spectre is great, Clem is good for finding
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