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  1. In the few thousand missions I've done since I've started playing Warframe, and in the short time I've recently started playing Conclave, I can probably count on the fingers of my two hands the amount of times I've encountered toxic players in missions or squads with me. Warframe has the friendliest and most supportive community I've ever seen. 90% of the time players don't communicate at all, and almost always when they do communicate they are not toxic. The community is almost never toxic to one another in-game. Outside of the game, like on these forums, it is an entirely different story. But if you've read of or watched videos claiming that the playerbase is toxic in-game, then I've got to wonder if your sources are giving you out of date or false information, because that has certainly not been my experience. Not in the least.
  2. I did not notice the reduced mobility for Prime/Umbra warframes. I did not compare all the weapons though, and unfortunately the few that I did compare appeared at first to be upgrades instead of sidegrades. But after comparing some more weapons it does seem that most weapons are indeed sidegrades. There's still a lot of work that needs to be done. Thank you for informing me of this! I enjoy Conclave immensely and I hope it gets a proper rework one day.
  3. These are some incredibly good ideas. Fingers crossed one day the devs listen to their playerbase, their customers. The customer doesn't have to always be right, but you can't ignore them entirely and expect them to be happy with your services, or rather lack thereof.
  4. Improve balance by making all versions of a particular weapon or warframe have the same stats. Prime and Umbra warframes should have identical stats to their non-Prime/Umbra version. The same goes for weapons. Prime, Prisma, Syndicate (e.g. Rakta weapons from Red Veil), Vandal, etc. versions of a particular weapon should have identical stats to their normal versions, and Syndicate weapons should not have any of their Syndicate Radial Effects. Alternatively instead of making the stats identical, just balance them so, for example, Excalibur Umbra is just as strong as the normal Excalibur. Their stats could be slightly different, like one having slightly more shields and the other having slightly more health, but one should not be better than the other - each should be of equal strength. Or the Prime version of a weapon could perhaps have more damage while the non-Prime version could have more fire-rate.
  5. These changes are meant to make mining more bearable. The common veins will be easier to mine and there will be chances for rarer resource veins giving more than the usual amount. But it takes a long while to mine enough resources to build all the items. This idea is meant to help make it less of a grind. As for the plains resources having no new items that require them, I believe that whatever oper world they introduce next will require plains or deimos mining resources.
  6. To think that this thread is over 2 years old, and still the devs have not implemented even a quarter of these ideas. And many of these ideas are things people have been asking for years even before this thread first came into existence.
  7. There will now be different rarities of resource veins. The rarity of the resource vein determines how commonly you'll find it, how many resources you'll get for mining it, what your chances are of finding rare resources while mining it and how many nodes you have to drill when mining it. Common Veins will spawn almost everywhere and be very quick to mine, but will not give a lot of resources. Rarer veins like Legendary Veins will spawn much less often and take longer to mine, but will give you much more resources. Of course, you still get a bonus for having good timing when drilling a node - if you time well you will get even more resources, but if you have bad timing you'll get less than the average amount. Common Vein: 1x resource multiplier (no extra resources). No rare resource chance modifier (normal chances for finding rare resources). 1 Node you have to drill. Uncommon Vein: 1.25x resource multiplier (25% extra resources). +5% rare resource chance modifier (5% better chances for finding rare resources). 2 Nodes you have to drill. Rare Vein: 1.5x resource multiplier (50% extra resources). +10% rare resource chance modifier (10% better chances for finding rare resources). 3 Nodes you have to drill. Very Rare Vein: 1.75x resource multiplier (75% extra resources). +15% rare resource chance modifier (15% better chances for finding rare resources). 4 Nodes you have to drill. Legendary Vein: 2x resource multiplier (100% extra resources). +20% rare resource chance modifier (20% better chances for finding rare resources). 5 Nodes you have to drill. EDIT: If you guys think my proposed multipliers/modifiers for the different rarities will be too much they could perhaps be reduced (maybe even cut in half?) which will still result in rarer veins giving you more resources than normal, as is the goal of this proposed change.
  8. The one-per-session rule works fine for normal missions, but NOT for open worlds. The normal missions's maps are small so the somachords are relatively easy to find on them, but the open world maps are HUGE. It can easily take you over 10 minutes to find the somachord on the open world maps.
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