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  1. Caution - I am not good at English so I wrote it through a translator. If there is any problem with grammar and spelling, please point it out right away.

    screenshot link
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    Hello, I am a user who enjoys playing games in Korea.

    It's no wonder I'm putting up a bug-related thread on the forum.
    I'm writing directly because of what I've been through today in the new Granum Boyd mission since the new "Deadlock Protocol" update.
    Let me explain to you the whole story.

    (1)19:03 -In order to get compensation from the Grannum Boyd, the mission to destroy the phobos was loaded and entered.

    (2)19:04 -After loading, the screen had already entered the Granum Void, and other users were capturing 2506 errant spectacles that were flooding in.

    (3)It was good at first with a tremendous number of experience, but it was frightening to watch the growing number of Aaron Spectre. (Preasing looks a little bit short, but other users have worked together to get it done quickly to prevent the computer from stretching to a certain extent.)

    Other users thought well at first, but as much as they died, so many spectacles more than doubled, they lay down their energy kits and butter them out waiting for all the time to pass before they came out.

    I collect and organize the screenshots and EE.logs and send them to the support team right after the mission.

    P.S. - I'm so scared of horror games, but I've never seen so many mobs in this war frame that I've felt this fear in six and a half years.

    P.S. 2 - After checking with other players,

    When using Warframe Volt's Discharge, it has been identified as an infinite bug with an errant spectrum.

  2. Please excuse me for writing in the translator.


    If you look at the 0:17-2:03 portion of the video I uploaded, you'll see the bug of the problem.

    I'm on a rail-jack mission with my team, and there's a bug that can't destroy the crew, so I'm going to stop destroying it.

    We're going to enter the asteroid base first for another cruise, but we can't move because we're stuck with an unknown map.

    At the same time, a similar situation can be created on other cruise lines, so we'll upload it together with the video.

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