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  1. still no fix for kubrow/kavat fur.... hasnt been since late october 😕 or at least not that great of one.... still looks like my kubrow came out of a toddler's crayon drawing....
  2. @[DE]Drew Still no fix for downgraded Kubrow/kavat fur, kubrow/kavat armor brightness Kubrows using Helmith howls in orbiter. It's been since the 12th of october.... how hard is it to fix this and how long do we have to wait for said Texture bug.... 😕 Before Chimera (clean. Alphas are just fine. nothing wrong with this fur. looks like it belongs) After Chimera (WTF HAPPENED TO MY DOG) After Fortuna "Fix" (Alphas are better, not perfect. Still wondering why my dog looks like his fur is matted.) SAME EXACT DOGS Here you want to see another dog with the same screenshots???? HERE Before Chimera (perfectly fine) After Chimera/Fortuna "Fix" (No change to color, pattern or armor.) Seriously it looks like my dog came out of some 2 year old's crayon drawing -_-
  3. 1) What do you plan on doing to fix the lack of use for kubrows? 2) Currently you have to put in a forma in a majority of the mod slots for beast companions to make up for the drain on a vast majority of the mods currently able to be put on kavats and kubrows. the only other thing that comes this close to forma count is a weapon you forma'd wronf for. These mods are the standard bar for survival and damage, and none of which lend to the customizablity of which was boasted when the Kubrows were first spoken of on the devstreams. How do you plan on fixing this? 3) There are 4 kubrow types that share duplicates of the same ability. The Sunika and Sahasa with the finisher, and the Huras and Helminth Charger. do you plan on making these automatic with these breeds and adding abilities akin to the breed? and finally 4)with the release if Fetch, what changes do you plan on making to the Chesa to make it more viable? I currently have a whole archived post about how to bring up the status of kubrows, as they have seemingly bern put on the backburner and forgotten, and since the "most used companion" chart, i believe it to be more important to be read now than ever ESPECIALLY since kubrow DESPRATELY need a push.
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