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  1. Railjack has more advanced technology and firepower than any ships you can hijack from other factions. That's why you want to use it.
  2. Imagine witnessing a pink Rhino slaughtered everyone on the ship and now he is coming for you.
  3. I completely forgot Crimson Dervish exists.
  4. Dang it Dio! Stop using Viper! Jokes aside, I guess DE nerf Viper's disposition solely based on how many players own the weapon. But owning the weapon doesn't mean players actually use it. There's probably a lot of Viper Wraith collecting dust in the inventory.
  5. Go to relay and see if you can get blueprint from Simaris. I'm not 100% sure tho. On PC, you can re-obtain quest warframe blueprint from Simaris after completing the quest.
  6. From the gameplay showcased at Tennoconn, I think railjack missions focus more on ship to ship combat as well as on-foot combat. They spent very little time fighting in archwing mode.
  7. DE spend time on each warframe to give them unique personalities, theme, and sometimes backstory as well. Modular warframes won't have any of those. They are just soulless mass production tools. I'm not a fan of that.
  8. I actually hope squad link is on by default without having to place the beacon. Of course, players can always choose whether to accept the mission or not.
  9. I don't get why some people are so negative about the deluxe skin. I would definitely buy the skin. It looks like a ranger with half armor and half silk clothes. It's asymmetrical at first glance. But the armor pieces on her left shoulder and hip correspond to the silk capes on her right side which makes it somewhat "symmetrical". And I like that design a lot.
  10. Just bring Hydroid or Frost in your team.
  11. From the picture DE showed, I think there's also fin/stabilizer parts.
  12. I think they need visual cue first. It's hard to find them when there are hordes of enemies around you.
  13. Natural Talent is like a movement speed mod for Harrow. It makes all his abilities much more fluid and less hindering. It's very good if you like to run around and cast abilities a lot.
  14. I thought everyone is using Zenistar with Navigator. The combo is so good that there's barely any reason to choose other weapons over Zenistar in regular missions.
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