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  1. Thanks, it's not that. I tried to explain some types of problems people could encounter in that regard in the above post of mine, in my case it's a language barrier along with other difficulties such as recognizing objects in pictures sometimes. Your comment may help other people though, thanks. (I saw the response late)
  2. I made it to level 10 command intrinsics and went to see what ticker suggests. Saw much credits is needed, so left it for a while. Doing railjack missions would also gain me some credits but it's not urgent anyway. Because of the change, tested a melee weapon with primed fury on some railjack missions. Then also unlocked some/all newly survival nodes I had access to which I couldn't do before and also some of nodes which were previously done already. Went for the quest, couldn't do the 2000 reputation task yet. left this for later. going to later be back on orb valis in a hope of finding some thermal sledges for my clan (I am like a newbie in that specific area of baunties etc). what else, I forgot, but am not going to start with the lich yet. void storms sound like something worth to do. Steel path - not for me ATM beside the first two missions. Arbitration is a non urgent goal when friends who know my "playstyle" and want to play by me do. I will soon go to look if I can get the first galvanized mod, how and which. Also I need to work some on the planes for things loosely related but that beside the point.
  3. Forum default interface/menu's' language, while I was not logged in, was today once German, and other time Russian. This was unreadable by me. Login solved it. My English is not good but it doesn't mean I read German or Russian at all or any better. It even bothers to login. Please make English the default language while people are not logged in, and make it easy to switch language as desired no matter at which interface language one currently sees the forum. There was no appropriate tag to add here (website / forum could maybe fit) so I added the PC tag. I also wasn't sure where is the right place for this post so apologizing if it was posted in the wrong forum.
  4. Just noting, this may happen due to bad connectivity, or joining and not finding the next level portal in time (e.g. if joined by a friend to a public run and yet being able to kill there)
  5. <DISREGARD THIS POST - it's an accidental double posting while trying to quote the relevant post>
  6. Yes it's still a thing, or was so recently. It looks like an example of the more general issue of crew disappearance (which is by itself possibly related to other update issue of railjack configuration screen or to update while in dojo (unsure), more specifically this issue includes the crew members settings page, which by itself includes any change done to them or to their weapons, allegedly. Not only a change related to their weapons). I essentially write to emphasize the crew members disappearance issue is NOT only related to crew's weapon change etc, but to any change including things like stats change, appearance change, weapon changes and possibly replacement of NPC (crew settings screen update issue?), and to speculate it may be related to other/a broader update issue - possibly on the railjack configuration screen. ___ Note that it could have been not only an update issue but even possibly make crew member's info overlap one another temporarily or non properly refreshed (visibly at least) as seen in description disappearance/being possibly sometimes "unstable" by hovering if I recall correctly, or replaced between NPC, before an actual NPC disappearance, along with the stats of a previous NPC sometimes lingering while NPC is switched on a slot - visible sometimes before crew settings window/railjack configuration screen is closed after such as switch. I wonder if it's also related anyhow to how modding is non reliable regarding visible stats, when modding while in dojo, or to any dojo update issue.
  7. Theoretically, they can and do since hotfix 30.3 about. I also personally saw this working for a while in the past since that patch. Practically, some said it works and some notice a lot of "miss-aims" - it could depend on your setup - I don't know (it worked for me very well for a while and then stopped working so well, looks like it was changed due to something I accidentally changed in my setup though. Could be I miss a separate gunner for a better targeting, I don't know.) I also think another player tried to analyze (in another topic) the pilot's function with pro's and con's and how it works from his experience, all in details, it probably worth a search. Note that even if it works, using the pilot for it may risk the ship, off course. (and using the pilot while you are inside the ship and plan on aiming at crew ships/slingshoting, may be a bad idea as even if this behaviour regarding slingshot and artillary was supposed to be fixed - allegedly on the same patch, it doesn't fully work well.) ___ Since it's hard for me to phrase/be eloquent I tried to emphasize the main ideas/most important things.
  8. Thanks :) Note: As for what I wrote regarding choosing the turrets, I meant pressing and holding (I think left mouse key by default) each red turret in the L menu until a circle is filled for each of them which is when it turns green. Also, like people above said, I am also unsure it's useful against fighters but it's good to know. Definitely something to test. (I usually slingshot after fighters are done, and it seems you have to be using an archwing and allegedly be in the area too in order to see the turrets by using L, so that was the first time I've noticed anything) P.S. - seemingly regardless of the turrets, but regarding the targeting issue I was testing: As for the initial radiator targeting issue, I am going to test it with pilot (pilot/gunner in this specific case just as I still have this NPC) and a gunner, to see if it targets better. (haven't tested recently to see if that makes a difference. It could possibly be a pilot is good enough at arriving there but a gunner in a gunner seat is better at targeting, which could have explained the change in performance I recently saw)
  9. I was doing a railjack mission on Earth or Saturn to try to see how an NPC assigned as a pilot behaves (with or without points in piloting, I already saw it didn't matter much for this) regarding radiators since I've noticed a targeting problem. While it took time to target the second radiator, my warframe exited the platform and while outside, while also pressing L to check some things, I've noticed multiple turrets on the map and some kind of taking over turrets' mechanism. (I could chose those and they turned from red to green by some kind of an overtake) but I don't understand this. Can somebody elaborate on this (mechanism/purpose etc), and are those turrets' presence possibly linked to the prioritizing/targeting issue of my NPC crew?
  10. Yes, NOW it happens also to me after a term in which it didn't. I can't pinpoint it to a specific patch I just see I can't anymore "trust" my pilot after a while in which I thought I could. A significant edit: could be the change I've noticed was accidentally caused by me changing some setup, even if pilot/gunner has 5 points in pilot (and gunner) - intending to test it again with a separate gunner (additional to my pilot/gunner), could be the radiators would be targeted better that way by a dedicated gunner on the gunner's turret, while the pilot would be mostly used for arrival etc.
  11. <post deleted by me as I decided it's not the right place to post it, sorry>
  12. I hope this doesn't mean you think you have fixed the crew potential disappearance/update issue, because sadly it's not fixed yet. If you didn't think so, then my post is unrelated and I apologize for it.
  13. Actually this is maybe almost the only way the pilot is now able to work well enough / is significantly improved (I think in 30.3 patch). It WILL do the railjack's crew work in that mission regard! For example, a pilot/gunner could be temporarily used as a pilot for that if you are already outside the railjack and want to set it to pilot and then later back to gunnery as applicable. It's still not generally good to use the pilot while you still in railjack, since: Sadly the pilot is still not suitable for use while you want to go into slingshot or forward artillery (unlike what which was said in patch notes, this was not fully fixed/changed, but pilot behaviour did improve) or if you want to go into a specific direction or distance, off course. In short, the pilot is newly able to manuovre like you described - including shooting the radiators, (it works!) but off course might risk the ship itself that way, and is limited/still bothering in other ways. A supplementary note: I haven't checked volatile mission though but assuming it still can't use the front artillery by itself for the weakpoints (or at all), only manuovring toward those etc. (also as noted the dome charge part is tricky as the pilot was not fully fixed for all situation so don't assume it would full stop if you enter front artillery yourself, even when allegedly "needed", or as said, if you try to slingshot)
  14. I forgot or didn't notice something else when I wrote the above, so will try to add this and write it all again: after changing active slots' NPC, it still might show the stats and role of the previous NPC being put in that slot, possibly it also affects on-call visible status and inability to directly change (you can change it indirecly by choosing other NPC which is slotted already for on-call and then change it back to the one you want) - those until you close the railjack settings window on the research console. Yes, this all seems to be linked to the (armaments and) crew members' screen and info update issue/dojo update issue possibly too, and also to crew disappearance issue which seems to be very linked to the screen/info update issue. This is also linked to crew members losing their description after any change done in the crew window's settings or to any crew members which were discussed in the post above, and this itself is allegedly a possibly precursor for disappearance if further change is made etc. Issue is indeed allegedly fully reset (until the next time) though only after going to the orbiter. (it could be in some case I even had to fully relog but that I can't remember surely and anyway don't know if still applicable even if it was so possibly) ___ further info: as mentioned in other post it allegedly appeared long ago for the first time when changing weapon back and force, possibly the way the other player reported of choosing accidentally other crew member's weapon. It was not (fully?) solved albeit there was a patch in which it was supposed to be solved, and can manifest itself after changes in crew member's screen or any crew member, possibly escalating to disappearance after such a repeated change. I have 5 NPC slots I use warframe on linux (as a newbie) ___ Since this post was supposed to be as inclusive as possible, noting also: ANY NPC CREW/CREW SCREEN CHANGE on dojo can cause it - including to crew members slots/stats/reset of trained abilities/appearance/chosen weapon (and unsure if upgrading it, but probably if done from crew setup screen on railjack configuration screen available from the research console of the DOJO which has all sort of update issue by itself) can cause the issue, and it tends to escalate if repeating making changes before closing the window or possibly even before going to orbiter - an action which seems to reset the issue until next time allegedly as it updates something fully.) As a total speculation, this may be linked to other update issue of the railjack settings screen such as a potential armaments/components dojo update issue and possibly to inter-mission dojo update issue as well (a full update seems to happen only when going back to orbiter). While seems unrelated, and as a speculation as well, I'd also suggest checking why weapons/plexus and possibly even warframes can't be reliably re-modded in the dojo, at least after a railjack mission, and look into possible linkage between an energy starting amount while starting a railjack mission. Further speculating, this can, as some said, also be affected by full versus partial occupation of modding points, along with the effect of shared NPC plexus aura on the stats while in dojo and after a railjack mission before getting back to orbiter to totally update and close the mission including "resetting" of the item forged in that railjack session.
  15. I wanted to say/clarify/emphazise and concentrate some thing regarding recent patches including this one and I am unsure it's the place. I apologize if it's not. I couldn't seperate exactly between the hotfixes and this is also regarding current state, hence posted here. While I DO like the solo railjack, it's like some things you fix are not fully fixed (for example have you tried recently to use the artillary / slingshot in various situations while the pilot is set still as a pilot? It seems to have been improved but it still behaves badly and unlike your description in recent patch notes) Also the disappearing crew members issue (which I tried to help troubleshooting in a dedicated topic) is allegedly a continuation of a long time ago allegedly fixed issue which allegedly was too sneaky/pervassive to be fully fixed then or regresses since for a long while already, and which regarded crew members and weapon (mostly repeated/choosing a weapon which belongs to other member by accident's) changes and now regards also other (mostly repeated) changes. some other things are undocumented fixes (like the revolite fix of a recent regression, a fix made in 30.3.3 allegedly which I thanked you much for) and some things allegedly regress not always in a documented way, I'd assume possibly some knowingly to fix other things and sometimes it's like a "real" regression. I am incapable to report orderly in a right/good way - more than I tried recently at at least, but wanted for you to be aware of such. There are also some undocumented nice additions such as some nice changes you did for artillery and ordanance usage. It's appreciated as an addition/quality of life change/fix, thank you. (it's preferred though to have that noted) [Edit: sadly it meanwhile was patched out or otherwise stopped working or not working in my current weapponary/situation, it was actually useful... and I think, needed. I did prefer such things to be documented though.] And I did like those documented changes which works regarding crew and railjack.
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