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  1. It will inflict a status (do status damage) but you won't have a proc. For example, if you were to get a slash proc, instead of the target bleeding, it will not do anything.
  2. I personally would rank it up to 30 then trash it. It is easy to get later and it isn't that good because I am guessing you're a new player. You need some rare mods to mod her well. As of DPS and use at a beginner level, Chroma is the best choice.
  3. I don't think there is a mastery rank requirment for clans. If there is, it is mastery rank 2. Some clans have a mastery rank requirment (meaning you have to be a certain mastery rank to join the clan) in which you must reach that mastery rank if you wish to join the clan. I hope this answers your question.
  4. It happens to me more times than I care to admit. This is on DE to fix. Sometimes opening public games and going into solo mode can boot it back up, sometimes going into your clan page or your friends list can, and sometimes it just happens on it's own. It's a very annoying bug that needs to get noticed by Digital Extremes.
  5. A good way to level up your mag early game is spy missions. If you want a fully working mag, run one weapon and just do spy missions until you are rank 30. I highly suggest getting rhino soon because it is very good early game.
  6. Yeah, they're bugged. They do spawn but just really high in the air and they can get stuck in the odd tile sets. If you wait a bit and just look around the area you should be able to find it. That doesn't change the fact that this needs to be fixed though.
  7. One of my friends bought it and it took about 4ish hours to go through. I would just wait for a bit. Going into missions could help also.
  8. I believe the music puzzle drops the Octavia systems.
  9. I actually had this earlier. I was doing a eidolon hunt and I couldn't find any lures and there was no enemies. I had to start a bounty to get things to spawn. It's not just you.
  10. If you try, it takes about 3 hours to take down a lich. 1.5 hours for murmurs, one for farming the mods (sometimes not even that), and maybe like a half hour to actually kill your lich. It's not the lich system, you're just lazy.
  11. 1. its Glassmaker 2. you get a ton of good cosmetics and things that could cost you platinum but only cost you the nightwave cred 3. if you really have a problem with it, just don't use it. If you are annoyed with seeing it when you are on the nav console, then change it to display your extractors rather than showing your nightwave.
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