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  1. For some reason I haven't experienced this bug in a while now. But seeing as @AT3chnicality just experienced it, it's probably not fixed yet and I've just been lucky or something.
  2. I've been noticing this as well, especially with stuff like Apothics, Ciphers, Antitoxins, Famorian Disruptors, Razorback Ciphers, etc. - stuff that you put in once and it gets consumed automatically as you do certain actions (Ciphers for hacking, Apothics in the Silver Grove, etc.). I've sorta given up putting them back in constantly. EDIT: Yep! It's those things. None of my other things get removed. I put them back just a few minutes ago, and suddenly they're gone now. Are you serious? Haven't been able to use my Ciphers for weeks now! >:(
  3. An Augment Slot would open up more build options, as now where people were previously only willing to sacrifice 1 main mod slot for an augment, they might now be willing to sacrifice up to 2 slots, or use the slot they now freed up for other mods.
  4. Well I've not tried all of Bro's weapons, so I wouldn't know. But I definitely have tried out Zylok enough to know that it's not a good weapon.
  5. Sure. But I don't like it being in Baro's shop. He's supposed to have legendary weapons, not crap stuff like Zylok. They should IMO buff the Zylok, and then replace the one in Baro's shop with a Prisma variant as well.
  6. We need a special unlockable/purchasable Augment Slot. For all warframes that have augments, it'd be nice to have at least 1 augment slot where we can put an Augment Mod without it taking up one of our main slots. You'd still have the same amount of Mod Capacity, but you would be able to forma this Augment Slot to fit the polarity of the augment. It'd also be nice to have a universal Stance Forma. Like Aura Formas apply a universal polarity for that all Auras use, it'd be nice to have the same thing for Stances. Again, this would not be free. You'd still have to unlock it through some me
  7. Remove the Zylok from Baro's shop and replace it with a Prisma Zylok that has better stats and is actually worth a spot in the Legendary Baro Ki'Teer's shop. Move the normal Zylok to some other place like Invasions and make it craftable. EDIT: Just giving it a Prisma variant is not enough to fix it. Even the normal Zylok needs a buff. Badly.
  8. I do know they can do that. But the pods have too little health, and last for too short a period of time. It is useless. I just wish there were some other purpose for them.
  9. Since Deimos has so many Juggernauts, I've been getting lots of materials to build Pherliac Pods with. I now have 994 Pherlaic Pods, with another 50 busy being made in my Foundry. Is there any reason to keep hanging onto these? Do you guys have something planned that will give me a reason and a place to use the Pherliac Pods?
  10. Loadout: Odonata, Imperator & Veritux Half of the time my Archwing is unable to teleport. No matter if I'm moving or standing still or whatever. Sometimes when it gets broken like this, the problem persists for the rest of the instance, while other times it gets fixed after a few minutes, only to get broken again another few minutes later. There seems to be no pattern to this. It happens totally at random as far as I can tell. And it doesn't just occur in any specific type of mission either. It can happen in Open Worlds, Empyrean missions, Archwing missions - anywhere you can use
  11. Railjack is by far my favourite game mode. I really hope the update gets here soon.
  12. You can toggle the map overlay on, and when you enter the pilot seat, side turret or the forward artillery, it'll stay on. This is very handy for tracking the positions of your crew on the Railjack. I do not use voice chat, and there is no time to use text chat while in the middle of a mission to try and communicate with your teammates about where they are and what they're doing. The map overlay shows you well enough what your crewmembers are each doing. You can clearly see when someone is in the back of the ship busy forging, or when someone is in the forward artillery station and is ready to
  13. Not really. What's more vital is that they fix the lots and lots of known bugs that have been around for many years, which they don't. What's important is that they balance and improve their old content first before they start making new stuff like they, promised to do but ultimately did not do - they went ahead and made Deimos instead. The important and absolutely VITAL things are being left in the gutter. So where does that leave us?
  14. Perhaps, but if you read on the wiki, the table is there and with a little effort you can understand it. And I now realise I should've linked the wiki page, to help people understand it. I have now fixed that. Here's the link: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Syndicate#Ranking The tables may not be perfect, but it's the best I could think of to keep from writing pages worth of stuff trying to explain it (I am not very good at communicating my ideas, and English is not my home language).
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