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  1. repeat, repeat, ad nasium... The best warframe is still Ash Prime. (snicker) (PS4)OiZe gave you a good list - don't have to agree with him line by line, but it's not a bad run down - the thing not to miss is the augment cards the syndicates have. Ash's Fatal Teleport, Volt's Capacitance, Mirage's Hall of Malevolence and Exploding Lergerman, Frost's Chilling Globe, and several others make the warframes much stronger. Don't look at the new frames so much as their syndicate augment cards. G'Luck!
  2. For casual players doing ground missions: No sweat. I use Umbra to howl a bit, but most players do so much damage it doesn't matter. Me and my 2 micro-clan buddies do sets of 10 and reset. We can't compete with grinders or big squads, but we make enough scarlet credits to keep us happy. Rhinos are nice, Mesa is very nice, I use Umbra with Rubico, Nukor, and Paracesis. Spectres can help. Use anything.
  3. Yeah.... found out one of my sons has used that one some, free is not much consideration except that I'm just starting to explore, so free is better than not-free.
  4. Last I saw the healing of op-links by venari was coming back and bringing a lot of friends - everyone from Oberon to Ancient Healer specters. Haven't tried it in-game since seeing the "tactical potato" video about it - but am smiling optimistically and looking to this weekend.
  5. I can do software, I'm going to be investigating this week but thought I'd start here - anyone have more suggestions for easy/cheap/free or favorites? (looking at the ones listed by Myscho already - they all look good so far...)
  6. The problem of a 'tank' in this game is that the MMO-Trinity of Tank+Healer+DPS is rarely used in this game. It's more about Crowd Control+DPS and Tanky frames are about maximizing survivability to a point of overkill. Rhino, Inaros, Atlas, Nidus - (near) invulnerability is nice, but it contributes little to team missions because there's no real aggro mechanic, and most of the other frames in the game, including caster frames, are healthy enough with experienced play. I do have a clan-mate I team with often who started in Unairu - but he loves being invulnerable, and is always building OP-tank in any game we play. Not saying that Unairu is N/A to the game, they have a lot of real benefits, but not my style, and I think I can almost say, not Warframe's style...
  7. Can anyone explain the process of capturing in-game action for showing on YouTube, or point me to some guides on how to do it? Thanks!
  8. I use Zenurik for Volt and Nova, and otherwise use Madurai. It's important to realize that you can use different schools with different warframes, and swap them as often as you like. It took me a while to figure that out, so I mention it here. I like Madurai because of the always up damage boosts, the AMP energy buffs, and the charge up damage buff and have most of Madurai unlocked. But for Zenurik, I maxed that center energy buff for grabbing globes, and am working on unlocking the waybounds. For me the energizing dash is overkill, so I haven't developed it yet, but I will. I plan to unlock both Unairu waybounds as well, but nothing else there really appliest to me very much. The best way to gain focus is Eidolon hunting. Second best, much easier solo, is to lens your most frequently used frames and weapons, and to do onslaughts periodically. I have 1-3 dot lenses all over the place - but it's broken up by school. My main weapons/frames feed Madurai, the next set Zenuric, the third set Unairu. Unairu was falling behind so I put a 3-dot lens on my new fav weapon - all three are making pretty good progress. G'Luck!
  9. I resent that - I got Primed Fury before we could choose, when I definately would have chosen Shred first. Now I'm back, but Shred is almost 80 days away still.
  10. Hey, it's called Arcane Bodyguard. At rank 5, 6 melee kills in 30s (that's a long time) will heal your companion or sentinel for 900. That's as close as we have for arcanes, I think.
  11. There's always a market for cosmetics. There's always a market for specific varieties for function or for MR fodder. Buy, sell, swap, whatever, have fun. I've given several away, and made good money on some, buying and reselling instead of using is in no way abuse. Any theoretical or real seller who wants to impose conditions after the sale can take a short walk off a long pier. em, or vice, versa..
  12. nope If you can get Stalker to drop it, finding the Ash systems and paying the 1,000,000 credits is well worth it though - I love mine and use it on a few differnt frames.
  13. Shalath brings up another good point, even though I prefer captures, the capture target can be more difficult for 4-keys-solo-guy than doing an exterminate. I like captures even solo, because my parkor is good and my weapons are strong - mission completed comes early, and respawns are limited. But if you prefer something else, or if captures are hard to catch, hard to kill, or hard to survive as 4-keys-solo-guy, use exterminates or whatever.
  14. Wow - you guys just rescued me! I'll be sure throw away one of these quartakks and get a toxic instead. Thanks!
  15. My Kuva Quartakk will reach 60% bonus with the fusion the quartakk I'm holding and the quartakk of my current lich. One is Cold, for best Viral builds One is Electric, for best Corrosive/Magnetic builds Decision time... which element do I want to end with? Thoughts?
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