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  1. Maybe prices are better in the morning because that's when adults with cash are awake and have time to play. Their kids with no plat are asleep cuz they stayed up too late on WF.
  2. Won't work. Switch uses motion controls.
  3. I get bad motion sickness playing Minecraft on PC which stinks because I love the game. I play Warframe on Switch handheld and am picky about graphic settings. So far, I can play WF as long as I want. For settings, I leave FOV on the default, turn off screen shake, depth-of-field, maybe turn off motion-blur. Turn down bloom, particle effects, gore etc. I think the depth-of-field has the biggest effect on me. It was on one day and I just felt kinda weird. I think my eyes were trying to focus on different object that were blurred by DoF and it was making me feel sick. If you play
  4. I like the Helminth Charger. They just look cool. The Probuscis ability is fun to watch and can keep mobs off you. I'm also using a Carrier. It's fine and picks up loot, but I like my squid doggy. Just got a kavat too so I'm excited to run with a space cat.
  5. This is a great idea! Free up an inventory slot and make a decoration. I love it. I still have my starter Skana for sentimental reasons. I would also love to have all pets roam the Orbiter freely.
  6. I would say to try Recruiting chat. I play on Switch which probably has fewer WF players than Xbox. I get into random squads a lot but the open worlds are so huge, we are often doing our own thing. So it kinda doesn't matter. I know I am guilty of cave fishing while the others are trying to take down Exploiter. Still, there are things that influence numbers of squads and whether you wind up solo or not. If I go into an open world after starting a mission from its town (Cetus to PoE, Fortuna to OV) then I rarely get a squad. If I just jump straight to the open world, I will be in a squad.
  7. I fall through the map on Orb Vallis and Plains of Eidolon too. Lately I been trying to keep perfectly still for a few seconds before and after launching k-drive to see if that helps.
  8. Thought your topic title said "Heavy Weapon Lower Back Pain." Poor warframes need a rest.
  9. Went out on the k-drive for some fishing on Orb Vallis. Suddenly noticed I had no targeting marker on screen. I cycled through weapons, fishing spear, etc. The synthesis scanner brought it back briefly but it vanished again when I switched to fishing spear again. I also tweaked with Display settings in the Options menu. That brought back the three horizontal dots below the aiming recticle but not the center dot with half circle. Again this was temporary as they disappeared again. Checked on the forums and found a nearly identical bug reported in this archived topic.
  10. Yeah it happens to me too sometimes. Also I glitch through the floor on Orb Vallis. However on Orb Vallis I can re-equip the k-drive and/or wait a bit. I will appear then on the doorstep of Fortuna.
  11. That was my initial reaction too. I will keep playing; however, I will not be feeding warframes to the wall-belly. I'm sure I will play the new content eventually, but I won't be doing that. I'm not a fan of gory games and I do have the gore toggle in the game options turned off.
  12. Me too. Thought I did everything right but no drops. Edit: I figured it out. My twitch status was set to "Offline" and I was logged in. Now I know my status can be toggled, I was able to set it correctly for TennoCon streams. And I got the drops! Thanks DE!
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