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  1. Barely even loaded since yesterday I tried, now it won't go past 25-6% in the update loading screen. Either that its stopped randomly or just incredibly slow.
  2. I joined a Moon Clan Rank 10 named Sakura Syndicate, the recruiter says they got all research complete.
  3. ..No? I don't mean only one Lich. I've not been really active in my clan lately on Warframe nor other places. What clan would you recommend to me that's newbie-friendly. But thank you and Superiouz for recommending this to me, I'll try it now.
  4. You have me mistaken, I've already done relic-runs for Requiem Mods and already had killed my Lich.
  5. Thank you for this informing, I'll see what I can do.
  6. Dude.. I literally have completed frames for weeks, or even months waiting in my foundry right now as we speak. I'm trying to earn platinum for many varieties, and getting slots for my frames is one of them. You shouldn't try to block me away from getting platinum. I can take a break from Riven farming sure, but platinum is something that doesn't grow on Plains of Eidolon, it is something required for gaining valuable things like slots, weapons, frames, etc.
  7. I mean.. I want to be able to get the things I have looked forward for guranteed. I've already had been punched in the face or gut from the difficulty that's granted even more earlier than my 60 day point, probably one of the most hugest I've been punched in the gut was farming Wisp.
  8. Despite my high progress playing Warframe(With a completed Star Chart), I am only a 60-something day Mastery Rank 9.
  9. Riven Farming is a task that means you are using Requiem Relics to repeatedly get a Riven Shard from certain relics - Gaining 10 of said riven shard will grant you the ability of having a randomized riven mod from Paladino(An NPC you meet from Chains of Harrow) that will give you one at Iron Wake, which will only be unlocked if completed Chains of Harrow. Do keep in note that the mod itself changes daily. This also goes for the relic system as a whole where you use void relics you get from certain extended missions either by caches, survival-like missions or even some as a gift from the Syndic
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