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  1. People want the feature of that PvP mod(wear stone armor and throw rocks). But its stats is indeed not good. I agree making a new PvE mod with similar feature would be a better idea.
  2. @Birdframe_Prime I don't know how you get the idea that oldest warframes should get new stuff first especially poster boy, Excalibur. A lot of things in WF are not done in that way. Excalibur is not the first warframe to get a passive. He's not the first warframe to get signature weapons and still doesn't have any. Trinity, who was introduced in update 4 according to wiki, is still waiting for the forth augment mod while many newer frames already have four. We probably should drop this argument and focus on other.
  3. There's no reason why DE shouldn't release second augment mods for the same ability. And there's no reason why Atlas can't be the first one to get that.
  4. Behold, the run animation from Devilman Crybaby.
  5. I think viral should be the only exception. Other status effects should be able to stack, especially heat which would benefit Ember.
  6. I kinda hope Zephyr's Tailwind works in the similar way as Gauss's Mach Rush which is a lot easier to control travel distance. Tap for short range dash, and hold for long range travel until release. And forget about the charge to hover feature. Nobody uses it anyways.
  7. Spawning locations on Lua exterminate mission seem broken now. Enemies often spawn in front of or right beside players. And sometimes, enemies spawn in previous rooms. Players have to go back and kill them. None of these happen on other planets.
  8. yles9056

    Zephyr rework,

    I like the idea of having warframe abilities that integrates with parkour system. In fact, I think DE could do some experiment with this type of ability. Maybe other frames can have parkour abilities as well. But keep in mind that passive abilities cannot be modified by mods or deactivated. The only thing I have problem with in your suggestions is the dodge roll part. I often use roll to adjust Zephyr's position while airborne without turning my mouse. So it would be a problem for me if the roll direction is tied to mouse. Besides, I think extra bullet jumps should be enough.
  9. I think @[DE]Rebecca is confusing cold status effect with freezing.
  10. The change is a good buff for Frost's Avalanche. High duration build for Frost is now a viable choice. Also, why is this in general feedback instead of in developer workshop section?
  11. Harrow is not really a melee theme frame. His abilities center around headshot. So unless you can aim and score headshot with the thurible, otherwise, no.
  12. Any religion related to infection/virus in video games look suspicious to me, especially those inspired by Cthulu.
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