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  1. You don't scan them, you interact with them using the [X] key on PC or whatever your interact button is set to. Hope this helps!
  2. I actually like Heart of Deimos so far, I don't know why these patch notes are always full of complaints. I think the new area is cool and beautiful, and Im excited to try out the new warframe and his weapons. I think the art, character design, and voice acting are all really nice.
  3. Hi, I recently contacted Warframe Support for help with finding the right settings to help with my light sensitivity while playing warframe. High contrast between light and dark areas hurts my eyes. I fumbled around with several settings to no success, such as bloom, contrast, and brightness among others. Warframe support said I should post this here so you guys can maybe implement a setting for it in the future. The problem I ran into was that certain places (such as the arsenal) had immense glare and bright light compared to the surrounding areas, causing my eyes to burn. the setting I
  4. I love the new MIssion complete screen! Very nice design, makes it really easy to see resources gathered without having to scroll which is nice for farming.
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