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  1. Impossible in solo?

    Going to sound like a #$&(% but: "Git gud"

    No but for real, I've done this solo with no problem and looking at other posts, its been easy for a lot more. Just because you didn't managed to do so doesn't mean the mission is impossible. Get a different gear, and get some friends to help you if you really need.

    Also, don't get why you guys asks for harder content then complain you can't complete it.

  2. Wow people are really looking for something to complain about,The face that you are a founder and actually bothered to make a rant here instead of playing the game for 2 minutes makes me sad.

    I really hope this is some sort of a troll post, because if you are really that salty and looking for something to complain about make me loosing fate in the community.

  3. 7 hours ago, PrVonTuckIII said:

    To be fair, it's practically mandatory to potato every frame. You can't use any frame effectively without one.

    Never said that, tried to say that if i had to choose between a couple of frames to install a potato. would choose trinity first

  4. As a guy who main trinity, i highly recommend to install a reactor on trinity, prime or not. i really like a high duration build on her with a little bit of strength for EV and Blessing. i do agree that WoL deserve a change, right now its only good use is on synthesis targets to keep them in place while you scan them.

  5. Sometimes i don't understand the community logic, something is stronger than the other so it needs a buff? both are strong weapons and just because GP is stronger doesn't mean war needs a buff,that's just like saying that DE should buff sancti tigris and nerf vaykor hek.

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