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  1. It's something DE can try, but it's not going to be easy.
  2. What about Decisive Judgement stance? Most of its moves are two handed except for Windless Cuts. Wouldn't it make more sense to have the Nikana un-sheathed?
  3. But there are Japanese sword style that doesn't attack from sheath, right?
  4. Well, it doesn't have to be that kind of flying. Some slight increase in vertical and horizontal moving speed would make Aegis Storm a lot more comfortable to use. It's more about making Aegis Storm more comfortable to use instead of turning Hildryn into another Zephyr or Titania.
  5. It does have longer animations. But apart from that, it's still not very responsive somehow. I often try to activate Aegis Storm while moving or bullet jumping, but oftentimes it won't response unless I activate it when I'm standing still. Whereas Peacemaker never has this problem.
  6. I wouldn't mind the slow moving speed and limited hover height on Aegis Storm if its activation and deactivation were more responsive. I never have any issue with Mesa's Peacemaker even though Mesa cannot move at all when using it. Its activation and deactivation are so fast and responsive that I can swiftly deactivate it, move to next location, and activate it again. Aegis Storm is somehow very unresponsive. It's even worse that I have to equip Balefire Charger manually every time I activate Aegis Storm, making its activation more time consuming. If Aegis Storm is going to stay
  7. You are right on this one. Maim has an aura that causes slash damage with guaranteed bleed status effect to targets that enters the range, but the damage is low. The main damage source of Main comes from the burst when you deactivate it. The burst is slash damage but it does not come with bleed status effect.
  8. This could potentially be a new type of cosmetic. Kinda like skin or ephemera for warframe abilities.
  9. Hydroid His kit needs to be more fluid. *Ba dum tss* I'm serious. His 2 and 3 are both clunky. And I don't think people enjoy using "hold to charge" abilities.
  10. The rework looks great so far. Zephyr is finally starting to look like an actual air attack warframe. All of her abilities are more polished now, and her passive gets a decent crit buff. This is what she should have been like in the first place.
  11. Awesome changes! But is it possible to make Dive Bomb triggers melee slam attack but with increased range and damage? That would be much more interesting than flat 4500 damage. For example: If Zephyr equips Heat Sword, Dive Bomb would trigger slam attack of Heat Sword(radial heat damage) with increased range and damage. Or: With Vitrica equipped, Zephyr will be able to shatter glassed enemies with Dive Bomb. Just imagine all the possible combinations with every melee weapons!
  12. If there were mods that add sniper scope to guns, they should probably increase accuracy as well. As for variable zooms, maybe if the equipped gun doesn't use alt fire button, the button could be used for variable zooms.
  13. I always find it simpler and more straightforward to just use Peacemaker instead of Ballistic Battery. I think the first cast of Ballistic Battery is unnecessary. It should be storing damage all the time. So the process could be streamlined to 3 steps: Deal damage with guns to store damage Cast Ballistic Battery to apply stored damage to the next shot(Consume energy) Fire one shot Removing the original first step of Ballistic Battery would result in shorter cast time.
  14. It's not just the cast time. The process required to use Ballistic Battery is poorly designed. To use the ability, to have to: Cast Ballistic Battery once to begin storing damage Deal damage with guns to store damage Cast Ballistic Battery again to apply stored damage to the next shot Fire one shot (If you cast Ballistic Battery before firing, the stored damage will be lost.) That's quite tedious for an ability that adds damage to one single shot.
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