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  1. If there were mods that add sniper scope to guns, they should probably increase accuracy as well. As for variable zooms, maybe if the equipped gun doesn't use alt fire button, the button could be used for variable zooms.
  2. I always find it simpler and more straightforward to just use Peacemaker instead of Ballistic Battery. I think the first cast of Ballistic Battery is unnecessary. It should be storing damage all the time. So the process could be streamlined to 3 steps: Deal damage with guns to store damage Cast Ballistic Battery to apply stored damage to the next shot(Consume energy) Fire one shot Removing the original first step of Ballistic Battery would result in shorter cast time.
  3. It's not just the cast time. The process required to use Ballistic Battery is poorly designed. To use the ability, to have to: Cast Ballistic Battery once to begin storing damage Deal damage with guns to store damage Cast Ballistic Battery again to apply stored damage to the next shot Fire one shot (If you cast Ballistic Battery before firing, the stored damage will be lost.) That's quite tedious for an ability that adds damage to one single shot.
  4. @Birdframe_Prime ODIN's idea is not exactly what I imagine Zephyr needs, but I'm not entirely against it. I do agree Zephyr needs something that encourages players to perform air attacks. I'm well aware that Zephyr is not a bird. But she's not just an air caster, either(that's your head-cannon). Zephyr is advertised as an lethal air attacker with the power to bend air. Air attack is often associated with flying, hovering, or gliding. That's why many people expect Zephyr to do those maneuvers. You shouldn't blame people for thinking that way because that's how Zephyr is advertise
  5. That makes sense. I think both proposals for speed control would work just fine. By the way, Glaive prime is a popular choice to use with Navigator. It's speed is suitable for most indoor missions IMO.
  6. I'm not sure what kind of fancy hovering you are picturing in your head, but Zephyr can already hover, remember? Even though she is not allowed to move while hovering, her other actions are not interfered or interrupted once she's in position. And if you are concern about the usefulness of hovering, I can safely tell you it won't do much alone. Because it takes not just one ability but the whole warframe kit to support air attack gameplay style.
  7. She's described as the warframe that specializes in air attacks and dominates from above according her in-game description. That sounds more like a fighter or an attack helicopter than an air caster to me.
  8. Navigator is far from perfect. It has many odd design that makes it uncomfortable to use. But I'll focus on the topic: speed. I totally agree Navigator's speed control needs changing. It only has two speed options, which is not enough for many weapons and in many scenarios. However, I prefer a different solution. Instead of setting speed manually before missions, why not give the player more and wider speed options during missions? Take archwing as an example, it uses the combination of forward/backward button, sprint button, and jump button for different speed options. For example:
  9. I think both speed and damage are important, so why not both? Tickling enemies at high speed is not going to work.
  10. I want Grakata nunchaku: two Grakatas connected together with wire, which fire multiple shots during each melee swing.
  11. The damage of current Airburst increases based on number of enemy hit, and its range can be increased by mods. If Airburst-Navigator combo is proven decent enough, it can become a new and fun build for Ivara provided DE is not going to nerf the damage of Airburst.
  12. I actually like the idea. Linked enemy may not be able to run as fast as the player parkouring at full speed, but it's still a convenient feature if the player is just walking around. I would love to see this feature in game even as an augment(it had better be an exilus mod).
  13. Turbulence becomes unreliable if you use too much negative range. But it works fine if you have at least 49% range. My Zephyr build has 52% range. I heard this information from someone on YouTube long ago, but I can't remember who it was.
  14. It would be great if things can be both fun and effective at the same time. I do wish Zephyr could have more creative and fluent abilities, but I don't blame DE for picking a safer and simpler solution. Sometimes you spend a lot of time making new and interesting things, but people may not like it or find it useful.
  15. Remember the time when prime warframes are just vanilla version but with extra gold bits?
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