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  1. I honestly agree with this. Can't DE just put the drop in as an alert? It's honestly not that hard. But it's mostly them losing here since streams are down in viewership at least by 15k.
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Not able to leave your railjack or fast travel anywhere in a relay when coming back from a railjack mission. VISUAL: Wasn't able to get one. REPRODUCTION: Do a railjack node (maybe solo) then go to a relay once finished. EXPECTED RESULT: Able to leave the railjack and use the dry dock and dojo normally OBSERVED RESULT: Locked inside of the railjack and not able to fast travel to other parts of the relay. When you bring up the menu, it asks if you would like to "leave dojo" REPRODUCTION RATE: Maybe 50%?
  3. I'm sure they did. The past 2 weeks they have been getting bashed on the forums and have gotten less views on streams.
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