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  1. Update: I restarted my game and tried again with tier 2 Fortuna, this time it worked with an order of retrieve lockboxes, exterminate drones, then exterminate all. The exterminate all was not at Grow Site.
  2. I just ran 2 tier two Fortuna Bounties where the third stage gave the bounty failed popup at the start of the stage. The objective still appeared, but there was no reward for completing it. The first time I was the host, the second I was a client. They both ran in the following order, exterminate moas, retrieve lockboxes, exterminate all at the Grow Site.
  3. I believe this is a known bug on Fortuna where hack consoles don't reset between bounties so if you've hacked one once, you have to go back to Fortuna so it can be hacked again.
  4. Yesterday while running isolation vaults, both of the isolation vaults I ran had all fass glyphs for opening the isolation vault.
  5. I also just had umbra stand still in the 2nd room with him on Neptune. I could knock him down, but using transference just went back to the warframe.
  6. I also can't hear Ballas during the vitruvian scenes, only subtitles.
  7. The mouseover for armor in the arsenal no longer updates as you change your mods. It always displays whatever value it had when you first entered the upgrade screen for whatever you are modifying. Changing equipped mods or loadouts does not cause the displayed damage mitigation percent to update. I have observed this on both frames and kavats. I have not checked if this is occurring on anything else.
  8. If you cast an ability with a full body animation while the animation for using an apothic in the silver grove is playing, you lose the apothic from your wheel, no specter spawns, and the ability to interact with the apothic shrine disappears. I did this by casting Equinox's "Pacify & Provoke" and "Mend & Maim" immediately after adding an apothic. If it helps, I will retain my log file from the mission.
  9. I've also noticed that when I fail to load into a sortie the game says I have to unlock the node the sortie is in. This gets fixed after either re-logging or doing another mission. This bug also causes the sortie to not appear in its node on the star chart and nightmare missions to all disappear from the star chart.
  10. If your party starts a mission while you are still loading back into the orbiter from the previous mission, it is impossible to close the mission results screen. I have seen it close sometime after I was downed and bled out, but I'm not sure if that is what fixed it. Here are some screenshots from the mission it happened to me in case the metadata helps with tracking down the problem. (Note that it is possible to see the mission objectives, enemy health bars, and the party health bars despite being stuck in the screen.)
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